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Case Study No. 1829: Smallstown University Librarian

Let's Play "Leisure Suit Harry" Part 1: Smallstown University Library
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[the player leaves the Triton Hall dorm and enters the Smallstown University Library, where a female librarian (brown hair, blue sweater) is sitting at the front desk]
[the player types in "look at librarian"]
NARRATOR: She is an old woman, with wrinkles on her wrinkles, yet you find her strangely attractive.
[the player types in "talk to librarian"]
NARRATOR: The librarian scolds you for talking too loud.
[the player types in "touch librarian"]
NARRATOR: You can't do that to a librarian!
[the player walks up to the bookshelf behind the front desk, and types in "look at books"]
NARRATOR: Shuffling through the books, you find a mint edition of "Absolute 10" magazine.
[the player types in "read book"]
NARRATOR: Beside the magazine you already found, reading doesn't really interest you.
[the player walks up to a young female student sitting at a nearby table, then types in "look at girl"]
[cut to a closeup of the girl (with an angry look on her face), then the player types in "talk to girl"]
NARRATOR: You make a pass at the attractive young student with a line you picked up off a bathroom wall. She shoots you down, saying that she is saving herself for a man who wants to marry her.
[the player types in "Exit", then cut back to the library]
[the player types in "give magazine to girl"]
NARRATOR: I don't think girls like that kind of thing.



Leisure Suit Harry: The College Years

Loosly based on a true classic, you are Harry, a college freshman discovering all that the university has to offer. Guide Harry through a series of "extra-curicular" activities while avoiding the pitfalls of college life.



As Leisure Suit Harry your job is to navigate the world of Smallville to find a lovely lady to spend some "quality time" with. But, just finding her won't be enough. You'll have to be creative and resourceful to make your way through college life.

WARNING! This game contains adult content and is meant for mature audience only.

1. first watch tv. then go talk to sam outside your room.
2. go downstairs and get the bag. if you ppoop and pee you get more points.
3. get the condoms.
4. go to the counter girl and type "check mail".
5. go in front of the liqour store and talk to the guy.
6. go to the trash can in front of the Triton Hall and type "look in trashcan".
7. go back to the girls' room and type'look at girls' the on comments type 'talk to girls'.
8. pick up the panties in the room.
7. then go to the building that says B.E.R.
9. talk to the guy and hell let u in.
10.go to the basement and get the beer from the thing that looks like a wooden can with a stick.
11. get beer and go to the lady in blue in theupper right corner of the room.
12. look at her then talk to her.
13. go get her another beer and shell tell u to meet her in the room upstairs.
14. go to the room on the right upstairs. give you a ring.
16. go to the shelves and type "read books"
17. go to the library and look the talk to the girl reading.
18. when the credits come out, keep typing "talk to librarian" and press enter.
19. It will keep going to the last scene and giving you points!!!

personally i thought this game was boring and gross. i thought it was going to be a different kind of game, but i wanted to get people a walkthrough to finish the game.

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