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Case Study No. 2061: West Oak Lane Librarian

Behind The Screens- Overdue Books
Overdue Books- A deeply troubled librarian goes over the edge when careless patrons return late books.
This short movie was created by the youth participating in the Behind The Screens summer program through the Free Library of Philadelphia, West Oak Lane Branch.
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West Oak Lane Library

Overdue Books

[scene opens with two teenage boys walking outside of the West Oak Lane branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia]
PATRON 1: I can't wait to go in there and read a comic book!
PATRON 2: I know, right? Let's go, come on!
[cut to inside of the library, where the two speak with the teenage girl playing the librarian (hair pulled back in a ponytail, glasses, white shirt, blue jeans)]
PATRON 2: Where are the comic books?
[she replies in a deadpan monotone, pointing off camera]
LIBRARIAN: It's over there.
[they walk off, then cut to the two sitting on the floor reading comic books]
PATRON 2: Check this out, look how Nightcrawler teleports like that! Isn't that awesome?
PATRON 1: Yeah, I know, right?
PATRON 2: Oh my gosh ... Wait, what're you reading?
PATRON 1: I'm reading about the Green Lantern.
PATRON 2: DC? Marvel rocks!
[cut to a teenage girl walking up to the librarian's desk and handing her a book]
PATRON 3: Sorry this book is overdue.
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's face, as she again responds in a deadpan monotone]
LIBRARIAN: I don't like overdue books.
[cut to the patron, who just smirks]
PATRON 3: Whatever ...
[she walks off, then cut to the librarian picking up a large copy of the Oxford English Dictionary]
[cut to the librarian following closely behind the patron as ominous music plays, then she lifts up the dictionary and is about to bring it down on the patron's head when the screen quickly cuts to black]
[cut back to the two boys (now sitting in chairs) reading comic books, when they look up at the apparent noise]
PATRON 1: Did you hear that?
[the other boy dramatically whips off his glasses (which he hadn't been wearing before) and leans in close to his friend]
PATRON 2: Did you hear something?
PATRON 1: Yeah.
PATRON 2: I think it was the librarian ...
PATRON 1: Yeah, me too.
PATRON 2: Okay. We gotta watch out for her.
[cut to a shot of the (dead?) patron's feet sticking out from behind a bookshelf, then to the librarian slowly walking through the library (grabbing at her head as if she's losing her mind) while the two boys follow her]
[cut to the two boys confronting the librarian]
PATRON 2: We know you committed those crimes!
PATRON 1: We know you did it!
PATRON 2: We know you killed her!
LIBRARIAN: I did kill her ...
PATRON 2: You did?
LIBRARIAN: Yes, I did. I don't like overdue books.
["Moments later ... " appears on screen, then cut to a teenage girl playing the police officer]
POLICEWOMAN: You have the right to remain silent, you're under arrest.
[another girl takes the librarian and puts her hands behind her back, as they lead her out of the library]
PATRON 2: We finally caught the librarian killer ...
[they shake hands]
PATRON 2: It was a pleasure working with you!
["The end" appears on screen]

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