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Case Study No. 2066: Library Club of Shiomi Academy (student library workers)

A good librarian like a good shepherd - Official Subtitled Clip - What is this soft sensation?
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Kakei has a mysterious ability to see the future, but it may not help him avoid getting branded a pervert...

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Genres: Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural

Kyotaru Kakei - Junji Majima
Tsugumi Shirasaki - Madoka Yonezawa
Tamamo Sakuraba - Yuka Saito
Senri Misono - Nozomi Yamamoto
Kana Suzuki - Eri Sendai
Nagi Kodachi - Atsumi Tanezaki

Kyotaro Kakei is a shy student at a prestigious academy known for its massive library. The sole member of the school's library club, Kyotaro's always been better with books than girls – until a text message from the mysterious "Shepherd" hints that his fate will soon be changing. Life gets wild in a hurry after a vision allows Kyotaro to rescue Tsugumi, a beautiful girl who also received a text message from the "Shepherd." Soon, Tsugumi announces her intentions to join the Library Club and, with Kyotaro's help, make school life much more interesting! It doesn't take long for a host of other pretty girls to follow Tsugumi's lead and join the club in the hopes of spicing up their boring academy lives. But just who is this "Shepherd," what does he or she have to do with the Library Club's sudden popularity, and how in the world will Kyotaro survive being surrounded by all these girls!?
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[scene opens with a male teenager walking outside of school, when he hears an alert on his cell phone]
KAKEI: [to himself] Who could it be so early in the morning?
[he looks at his phone, then stops and reads a text message from "shepherd [at] library dot wo"]
KAKEI: [to himself] "Today, something will happen that will change your fate. The Shepherd."
[he looks up from his phone]
KAKEI: The Shepherd?
[he suddenly has a vision of a train coming off the rails and barrelling towards a female student, then snaps out of it]
KAKEI: [to himself] That girl from earlier ... She's in danger!
[he runs off]
KAKEI: [to himself] I've always had good intution ... I'd just get a sense of foreboding, but my bad premonitions have always been correct.
[cut to the same girl from his vision standing near the train tracks, as Kakei runs up to her (gasping for breath)]
KAKEI: You have to run!
[he hears the train approaching, so grabs her by the arm]
KAKEI: Just get away from here!
TSUGUMI: What? Um--
[he starts to lead her away, but she trips and falls to the floor, so he dives to try and catch her]
[cut to a shot of the papers she was carrying flying up in the air, as they both lie dazed on the ground]
KAKEI: [to himself] What is this soft sensation?
[cut to a shot of Kakei (his eyes closed), then to a shot of his hand ... as he's (mistakenly?) fondling one of her breasts]
KAKEI: [to himself] That's right! This is ... This is ... This is?
[he suddenly stops, realizing what he is doing]
KAKEI: This is!
[he jumps up, embarrassed]
KAKEI: Ah, I-I'm sorry!
[she slowly gets up and looks at him (with tears in her eyes), then cut to a shot of her quickly grabbing her scattered papers before standing up and running off]
[cut to Kakei with a sad look on his face (as all of the students gathered around stare at him)]
KAKEI: [to himself] This makes me ... a common molester.
[a loud crash and screams can suddenly be heard, as he turns to see the train has run off the rails (but no one seems to be hurt)]
KAKEI: [to himself] Well anyway, I'm glad I made it in time.



A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd

The story is set at Shiomi Academy, a vast, prestigious academy with a Daitoshokan (literally, "great library") that rivals Japan's national library. As a member of the Library Club, Kyoutarou Kakei goes to Daitoshokan to enjoy reading by himself. He then meets a second-year girl named Tsugumi Shirasaki through the efforts of a so-called "shepherd" who fulfills people's wishes. Eventually, more girls join the club thanks to the "shepherd."



A good librarian like a good shepherd
Formation of the Library Club

Episode 1.0

Kakei spends his days peacefully reading as part of the library club at Shiomi Academy until one day, when he gets an email from the Shepherd...



