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Case Study No. 2080: Unnamed Male Librarian (Freshly Toasted Films)

The Librarian: Brattle Theatre Trailer Competition 2014
A quick trailer made earlier in the year for the brattle theater trailer smackdown. The music is from Transformers. Stars Jackson Cedrone and Read Stone.
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[scene opens with a male librarian (short brown hair, white t-shirt, brown shorts) walking up the stairs towards a public library, with a cloak slung over his shoulder]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] You can never really leave the past behind. People, they see me as some quiet librarian ... Puttin' books away. Sittin' at a desk.
[cut to the librarian unlocking the front door to the library]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] But that's not the true me ...
[a man walks up behind the librarian and puts his hand on his shoulder, then talks to him in a nasally voice]
LIBRARIAN: Oh, hey Greg. Waddaya need?
GREG: I'm looking for a particular book.
LIBRARIAN: Yeah, hold on. Lemme get that for you.
[cut to the librarian handing Greg a book, then he holds the volume ("Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Masters Guide") up dramatically over his head]
[cut to a shot of Greg alone in his apartment, as he puts on a bowling shirt]
[cut to a closeup of Greg's hands, as he puts on a metal gauntlet]
[cut to a shot of Greg from behind, as he slowly places a Thor-esque helmet atop his head]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] A new enemy has arisen ...
[cut to Greg walking down the street, holding the book in front of him]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Greg, the Dungeon Master.
["The Librarian" appears on screen, then cut to the librarian alone in his apartment, as he puts on his cloak]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's legs, as he pulls up his white socks]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's face, as he puts on a pair of sunglasses]
[cut to a shot of the librarian picking up an old-timey rifle]
[cut to a shot of the librarian walking out of his room (filled with smoke for dramatic effect), holding up the rifle]
LIBRARIAN: Your life's overdue!
[cut to the librarian walking through a cemetry, then cut to a closeup of his face]
LIBRARIAN: Return what's mine, and I ... won't confiscate your library card!
[cut to a shot of Greg standing with the book in the middle of the street]
GREG: We both know it's too late for that! Now you shall p-perish!
[he holds the book over his head]
GREG: Eh, Rod of Resurrection!
[he makes a "wanking" motion with his right hand (kind of like summoning the Schwartz in "Spaceballs") as a white light emanates from his crotch and envelopes the screen]
[cut to Greg (back in his normal clothes) carrying the book and running from the librarian]
[cut to Greg stopping to face the librarian, throwing the book at him as a distraction, then kicking him in the stomach and knocking him to the ground]
[he starts to run again, but the librarian picks up the book and throws it, hitting him on the head and knocking him down]
[cut to the librarian standing over his fallen foe, as he grabs a whimpering Greg by the collar]
LIBRARIAN: You've taken what's mine! I want what's mine!
[he punches him in the face, then cut to Greg (back in his costume) levitating the book in front of him]
GREG: [in voice over] I am the Dungeon Master ...
[he summons more beams of light from his crotch and shoots them outwards]
GREG: [in voice over] King of all things that are diabolical and unfair ... heh heh heh heh.
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's face.
LIBRARIAN: It's time for you to ... check out.
[cut to a closeup of his rifle, as he firest it]
[cut to a man (holding a cigar and wearing a cheap wig) lying on the ground, as he points off camera]
MAN: What the hell is that?!
[cut to Greg emerging from a fiery portal]
GREG: Welcome to a new era ...
["Librarian, Coming Soon" appears on screen]

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