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Case Study No. 2083: Arthur Saunders

Necronomicon: The Dawning of Darkness Walkthrough part 6
The library.

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[the player selects the Necronomicon from his inventory, then clicks Doctor Egleton]
ROBERT EGLETON: Now that we have found the Necronomicon, we must go to Providence Library. You're going to meet a friend of mine.
[the player selects Providence Library on the map, then cut to inside the library, as the player clicks on two doors before finding an elderly male librarian (white hair, beard, dark coat, grey pants) sitting at a desk and reading]
[the player selects the Necronomicon from his inventory, then clicks the librarian]
ROBERT EGLETON: Hello, Mister Saunders. May I introduce William Stanton, who wishes to carry out some research ... that is a little unusual.
[cut to a shot of the librarian running his hands across the cover of the Necronomicon]
ARTHUR SAUNDERS: The Book of Dead Words ... It's an arcane magic text that basically deals with necromancy. It begins with the story of an ancient banished race, long since disappeared. Unfortunately, it will take me more than a week to produce a quick translation of the whole of the volume, and we don't have that much time. You're going to help me. Search in the Occult Sciences section for material concerning death, spirits, or lost civilizations.
[cut to Doctor Egleton standing by the door]
ROBERT EGLETON: My friends, I must leave you to continue your work alone. I will join you again later. Until then.
[he leaves, then the player clicks on the book that the librarian is reading]

The Old Ones and Their Spawn
The Old Ones were, are, and shall be.
From the dark stars They came
before Man was born.
They descended to primal Earth.

Beneath the oceans, they brooded
while ages passed,
till seas receded;
whereupon they swarmed forth
And their multitudes ruled this Earth.

At the frozen poles,
They raised mighty cities.
And upon the heights,
temples to those whom Nature
owns not and the gods have cursed.
They have walked amidst the stars
and They have walked the Earth.

The city of Irem in the great desert
has known them;
Leng in the Cold Waste
has seen their passing,
and the timeless Citadel erected
on the cloud-veiled heights
of the Kadath

The unknown bear their mark
Wantonly the Old Ones
trod the ways of darkness
and their blasphemies were great
upon the Earth.

And the Elder Lord opened their eyes,
And beheld the abominations
Of those who were ravaging the Earth.

In their wrath, they set their hand
against the Old Ones.

Staying them in the midst
of their iniquity,
and cast them from the Earth
into the void
into spaces where chaos reigned,
and no form does abide.

And the Elder Lords set their seal
Upon the Gateway
The Old Ones could do nothing
in the face of its power.

The Old Ones
now dwell beyond this Gate;

Not in the spaces known to man,
but in the angles between them.
Beyond our earthly spheres
they linger
And ever await the time
of Their return.

For the Earth has known Them
and shall know Them
in time yet to come.

[the player heads for the stacks and clicks on a book entitled "The moon, gateway to the soul (Diane Hecate)"]
[the player returns to the librarian]
ARTHUR SAUNDERS: What've you found?
[the player selects the book from his inventory, then clicks the librarian]
ARTHUR SAUNDERS: Ah, it's strange how these symbols occur in a handwritten note in the margin of a translated page! Don't you see?
[the player clicks on the book that the librarian is reading]

The head of the Dragon

Yog-Sothoth stands
at the head of the dragon
And shall give a sign to the old ones
when the stars
Tell that the time to return has come.

For Yog-Sothoth is the gate
Through this gate shall pass those
who populate the void
When they return.

Yog-Sothoth knows the mazes of time,
for all time is One for him.
He knows where the old ones came
of old, and where they shall come
forth again
when the cycle returns.

After day cometh night.
Man's time shall pass
And they shall rule where they once
As foulness you shall know them,
And their accursedness shall
stain the earth.

WILLIAM STANTON: We have to unravel the meaning of the dragon, and the goat showing two moons. Let's focus our research on magic tracks.
[the player heads back to the stacks and clicks on a book entitled "The red dragon"]
[the player returns to the librarian]
ARTHUR SAUNDERS: What've you found?
[the player selects the book from his inventory, then clicks the librarian]
ARTHUR SAUNDERS: It is an incantation. All this speaks of great evil.
[he points to the other book on the table]
ARTHUR SAUNDERS: These are the same runic symbols ... I'm going to translate this page as quickly as I can.
[the player clicks on the book that the librarian is reading]

The Gates of the Cities

If you open the gates of the cities,
Through their different influences,
The hall of power
shall be established.

And through there Gates,
you shall invoke
Those who are beyond the time
and space of man.

When the Moon
enters the triangle,
By turning the gates in the direction
From whence they shall come,

by speaking the words
and making the signs
that shall bring the Old Ones.

They shall reign again on this Earth.