A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd (Sub)

Season 1, Episode 1
Formation of the Library Club
Airdate: Wednesday October 08th, 2014

[a little boy is reading under a tree]
Shepherd: I've never seen a child read a book so intently before.
[The Shepherd and the boy walk together]
Shepherd: A magic book with everything in this world written in it?
Kakei: If I read that, I don't think I'd be scared of anything.
Shepherd: A magic book does exist.
Kakei: Really?
Shepherd: That book is in a magic library.
Shepherd: But it's not a place where just anyone can go.
Kakei: I can go there!
Shepherd: That depends on how you act from now on.
Shepherd: You must be kind to others.
Shepherd: You must truly wish for the happiness of others.
Kakei: I don't really get it...
Shepherd: You will understand someday.
Shepherd: This is a ticket to the library.
Shepherd: You must not lose it.
[he gives the boy the ticket and walks away]
[the boy has grown up and is reading a book while taking the train]
Kakei: Books shed light unto the darkness.
Kakei: Darkness retreats one letter, one line, one page at a time.
Kakei: And someday, everything in the world will become clear.
Kakei: When that happens, I will be completely at peace.
[a girl waits in front of the train]
Tsugumi: What should I do?
Tsugumi: There are so many people...
[she looks at all of the people exiting the train, then at her flyers ("Shiomi Happy Project Won't you make school fun with me?")]
Tsugumi: I'm scared...
Tsugumi: I can't get any words out...
Tsugumi: No, I decided that I would do this.
Tsugumi: I'm going to say goodbye to my useless self that couldn't do anything!
Tsugumi: Go, Tsugumi!
Tsugumi: Excuse me!
Tsugumi: Please!
Tsugumi: Will you become happy with me?
[Kakei sees her trying to hand out her flyers to the other students]
Tsugumi: Please!
Tsugumi: Will you become happy with me?
Kakei: She's working hard bright and early in the morning.
[she tries to talk to a fat girl]
Tsugumi: Will you become... happy...
[she gets frustrated]
Tsugumi: I-I can't lose to a little thing like this!
[Kakei checks his phone]
Kakei: Who could it be so early in the morning?
Kakei: "Today, something will happen that will change your fate.
Kakei: "The Shepherd."
Kakei: The Shepherd?
[he sees a train hitting Tsugumi]
Kakei: That girl from earlier!
Kakei: She's in danger!
[he starts to run]
Kakei: I've always had good intuition.
Kakei: I'd just get a sense of foreboding,
Kakei: but my bad premonitions have always been correct.
[he finds Tsugumi]
Kakei: You have to run!
Tsugumi: What?
Kakei: Just get away from here!
Tsugumi: What? Um...
[they trip and fall, and he ends up groping her by accident]
Kakei: What is this soft sensation...?
Kakei: That's right! This is...
Kakei: This is...
Kakei: This is...?
Kakei: This is...!
Kakei: Ah, I-I'm sorry!
[Tsugumi gets up and runs away]
Kakei: This makes me...
Kakei: ...a common molester.
[the train crashes]
Kakei: Well anyway, I'm glad I made it in time.
["Episode 1: Formation of the Library Club"]
Teacher: At the end of the year 1873, also called...
Takamine: Hey, Kakei--
[he shows Kakei his phone, with a picture of him groping Tsugumi (both their eyes are blacked out)]
Takamine: Look at this.
Takamine: It was an unprecedented derailing accident.
Takamine: In the midst of what could have been a horrible tragedy with one false step,
Takamine: there was a student who dared to act so shamelessly.
Kakei: Takamine, I'm sure there's an explanation for that guy's actions.
Takamine: I'm sure.
Takamine: There's no way a certain someone I know would molest someone in public.
Kakei: Yeah, 'cause molestation is a crime.
[he remembers Tsugumi]
