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Case Study No. 2089: Mary Smith

Kellogg's Pop Tarts Commercial (Library) 1988
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[scene opens in a public library, as a teenage boy takes a large book off one of the stacks and blows on it (kicking up a large cloud of dust) before taking it to one of the tables)
ANNOUNCER: Hey, cool things happen with the warm taste of Kellogg's Pop Tarts ...
[he sits down (as an older female librarian sitting at the main desk can be seen in the foreground), then takes off his headphones with a surprised look on his face as the camera pans in on the cover of the book (which reads "What's Hot")]
[cut to an over-the-should shot of the teenager reading the book, as a picture of a Pop Tarts box "pops" off the page and floats in front of him]
[cut to a closeup of the teenager watching the floating box in amazement, as the commercial's theme song kicks in ("So coo-oo-ool, they're hot! So hot, they're cool!")]
[cut to a shot of the teenager, with the librarian (short brown hair, gold earrings, grey jacket, white blouse, black skirt) in the foreground)]
[he turns the page (as the librarian raises an eyebrow over the sudden noise) and a toaster floats out of the book]
[cut to a closeup of the teenager, as he takes a Pop Tart and places it in the floating toaster]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's face, as she scrunches up her nose and gives a sideways look]
[cut to what appears to be an "interior" shot of the toaster (where the Pop Tart browns above the red-hot coils), as "1991 Kellogg Company" appears on screen]
[cut to the teenager pulling the Pop Tart out of the toaster, as the theme song continues ("So hot! Real hot!")]
[cut to a closeup of the teenager's hands as he holds the toaster over the book (open to a page reading "Real Hot"), then breaks it in half with a loud snapping sound]
[cut to a closeup of the Pop Tart, as steam rises from filling]
[cut to as shot of the teenager turning the page, as he takes a bite]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian, as she turns around and (placing a finger to her lips) shushes the teenager]
[cut to an overhead shot of the teenager, as strawberries "pop" out of the book and float in the air above him, while the theme song continues ("That taste of real fruit, so hot hot hot hot!")]
[the strawberries suddenly disappear in a burst of flames]
[cut to the librarian standing in front of the teenager, as she again puts a finger to her lips]
LIBRARIAN: Shh! That's enough, young man ...
[she takes the book and starts to walk away, as the theme song continues ("Those Pop Tarts, so hot!")]
[cut to the librarian sitting back at the main desk (where a name plate reading "Mary Smith" is now clearly visible) with the book open in front of her, when another Pop Tarts box "pops" off the page and floats in front of her)
LIBRARIAN: Oh my ...
[she smiles and grabs the box, then is "sucked" into the book]
[the page flips over as she disappears, while the teenager (still holding a Pop Tart) watches from the nearby table]
TEENAGER: That's cool!



The next dowdy image spot is for Kellogg's pop tarts. In this 1992 commercial, the dimly lit library setting shows a patron removing a book from the shelf, blowing the dust off and then sitting down to read. As he reads, a pop tart is produced and he gets noisy. The librarian quickly shushes him before taking his treat away.

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