WILLIAM STANTON: Could it be that such places exist on our planet? I'm also going to carry out some research into ancient scripts.
[the player heads back to the stacks and clicks on a book entitled "Language of initiates"]
[the player returns to the librarian]
ARTHUR SAUNDERS: What've you found?
[the player selects the book from his inventory, then clicks the librarian]
ARTHUR SAUNDERS: Apparently, there were several great cities. These cities were cited according to a precise plan ... perhaps this is what Herschell was trying to do. Open the doors of the cities to make the Old Gods return.
[cut to another shot of the librarian talking to a returning Egleton]
ARTHUR SAUNDERS: The translations that I have carried out in your absence are quite alarming ...
[cut to the librarian pointing at a large map on the table]
ARTHUR SAUNDERS: There are transmitters, probably six, spread across the planet. We must find out where they are, and quickly.



Necronomicon: The Dawning of Darkness, also known as Necronomicon: The Gateway to Beyond, is a 2001 video game developed by Wanadoo Edition and released for Windows and the PlayStation video game console.

The game is set in 1927, where the ordinary life of William H. Stanton is affected by matters of the occult and darker truths about our world.

The game starts off in William Stanton's home in Providence, Rhode Island, where he is startled by a knock at his door. As William opens the door he discovers that it is his close friend Edgar acting in a suspicious manner. He gives William a metallic pyramid and tells him not to give it to anyone, including him, especially if he asks for it.

After going back inside there is a knock at the door again. This time it's Dr. Egleton, a friend of Edgar's father. He asks William to visit Edgar at his home soon so he can help decide whether or not Edgar should be committed for insanity.

The game then picks up and the player has to solve a series of puzzles and question shady people to find out what is going on, and uncover the truth about the horrible fate that has befallen Edgar.



Published by
Wanadoo Edition

Developed by
Wanadoo Edition


PlayStation, Windows


1st-Person Perspective

Detective / Mystery, Horror, Puzzle-Solving

New England ... 1927 - William Stanton is visited by a friend from his childhood, Edgar Wycherley, who hands him a strange pyramid shaped object and begs him not to show it to anyone, not even him if he asks for it. As William delves into the mysteries of this object and the reasons why his friend gave it to him, he discovers that Edgar was somehow involved in the occult and that the entire world may be at risk.

Yves Barsacq (Gregor Hershel/D'Egleton/Arthur Saunders)
Axel Kiener (William Stanton)
Jean-Claude Balard (Sir Franck/Crumb/Sherman)
Michel Barbey (Thiedman/Preacher)
Patrick Borg (Edgar/Gerard/Boxer)
Michel Voccoret (Black Fish/Kyle/Procop)



Necronomicon: The Dawn of Darkness (also known as Necronomicon: The Gateway to Beyond) is an adventure game developed by French game company Wanadoo Edition. According to the developer, the game is inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Lovecraft's writing, which is commonly coined "weird fiction", is a subgenre of speculative fiction that blends themes of supernatural, myth, fantasy, and horror. Today, there is a large cult following the Cthulhu Mythos, a series of loosely interconnected fiction from Lovecraft that includes the Necronomicon—a fictional grimoire (a textbook of magic) of magical rites and forbidden lore.

The first appearance of the Necronomicon is in The Hound, a short story written by Lovecraft in 1924. It is also mentioned several times again in his later writings. The word Necronomicon is derived from a trio of Greek roots: "nekros" meaning dead, "nomos" meaning law, and "eikon" meaning image. Translated from the Greek language, Necronomicon means literally "image of the law of the dead"—or more loosely translated, "book of the names of the dead".

The game begins in Providence, Rhode Island (coincidentally, the birthplace of Lovecraft) in 1927. You play the role of the protagonist, William Stanton. While sitting in the drawing room of your old white weatherboard house, you hear a knock at the front door. You answer the door. Standing there is your friend Edgar Wycherley, looking distraught and alarmed. He quickly places a stone pyramid in your hands, instructing you to never give it to anybody, including himself, even if he asks back for it later on. He then leaves you with no explanation. Soon after, you hear another knock at the door. You answer the door again. This time, a doctor named Robert Egleton introduces himself. He wants to speak to you about Edgar and his concerns of Edgar's father. The doctor tells you that he believes Edgar is suffering from insane delirium and needs to be committed to an institution.

Edgar and his father are living somewhere in Pawtuxet, a small coastal town nearby. Concerned, you motor to Pawtuxet to try to find Edgar. You discover a somber, almost gothic seaside town that is old and run down. There are very few people to be seen there. The few people whom you meet are inhospitable and are unwilling to help you. Only Ma Brady offers you any assistance. Soon, you find yourself on a long paper chase, trying to locate Edgar and to understand why the town people are acting so strangely.

