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Case Study No. 2102: Ian McKinney

The Heist
Watch how a book lover pulls one over on a librarian to aquire a book that is on hold.
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[scene opens with a young girl speaking to an older male librarian (short brown hair, glasses, green shirt, brown shirt)]
LIBRARIAN: May I help you?
BOOK LOVER: Yes, I was wondering, do you have a "Son of Neptune?"
LIBRARIAN: Oh, "Son of Neptune" ...
[he starts typing on his computer]
LIBRARIAN: I think there's a big hold list for that one. Let's see.
[he looks at the computer screen and grimaces]
LIBRARIAN: Uh, yeah ... would you like to be on the hold list?
BOOK LOVER: Oh, I'm already on the hold list. Can you tell me how many are there?
LIBRARIAN: Um, let's see ...
[he leans in and stares at the computer screen, then grimaces again]
LIBRARIAN: It's about ... two hundred and fifty.
BOOK LOVER: Awww ...
[she puts her head down on the table, then cut to the girl standing in front of an elevator]
BOOK LOVER: I've got to get that book!
[she slaps the button, then the doors open and a young boy walks out]
BOOK LOVER: Oh, hey!
MASTERMIND: How's it going?
BOOK LOVER: It's terrible!
BOOK LOVER: There's this one book I can't get, "Son of Neptune!" I've been waiting for it for so long!
BOOK LOVER: There's a hold of like two hundred and fifty people!
MASTERMIND: Well, I think we can think of something ...
[cut to the two looking at a floor plan for the library
MASTERMIND: Okay, every book that comes in has to go somewhere ... even if it is on hold.
[he points at the map]
MASTERMIND: That place is right here, in the basement! So what we have to do is get to the basement!
[cut to the two standing in front of a locked door, as the boy randomly presses buttons on the keypad]
MASTERMIND: How does this thing work?
[cut to a closeup of the handle, as a buzzer sounds and the girl is finally able to turn it and open the door]
[cut to the librarian looking over a bookcart, when the boy walks up to him]
MASTERMIND: Uh, can you tell me where the bathroom is?
[as the librarian look at him in confusion, the girl sneaks behind them and starts rifling through a box of books]
LIBRARIAN: You're not supposed to be down here.
MASTERMIND: Well, I got lost looking for the bathroom ...
[the librarian points off camera]
LIBRARIAN: Well, the way out is that way.
[the girl grabs a book and holds it up in triumph]
[the librarian shakes his head and goes back to checking his books, as the girl sneaks away]
[cut to the girl standing at the self-checkout machine, as the boy stands guard behind her]
BOOK LOVER: Now I just have to check it out!
[she tries to swipe the book in the machine]
BOOK LOVER: It won't check ... Oh, it says it's on hold!
[she puts her head down on the table, as the boy looks at the computer screen]
MASTERMIND: Wait, it says it's on hold ... for you!
[the girl looks up at the screen, then holds the book up over her head in triumph, as the scene freezes and Queen's "We Are the Champions" plays in the background]


Caitlin Johnson ... Book Lover
Tyler Johnson ... Mastermind
Ian McKinney ... Librarian

Screenplay by
Caitlin Johnson
Corinne Johnson
Tyler Johnson
Ian McKinney

Camera Operators
Corinne Johnson
Tyler Johnson
Ian McKinney

Directed by
Ian McKinney

Caitlin Johnson
Tyler Johnson
Ian McKinney

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