Takamine: Well, thinking about how big this school is and how many students there are,
Takamine: I'm not likely to see that girl again.
Teacher: Well then, seat number 153, Shirasaki? Tsugumi Shirasaki?
[she stands up]
Tsugumi: Y-Yes.
Kakei: That girl!
Tsugumi: Um...
Tsugumi: It was the opinion paper on establishing... a democratically elected parliament...
Teacher: I'm sorry, say that again?
Tsugumi: Um...
Tsugumi: The opinion paper... on establishing... a democratically elected parliament...
Takamine: That girl's kinda sexy...
Kakei: You little...
Sakuraba: Excuse me.
[another girl stands up]
Sakuraba: What Shirasaki has been saying is,
Sakuraba: "The opinion paper on establishing a democratically elected parliament."
Tsugumi: Tamamo!
Kakei: I didn't think she'd be my classmate...
[in the cafeteria]
PA Announcer: Everyone, how is your new life at Shiomi Academy?
PA Announcer: Are you enjoying your new life here?
Kakei: With the number of students at this school,
Kakei: --there's only a 1% chance that a random student you meet will be your classmate.
PA Announcer: --Especially for you new students out there,
Suzuki: Welcome! Welcome to the school cafeteria, Appllio!
PA Announcer: I'm sure there are many things you're confused about.
PA Announcer: But I'm sure there are many more things to get excited about!
Kakei: I'll have the set with Japanese Spanish mackerel pickled in sweet Kyoto-style miso.
Takamine: Oh, are you new?
Suzuki: Oh, yes.
Suzuki: I may be inexperienced, but I look forward to serving you!
Takamine: Looking forward to it!
Takamine: I'll have the fried chicken with soy sauce and--
Takamine: one smile.
Kakei: That's so old.
Suzuki: Um, what size would you like?
Takamine: Large, please!
Suzuki: Yes, sir!
[she smiles wide]
Takamine: Woah, that's so bright!
Kakei: You don't have to humor him.
Suzuki: No! I, Suzuki, gain satisfaction from the smiles of the customers.
Suzuki: Japanese Spanish mackerel and fried chicken, coming right up!
[she leaves]
Takamine: That's good, Suzuki! That's good!
[another girl puts her hand on Kakei's shoulder]
Mochizuki: Why don't you put your book down while you eat, at least?
Takamine: Woah, the student council president!
Kakei: Mochizuki...
[she sits down]
Mochizuki: Hello. Kakei, may I have a word with you?
Kakei: If it's about our previous conversation, I believe I already declined.
Mochizuki: I don't want to waste your abilities.
Mochizuki: You've been at the top of your year since entering this school.
Mochizuki: I'm sure you would be able to accomplish a lot in the student council.
Kakei: I'm just good at taking tests.
Kakei: I'm not cut out to be an officer or anything.
Mochizuki: Do you dislike the student council?
Kakei: I just do not want to decrease the amount of time I spend reading.
Kakei: I appreciate your good opinion of me, though.
Mochizuki: I see. That's unfortunate.
Suzuki: Here's your fried chicken and mackerel! Thanks for waiting!
[she looks at Mochizuki]
Suzuki: Oh, um, are you sharing the table?
Mochizuki: No. Thank you for your time. I will talk to you again soon.
Kakei: All right.
[she leaves]
Takamine: If you keep acting that nice, she's going to get the wrong idea, you know.
Takamine: It keeps her hopes up.
Kakei: I know that.
[they go to pay for their meal]
Kakei: Shiomi Academy, with 650 students in one class.
Cashier: 500 yen for the mackerel set, 500 yen for the fried chicken,
Cashier: and 1,000 yen for the smile makes 2,000 yen all together.
Takamine: What?!
[they leave the cafeteria]
Kakei: This school, which boasts a total of 50,000 students,
Kakei: is the best educational environment in Japan.
Kakei: Students should always be striving to improve their abilities,
Kakei: or they should attend a different school.