You learn of the Old Ones (also referenced in Lovecraft's writing), an ancient extraterrestrial race once lived on Earth before humans. For millennia, they inhabit the Ancient City. Somehow, Edgar has stumbled on an artifact left long ago by these beings. However, tracking down the ancient race has taken its toll on Edgar, to the point of his own insanity. Now, you must find the lost city and destroy it, before the beings can return to reclaim Earth. If you fail, the world will face a cataclysm, spelling an end to the human race.

At the core, this game plays as a first-person point-and-click adventure. However, many of the cinematic cut scenes that are in this game are shown from a third-person perspective. There are 16 characters with whom you can interact in the game. Some of the characters are admittedly bizarre. They include a corpse, a person you raise from the dead, and even a talking brain named Brain. The voiceovers of these characters (all of which are lip-synced) are generally excellent. By contrast, the appearances of these characters are very wooden. They are also animated with very exaggerated movements.

The overall production value of this game is as uneven as it is much bittersweet, in that some parts are done excellently but other parts are done very poorly. The game supports only a fixed resolution of 640x480 pixels, though such resolution is a norm for a game release of its time. Upon starting a new game, you are presented with a basic menu: New Game, Save (only 8 game save slots are available), Load, Credits, and Exit. There is no option menu to adjust system settings. The game comes with a manual that explains the main interface, including the use of the game's 8 contextual cursors.

Alas, navigating in this game is difficult despite the plethora of cursors. The directional cursor also doubles as a hotspot finder. The game uses a nodal system for navigation. At any node, you can pan around in full 360 degrees to the left and right as well as up and down. Because the majority of the game takes place in dark rooms or pitch black mazes, the only means of navigation is by blindly locating these hotspots. Fortunately, there is a map which you will acquire early on in the game. Once you have been to a certain location, you can click on the map and be transported to there again immediately. This saves a lot of time from walking or riding a motorcycle to get different locations. The game makes use of 38 items that are stored in the inventory. Once an item is used and is no longer needed, it disappears from the inventory.

The pre-rendered graphics in this game are generally excellent. Most scenes have a muted color palette, befitting the Lovecraftian theme. Despite the low resolution, they are effective and clear. The game oozes atmosphere and lends a lot of tension, particularly when you inch your way along the many dark, dank tunnels that are deep underground.



Take Edgar's key. You finish up in your home, where there is nothing to do. Go back to Edgar's house, the one at the top of the map, and go down to the basement. Use the key to open that door, and take three items from the room: a statuette and a package from the shelf, and the Necronomicon from the cabinet. Go back upstairs, turn right into the living-room, and pick up the label from the top of the bookcase. On the way out the door, pick up the newspaper and the letter from the floor, and return home. Give the Necronomicon to Dr. Egleton. (I do wish he would glue his teeth in a little tighter!) The library appears on your map, so let's visit there. Go all the way to the back of the room, to the right to enter the office.

After meeting the librarian, show him the Necronomicon, then examine the book he is reading. Exit the office, and go almost back to the entrance to find the Occult Sciences section. (F, L, F5, L, F2) You can examine many books, but the one you are looking for is in the small shelf just under the window. "The Moon, Gateway to the Soul." Take it to the Librarian. Examine the book to find a clue about the dragon. Exit the office, and go straight across to the entrance to the rare book archives downstairs. Find the "Red Dragon" book and take it to the Librarian. Examine that book for more clues. This is pretty good stuff. Actually, it clarifies the whole point of the game.

Next, find the Symbolism section, the bay adjacent to the Occult. (From the office, F, L, F, L, F, R, F4, L, F) Find the "Language of Initiates" book under the window and take it to the office. The Librarian discovers references to the Ancient Cities. He produces a map, and it is up to you to find their locations. Place objects on the map in the following positions: (sequence is unimportant.)

The Gazette -- Greenland
The Label -- Africa
The Package -- Surinam (South America)
The Letter -- Transylvania (Eastern Europe)
The Statuette -- South Atlantic Ocean

Connect the first three to form a triangle. Connect the other two and Pawtuxet to form a second triangle, completing the Hexagram and opening the gates to the ancient cities.



O.The asylum - 1st visit

1) Take the key from Edgar's pocket. It is automatically stored in the inventory.

2) Use the map to get to Edgar Wycherley's house. His is the house that is furthest north.

P. Edgar's house- 4th visit

1) Pick up the letter and newspaper that are on the floor in the hall. These items are stored in the inventory.

2) Pick up the label that is on the ledge to the right of the entrance. It is automatically stored in the inventory.

3) Enter the small room at the foot of the stairs

4) Take the key from the inventory and open the gate 5) Pick up the statuette that is on the shelf. It is automatically stored in the inventory.

6) Take the package that is on the left hand shelf. It is automatically stored in the inventory.

6) Take the book "Necronomicon" from the cupboard. It is automatically stored in the inventory.

