Friday, February 27, 2015

Case Study No. 1870: Akash the Librarian

The Librarian
Join us as we follow Akash in his daily, but never routine, life at the Malone Library.

The songs in this video are "Cool Blast" and "Airport Lounge" by Kevin MacLeod at and are licensed for my use under Creative Commons.

The other song is "Goodness" from sound
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[scene opens with a young male librarian (black hair, glasses, grey sweatshirt, blue jeans) sitting in one of the seminar rooms at the Everett L. Cattell Library, as he is reading a book (nodding to himself and moving his lips), when he suddenly looks up at the camera and slams the book shut]
AKASH: Well hello!
[he laughs and gives the camera a goofy grin]
AKASH: Didn't see you there, and for a moment!
[he laughs again]
AKASH: Well, welcome to the Malone University Library, where books are ...
[he bends down next to a stack of books and sniffs them, then turns back to the camera]
AKASH: Plentiful!
[he laughs again, then gets up]
AKASH: Well, follow me to a world of knowledge ... and discovery! There will also be some of that!
[he gives the camera another big goofy grin, then opens the door]
AKASH: Well, welcome ... into my home!
[cut to a montage of the librarian walking through the stacks and pulling books off the shelves (set to dubstep music), which finishes with him turning to the camera and giving a thumbs up]
[cut to another shot of the librarian pulling a book off the shelf, when he suddenly turns to the camera and puts a finger to his lips]
AKASH: [whispers] Shh! We're in a library!
[a loud crashing noise can be heard off camera, then cut to a male student on the floor covered in books]
[cut to the librarian standing over the student, as he puts a finger to his lips and shushes him]
AKASH: Shh! We're in a library!
[cut to the librarian speaking directly to the camera]
AKASH: Sometimes you can't reach a book you need ... that's when the tri-pedestaliac elevation device comes in handy!
[cut to a stepstool on the floor next to the librarian, as he uses it to reach a book on the top shelf]
AKASH: Works every time!
[cut to the librarian standing next to a fire extinguisher on the wall]
AKASH: What we have here is our local fire-putter-outter ... Sometimes, even in the library, it's important to be safe!
[cut to the librarian pulling a large book from the shelf]
AKASH: One time, I read the unabridged version of this book!
[he laughs, then suddenly gets a serious look on his face]
AKASH: Well actually, three times!
[he laughs again, then cut to the librarian running his fingers along some books on the shelf, when he pulls one out and moves it two places to the right]
AKASH: Frustrating!
[cut to the librarian standing next to a cabinet of map drawers]
AKASH: This section is where we organize some of our files. Here, let me show you!
[he tries to open one of the drawers, but it's locked, so he looks around confused before wandering off]
[cut to the librarian pointing at an empty shelf]
AKASH: These books are invisible.
[he pantomimes picking up one of the books and dropping it, as a loud crash can be heard]
[he then points at another empty shelf]
AKASH: These are the books that have become extinct.
[he makes an exaggerated gesture of holding his nose]
AKASH: Ew, gross!
[he laughs, then points at another empty shelf]
AKASH: These are the books that have not yet been written.
[he points at the camera]
AKASH: Maybe you will be one who will write a book ...
[he points with his other hand]
AKASH: Or you!
[he laughs]
AKASH: Or you!
[he laughs again, then adjusts his glasses]
AKASH: Well, that's all for today. I'm Akash the librarian, reminding you to read and-or write a book!
[he smiles, then uses the stepstool to reach another high book, as the scene fades to black]

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