Kakei: It's the best place in the world for motivated students.
Kakei: At the same time, it's the best place for unmotivated students, too.
[he checks his phone]
Kakei: That's because as long as you take enough credits, you can do whatever you want.
[he reads the message from the Shepherd again]
Kakei: The Shepherd...
Kakei: The most famous rumor at this school.
Kakei: Always somewhere around the school, but always unseen.
Kakei: Only appearing in front of those earnestly working hard,
Kakei: and granting whatever they wish...
Kakei: But well, it's just spam.
Sakuraba: Hey you, can I have a moment?
Kakei: If I remember correctly, you're in my class...
Sakuraba: Sorry its so sudden, but will you look at this?
[she shows her phone with the picture of Kakei and Tsugumi without the eyes blacked out]
Kakei: What? Uncensored?!
Kakei: Hm? This email address is... the Shepherd?
Sakuraba: Am I correct in thinking you are the person in this picture?
Kakei: Y-Yes, that's right, but...
Kakei: More importantly, that email address...
[she sneezes]
Kakei: Allergies?
Sakuraba: I will have you apologize to her--to Shirasaki!
Kakei: Before that, will you allow me to explain?
Sakuraba: Oh? I'm listening.
Sakuraba: In other words, you have the ability to know the future,
Sakuraba: and that happened when you were trying to save Shirasaki?
Kakei: It's not as cool as you make it sound, though.
Sakuraba: You fool.
Kakei: Huh?
Sakuraba: That is way too lousy of an excuse!
Kakei: Ah, no wait, I'm telling you, it's true!
Sakuraba: You're a molester, and now you're trying to explain it away? You're the worst!
Sakuraba: Enemy of women! Prepare yourself!
Kakei: Crap. They're serious.
[he runs away]
Kakei: See ya!
Sakuraba: Running away? You coward!
[students are checking their phones]
Student: A molester? Seriously?
Student: Oh, you mean from this morning's web news?
Student: Yeah, yeah, a second-year guy!
Student: The one who always has his nose in a book.
Student: It's always the quiet ones you have to look out for!
Kakei: Aw man, why did it end up like this?
Kakei: All I did was save a girl...
Sakuraba: Where did you go?!
Kakei: Anyway, I have to hide somewhere and recover my strength...
[Tsugumi grabs him and pulls him close]
Kakei: Y-You're...!
Tsugumi: I-I'm sorry...
Tsugumi: It's my fault it's turned into this...
Kakei: W-Wait, this position is...
Tsugumi: What?
Kakei: If someone sees us here like this, there'll be another misunderstanding...
Sakuraba: You bastard!
Sakuraba: Not just once, but twice?!
Kakei: I said, it's a misunderstanding!
Tsugumi: Th-That's not it, Tamamo! This is--
Sakuraba: Shirasaki, I'll save you now, okay?
Tsugumi: That's not it! It's all my fault!
[they are all sitting in a park]
Sakuraba: I apologize.
Sakuraba: Shirasaki said she wanted to find you,
Sakuraba: so I thought it was because she wanted to catch the molester...
Tsugumi: No, it's because I wasn't being clear...
Tsugumi: Actually, I just wanted to say thank you... I'm sorry.
Kakei: Well, I'm just glad this misunderstanding was cleared up.
Sakuraba: But it was all over school on the web news.
Kakei: Well, I'm sure it'll work itself out somehow.
Kakei: I guess I'll head back to the classroom now.
Kakei: It was a long lunch break.
[they are surrounded by students]
Kakei: It didn't work itself out...
Student: You can't run anymore!
Student: To molest such a cute girl! You're the worst!
Sakuraba: Wait a minute, the molestation was a misunderstanding!
Karate Student: Let's ask his body if it was a misunderstanding or not.
Kakei: It doesn't look like anyone will listen to what I have to say...
Kakei: Don't underestimate a self-made library club member!
[the student lifts him up over his head]
