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Case Study No. 2091: Mrs. Tocknell and the Extreme Librarian

The Extreme Librarian
A Short Silent Film About A Librarian Who Is Enthusiastic About His Job.

Entered into the De La Warr Pavilion Film Festival 2012
Shown At The De La Warr Pavilion Film Festival 2012
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[scene opens with a young male librarian (red hair, blue sweater, white undershirt, red and blue striped tie, black pants) happily pushing an AV cart outside of his school]
[cut to a closeup of his face, as he looks at something off camera while dramatic music plays]
[cut to a closeup of the "Guiness Book of Knowledge" sitting on the ground]
[cut to slow motion footage of the librarian pushing the cart aside and (with an exaggerated look of determination on his face) running over to pick up the book]
[cut to the librarian running back to the cart (holding the book over his head)]
[cut to a closeup of the cart as he slams the book down on top of it, then the camera pans out to show the librarian pushing it back into the school as intense music plays]
[cut to various shots of the librarian pushing the cart through the hallways of the school (while the tires makes "screeching" noises at every turn)]
[cut to the librarian pushing the cart into the elevator, then cut to the librarian leaning against the cart (with a bored look on his face) as elevator muzak plays]
[cut to the librarian calmly pushing the cart out of the elevator once it reaches the correct floor, then continuing with his mad dash to the library (as the intense music starts playing again)]
[cut to the librarian entering the library, as he waves to someone off camera]
[cut to an older female librarian (long black hair, glasses, purple blouse) sitting at a computer, as she waves back]
[cut to slow motion footage of the librarian pushing the cart towards a bookshelf, as "O Fortuna" begins to play]
[he smiles and pumps his fist, then take the book and (with seemingly great effort) places it in an open slot on the top shelf]
[he turns and celebrates, as the camera zooms in on the newly shelved book ... revealing that it doesn't actually belong with the other volumes around it]


Actor 1 ... Archie Young
Actor 2 ... Mrs. Tocknell


Kevin McLeod


Ben Smith
Archie Young


Ben Smith
Archie Young

Filmed By

Ben Smith

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