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Case Study No. 2075: Unnamed Female Librarian (Olympic Crack Jack)

Olympic Crack Jack Biscuit TVC Librarian
Client: Olympic Industries Ltd
Brand: Crack Jack Biscuit
Product: Olympic Crack Jack Biscuit
Caption: Librarian
Tags: Librarian (Profession) Cracker Jack (Brand)
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Client: Olympic Industries Ltd.
Product: Olympic Crack Jack
Caption: Librarian
Duration: 20 sec

[scene opens with a young female patron walking through the library, when she bumps into a young male patron (causing her to drop the pile of books she was carrying onto the floor)]
[cut to the male patron bending down to help her pick up things, when he notices a package of Olympic Crack Jack biscuits sticking out of her purse (which had also fallen to the floor)]
MALE PATRON: [to himself] Crack Jack?
[he surreptitiously reaches out and takes the biscuits, then cut to the female patron standing up and carrying her books away (as the male patron looks at her leaving over his shoulder before ducking behind one of the bookshelves)]
[a loud crunching noise can be heard, as the female patron stops and looks up]
FEMALE PATRON: [to herself] Crack Jack?
[cut to a shot of the male patron chewing on one of the biscuits (while guiltily looking around to make sure no one is watching)]
[cut back to the female patron, who checks her purse before hearing another loud crunching noise]
[cut to the female patron checking behind the bookshelf, where she finds the male patron red-handed ... so he simply smiles and hands it back to her]
[cut to the female patron about to walk away with the biscuits, when another loud crunching noise can be heard ... she turns around, but the male patron shrugs with a look of confusion on his face]
[cut to an elderly female librarian (brown hair pulled back in a bun, glasses, green sarong) sitting at the front desk, chewing on a biscuit and smiling]
[cut to the two patrons peeking out from behind the bookshelf and staring at her, then back to the librarian as she smiles and holds up her package of biscuits]



A savory snack on its own, CRACK JACK is crispy, creamy and infused with cheese – a combination that has proven to be absolutely irresistible. The sturdy wheat cracker is made light and flavorful due to a precise mixture of butter and cheese, which makes it neither too bland or too overpowering.

Brand Name: Crack Jack
Launching Date: April 30, 2010

Wheat flour, sugar, corn starch, butter, hydrogenated vegetable oil, skimmed milk powder, liquid glucose, invert syrup, iodized salt, leavening agent, emulsifying agent and flavors.

Olympic Industries is the leading biscuit manufacturer in Bangladesh. With some of the most famous and popular brands in the country, such as Energy Plus and TIP, Olympic has a large variety of biscuits which caters to all occasions and persons. No household, office, or tea stall is complete without a famous Olympic biscuit.

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