Kakei: Wait, I have no physical strength...
[Takamine punches the student in the stomach]
Kakei: Takamine!
Takamine: You have some nerve laying a finger on my man!
Kakei: No, it's not like that, though.
Karate Student: Takamine, formerly of the karate club, huh?
Karate Student: All I could ask for in an opponent!
Kakei: I feel like we're getting a little off topic here, though...
Kakei: Maybe things will calm down if I beg for forgiveness?
Tsugumi: Please, listen!
Karate Student: Huh?
Tsugumi: K-Kakei isn't a... m-mole... I mean...
Tsugumi: Molester...
Student: What?
Student: He's not a molester?
Student: But what about the picture?
Student: I can't hear you!
Tsugumi: H-He's not!
Tsugumi: He's not a molester... He's... He's...
[Takamine whispers in her ear]
Tsugumi: Yes! That's right!
Tsugumi: It wasn't against my will!
Tsugumi: What?
[everyone stares at her]
Tsugumi: What? What?
Kakei: In the end, things calmed down with people thinking it was an idiot couple's exhibitionism.
[outside of the Shiomi Academy General Library]
Tsugumi: This is my first time at the library club.
Takamine: Is this all right? We're not members, you know.
Kakei: It doesn't look like there's anywhere else we can talk quietly.
Kakei: I'm the only one that comes here.
[they enter]
Tsugumi: Please excuse the intrusion.
Kakei: Sit anywhere. Just don't mess up the books.
Tsugumi: A-A cat?
Kakei: That's Gizaemon. I usually just call him Giza.
Tsugumi: He's so cute!
Sakuraba: What, so we're all in the same class?
Kakei: Well, there are over 600 of us, so it'd be hard to remember everyone.
Takamine: Besides, all you do is read.
Tsugumi: Will he think I'm weird if I say it out of the blue?
Tsugumi: But if I don't say it now, I probably won't have another chance!
Tsugumi: U-Um... Kakei?
Kakei: Yeah?
Tsugumi: W-Won't you make school fun with me?
[she hands him her flyer]
Kakei: Huh?
Sakuraba: You're inviting him?
Tsugumi: I can't?
Sakuraba: Well, it's not that you can't...
Takamine: "Won't you make school fun with me?"
Kakei: "Shiomi Happy Project."
Tsugumi: I have a really introverted personality,
Tsugumi: and I wanted to change myself...
Tsugumi: That's why I thought I'd do something big!
Takamine: So then, what will you do, specifically?
Tsugumi: That's... not decided yet...
Tsugumi: It's... something I'm still thinking about...
Kakei: You couldn't do it by yourself, so you wanted people to do it with you...
Tsugumi: Um, it doesn't have to be forever...
Tsugumi: I know! It'd be nice if we could see how it goes until Golden Week!
Takamine: A limited time thing, huh?
Kakei: Which means I'd have to hang out
Kakei: with this kind-of strange girl, Tsugumi Shirasaki, until Golden Week, huh?
Mochizuki: I cannot allow Kakei to participate in those activities.
Sakuraba: The student council president!
Tsugumi: U-Um, what do you mean by "those activities"?
Mochizuki: I mean activities with ambiguous goals, objectives, and motivation.
Mochizuki: I value Kakei's abilities highly
Mochizuki: and have been asking him to become a student council officer for a long time.
Tsugumi: A student council officer?!
Mochizuki: If you are going to interpose, I hope you'll do so after you're more prepared.
Sakuraba: I don't care if you're the student council president.
Sakuraba: Did you come all the way here to fight us?
Sakuraba: If that's the case, I'll take you on with all my strength.
Kakei: Honestly, I have no interest in the student council or in Shirasaki's activities.
Mochizuki: I just want Kakei to make the right decision!
Kakei: For me, reading is much more beneficial than those things.
Tsugumi: I... Because I met Kakei today, I experienced a lot of things I'd never experienced before...
