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Case Study No. 2073: Frederick Spencer, the Librarian of the Lake

Librarian of the Lake .mov
A short film written, directed and produced by Hazel Jupp for her minor project at Bournemouth University. With thanks to Holli Dillion, Darren Tough, Steven Baldwin, Dominic Jones, Celia Rice, Yolanda Collins and Stephanie Edgerton.
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[scene opens with a young woman (long white dress, bonnet) running out of a medieval-style castle]
[she runs into the surrounding woods, then cut to her walking along the edge of a lake, when she stops and picks up a small book placed at the base of a large tree]
[cut to a young man (colonial-style shirt and trousers) watching her from behind another tree, then back to the woman as she opens the book and begins to read]
[cut back to the man, who steps forward from behind the tree (accidentally snapping a twig on the ground with his foot)]
[cut back to the woman, who looks up from the book and gasps]
FREDERICK: I'm sorry, my lady. I didn't mean to startle you.
[he walks towards her, and they bow to each other]
FREDERICK: My name's Frederick Spencer, I ... I work for Mister Cranford up at the old barn.
: Well, Mister Spencer--
FREDERICK: Oh please, my lady. Call me Freddie.
VIOLET: Well Freddie, my name is Lady Violet Aston of Arundel Castle ... Why is it you hide behind the tree and watch me read?
[he bows his head]
FREDERICK: Sorry, my lady. I-It's just ... well, I noticed you found my book.
VIOLET: Are you my mystery librarian?
[he smiles sheepishly]
FREDERICK: Yes. Uh, I often see you sittin' by the lake ... lookin' so pretty and full'a wonder.
[she smiles, then quickly turns away]
FREDERICK: Reminds me of the pretty lady from the book my Ma used to read to me when I was just a boy.
VIOLET: The novel you first left me?
FREDERICK: Yes. Mister Cranford loaned it to me ... well, when I saw you'd read it, I thought I'd bring you some more. I-I hope you don't mind.
VIOLET: Oh no, of course. They're beautiful books. I thank you kindly.
FREDERICK: You have a ... a grand library up at the castle.
[she rolls her eyes]
VIOLET: Yes, it's indulgingly vast. However, Papa won't give me access to it, until I'm old enough to understand it ... or until I'm of an age where I won't be influenced by anyone other than himself.
FREDERICK: Lord Aston, he may only wish to protect you.
VIOLET: I don't need protection, I need my freedom.
[he looks down in awkward silence]
VIOLET: Would you take a turn around the lake with me instead?
FREDERICK: [pause] Are you sure? I'm just a farmer, and I've still got dirt on me ...
[she smiles]
VIOLET: Come now. These things shant deter me.
[she takes his hand, and they walk off, as the scene fades to black]

Holli Dillon & Darren Tough

Steven Baldwin

Dominic Jones

Celia Rice

Hazel Jupp
Dominic Jones

Yolanda Collins
Stephanie Edgerton

Special thanks to:
Swanbourne Lake
Adam Finch, Bethan Harrison & Pauline Jupp

Written, Directed & Produced by
Hazel Jupp

Bournemouth University


From festivalfocus.org:

Film Details
The Book

Plot Summary
Beautiful heir searches for her mystery librarian.
Frederick has worked in the stables for his whole life and admired the young countess from a far for years. He takes to leaving her a selection of romantic novels in the woods, and when they eventually meet, he is shocked to find how down to earth she is.
Based on her short film "Librarian of the Lake."

Hazel Jupp



Running time
100 minutes

Production Company
Jupp Period Drama

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