7) Use the map to return home. it's the house nearest the centre of the map

Q.William Stanton's house - 5th visit

1) Take the "Necronomicon" book from the inventory and give it to Doctor Egleton

2) The library now appears on the map. Use the map to get there. It's the southernmost building.

R. The library - 1st visit

1) The office
Take the Necronomicon from the inventory and give it to Saunders

2) The main room
- Go to the section on occult sciences and choose the following book: "The moon, gateway to the soul". This book is then stored in the inventory.
- Take it back to Professor Saunders. Look at the book
- Enter the Rare Books room located in the basement of the library
- Find the following book: "The red dragon". It is automatically stored in the inventory.
- Take it back to Professor Saunders. Look at the book
- Go to the section on symbolism and find the following book: "Language for Initiates". This book is then stored in the inventory.
- Take it back to Professor Saunders. Look at the book

3) The office
On the map indicated by Professor Saunders,
- Take the statuette from the inventory and place it on the Atlantic Ocean
- Take the label from the inventory and place in on Africa
- Take the letter from the inventory and place it on Transylvania
- Take the newspaper with the article on polar exploration from the inventory and place it over Greenland
- Take the package from the inventory and place it on Surinam
- Link the points to one another
- A new site appears on the map. It is the city of the Ancient Ones. Use the map to get there.



Welcome to the Spirit Room.

There's only one area you need to be, and that's between the pentagram on the floor and the table. First let's deal with putting the items on the stand next to the table. First use the charcoal, then the styrax that is in your kit. Now, with your pocket dragon, light them. Fortunately, you won't have to deal with any time limit like you did in the Altar/Kennel room. Now open the drawer in the table and pick up the label for Elias Levy. He's your good buddy, and he's who we're going to call up. Put the label in the pentagram along with the ashes you picked up in the previous room. Now you need the components to actually raise the spirit. For this you need the euphorbia and a diamond that is also in your kit. Burn it...BURN IT ALL!

You are treated to a nice a chunky cut scene and at the end you kill your buddy. And no one comes, asks questions, or even notices. Keep in mind that he was put here for his own safety, and now you've killed him. Keep up the good work. In any event, search the body to discover a key, and leave. Once transported to your house, go to Edgar's place. You can now move to a door under the stairs and use the key to open it. There's lots of goodness here and you can get a little head that sits between a small clock and an urn. You can also get a package on the other side of the door. Finally, you can open a cabinet on the other side of the room and pick up...THE CHROMONOMINOM! Actually, there are a couple other things that you will definitely want to pick up in the house. Go to the entranceway inside the house. You'll find a note and a newspaper. In the living room, you'll find a label sitting on the bookcase near the fireplace. After all of this, talk to Dr Eagleton, showing him the Necronomicon. The Providence Library will show up, and to there you shall go.

First, go through the lobby. There's no reason for you to return to this room, so we can pretty much ignore it. Let's refer to the entrance as West. Go all the way to the East-most area of the library and turn right. You'll see a door, enter it and talk to the librarian. Now show him the Necronomicon. He will charge you with the task of getting certain books to aid in his research. The first will come from the occult section, which is in the South-West section of the library. Look at the books below the window separating the two sections and get the book from there. Return to the librarian with the book. After each cut scene, read whatever book you give him and you'll find out what book you have to get next. Now, instead of going to the library section, go forward from the librarian's office and enter the door there. Go down the hall and enter the door to the left. This is evidently the rare books section of the library. Interestingly enough the only security they have is making people walk down a spooky hall to get to it. This evidently deters a lot of people because all the books are still here. A little searching will make the Dragon book turn up. Return to the librarian and give it to him. Since your next assignment is to find a book on ancient scripts, go to the Symbolism section, which is right next to the Occult/Magic section. As with the first book, the book you're looking for it under the window between the shelves. Give it to the librarian.

You must figure out where the six transmitters are (and quickly!) and for this, you'll need to use the items you got from Edgar's place after you blew him away (in self-defense, naturally). First use the little head thing. It goes between the 'S' and the 'O' in South Atlantic Ocean. The letter goes just to the West of the Black Sea in Europe. Think of Africa as a giant arm, with the NW section of it being the shoulder. The label goes in the armpit. The Providence Gazette goes (logically enough) on the southern tip of Greenland. That's right, Greenland. Finally, since you were too polite to open Edgar's package after shooting him, you may as well put it on British Guyana in South America.

Now draw a Star of David (like a pentagram, but with six points). You're basically drawing two triangles to do this. Oddly enough, you only have 5 points to draw that symbol. So where is the sixth point? That's right...its in Providence, and if you don't know where Rhode Island is on a world map, then I will have to deliver a serious beating unto you.

Beatings aside, a new location will appear on your map. Go there. No one will give you any advice. No one will wish you good luck. Just saunter off, alone, to this forbidding area. Don't forget to have fun.

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