Tsugumi: That's why I feel like, if I'm with him, I can start something new!
Kakei: I see!
Kakei: Shirasaki must be acting on something other than emotions or words.
Kakei: And that something is beyond what I can understand right now.
Kakei: I... want to know this thing I don't understand.
[Kakei stops daydreaming and stands up]
Kakei: You said until Golden Week, right?
Tsugumi: Y-Yeah.
Kakei: I've decided.
Kakei: I'll help you, Shirasaki.
Tsugumi: Kakei!
Mochizuki: Kakei, why?
Takamine: Now, now. If you're too pushy, you won't be able to become friends.
Mochizuki: I didn't say I wanted to be friends with Kakei!
Takamine: Who said I was talking about Kakei?
Tsugumi: Thank you, Kakei!
Tsugumi: Thank you! Thank you!
Mochizuki: Kakei. I'll clear up the misunderstanding on the web news.
Sakuraba: Now we have three, huh?
Takamine: Hey, let me join, too.
Tsugumi: Really? Thanks!
Takamine: Okay, let's all meet here starting tomorrow!
Kakei: What?
Sakuraba: All right, from now on, this will be the Shiomi Happy Project HQ!
Tsugumi: Yeah!
Kakei: Hey, wait! This is a library room!
Takamine: Hey Teach, I wanna join the library club!
Sakuraba: I want to join the club, too!
Kakei: Hey!
Tsugumi: Okay, I'm going to take a picture to celebrate!
Tsugumi: Smile!
[everyone's cell phone goes off]
Tsugumi: Me, too? What a coincidence.
Sakuraba: Is it a school-wide email from the school?
Kakei: "The library club has made a decent start. Congratulations. The Shepherd."
Takamine: I got the same message.
Kakei: What?
Sakuraba: You too?
Kakei: You too, Sakuraba?
Tsugumi: I did, too!
Kakei: What?
Tsugumi: Everyone got the same thing...
Takamine: What the heck is this?
Takamine: A new kind of spam?
Sakuraba: No matter what it is, it gives me a bad feeling.
Kakei: Is there evidence this is the real Shepherd?
Kakei: Does the Shepherd even exist?
[a girl enters]
Nagi: You're too noisy.
Nagi: I've been hearing your voices outside for a while now.
Nagi: It says "Quiet, please" all over the place. Can't you read?
Tsugumi: S-Sorry!
Nagi: You know, us library staff are the ones who get glared at to do something by the patrons.
Kakei: Sorry, we'll be careful.
Nagi: You're Kakei, aren't you?
Kakei: Y-Yeah...
Nagi: I thought the library club only had members who never actually came,
Nagi: but you're different, huh?
[outside the library]
Kakei: Is this really okay?
Kakei: But I want to know what I don't know.
Kakei: If I could just understand this Shirasaki girl,
Kakei: it could become a light to dispel the darkness for me.
[he remembers being a little boy]
Shepherd: You will understand someday.
[Kakei walks away, but the SHephered and Nagi are standing on the roof of the library]
Nagi: Is he really a Shepherd candidate?
Shepherd: Yeah, like you.
Shepherd: He has very high potential.
Shepherd: You saw the incident this morning, right?
Shepherd: I've started things off.
Shepherd: While I'm not around, you should watch him carefully.
Nagi: Yes, sir.
Shepherd: The day will likely come that we will reveal the truth to him,
Shepherd: and have him take the test.
Shepherd: And then one of you, the one who passes the test, will become the true Shepherd.
Nagi: That guy... He didn't remember at all.
[Kakei and Tsugumi in the library]
Tsugumi: I'm so glad Kakei is going to participate in the Happy Project!
Kakei: How many times do I have to say this? It's just until Golden Week.
Tsugumi: Yeah! I'm counting on you till then.
Tsugumi: What do you usually do in the library club, Kakei?
Kakei: Let's see, usually I read...
Tsugumi: Yeah?
Kakei: And read...
Tsugumi: Yes, yes?
Kakei: And then read, I guess.
Tsugumi: Really?
Senri: Public humiliation fetish?

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