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Case Study No. 1854: "Like a good librarian, stack maintenance is there!"

Library Stack Maintenance
Like a good Librarian, stack maintenance is there!
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[scene opens with a female student (with a label reading "DH924.1" affixed to her forehead), as she sticks her head between the books on one of the shelves and speaks directly to the camera]
STUDENT: I'm that book you need for your final paper. Yup, the most extensive work on your subject to date ... I'm thinking you won't pass without me, but thanks to a frantic procrastinator--
[cut to another female student looking at the shelves with an exasperated look on her face, as she "pushes" the other student aside to try and find another book]
STUDENT: [in voice over] I'm on the wrong shelf, where you won't be able to find me.
[cut back to the student speaking directly to the camera]
STUDENT: Good luck explaining to Mom why you need to stay an extra semester ... It's only sixty grand, right?
[cut to another female student (long black hair, black "United Colors of Benetton" t-shirt) as she pushes a book cart behind the other student (who still has her face stuck through the shelf)]
STUDENT: [in voice over] On your own, you're screwed.
[she taps the "DH924.1" student on the shoulder (who turns around), then points to the cart with a stern look on her face]
STUDENT: [in voice over] But thanks to library stack maintenance staff and their searches ...
[the student sits on top of the cart, as the library worker pushes her off camera]
STUDENT: [in voice over] I should be returned just in time for you to get that paper complete!
[cut to the library worker pushing the "DH924.1" student towards another shelf (the wheels of the cart squeaking loudly along the way), then she stops and points at a gap in the books ... so the "book" gets off the cart and sticks her face through the shelf]
["SMU Shelving | Sweeps | Searches | Duplicates smu dot edu slash libraries" appears on screen, as a version of the State Farm Insurance jingle plays]
NARRATOR: Dollar for dollar, no one protects you from procrastinating and the "needing a book but not being able to find it" like stack maintenance.
[cut to another female student looking at the shelves, when she taps the "book" on the shoulder ... she turns around, and the student checks her piece of paper against the label on the book's forehead, then nods her head and smiles]
[she turns to the camera and smiles, then the library worker peeks out from behind the shelf and gives the camera a thumbs up]
[everyone laughs]



Books with call numbers between A and PR 3999 are located on the second floor of the library.

Books with call numbers between PR 4000 and Z are located on the third floor of the library.

Books with call numbers between A...OVER and Z...SMOVR are located in the Oversize Section on the third floor of the library. (Oversize may be indicated by OVER, SMOVR or OVRSZ)

Books with call numbers ending with REF. are located in the Reference Room on the first floor of the library.

* Generally, your truck for shelving will have books that belong to only one floor.

A 'range' is an entire row of shelving. Each range has a label on each side to indicate which call numbers it houses. One side of a range has eight or nine bays.

A 'bay' is a vertical group of individual shelves (usually six but there is some variation).

To Begin Shelving

Take your cart to the correct floor.

Proceed to the first range. Check the range label to see which books belong there. Take those books off the cart and shelve them in order.

All of the books on the shelf should be lined up at the front edge of the shelf. Place the book you are shelving as far forward as you can, in line with the other books, and ensure that the bookend is secure.

Proceed to the next range and continue shelving until you have completed the truck.

Important Tips

All new Student Assistants will be given a training cart to complete in their first week of work. The training cart has two purposes: first, to provide hands-on practice, and second, to help us assess each student's understanding of the training they have been given.

Questions are strongly encouraged during the first week of training and beyond. The backbone of any good library is that every book is in the exact location it should be. Otherwise the service that we offer would fall apart.

Never guess how to shelve a book. If a point is not clear to you, we are all here to help. If you cannot find someone to help you, bring the book back down to shelve later.

Ensure that the books on either side of the one you are shelving are in the correct order. If the books are mixed up, take the time to rearrange them. If the problem is too extensive to fix while shelving, tell your Supervisor or Stacks Manager about it.

Take the time you need to shelve accurately. An experienced Student Assistant can shelve a full truck of books in approximately 45 minutes to an hour. When you are learning, you will need more time.

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