Monday, February 2, 2015

Case Study No. 1815: Mister A

Student Threatened by Librarian
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-This is a true story about how i was threatened by the librarian in high school. Enjoy!-

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[the first panel shows a male librarian (short black hair, shirt with the sleeves rolled up, tie) crossing his arms and staring angrily at the camera]
DOODLING DUDE: I used to have this super mean and annoying librarian ... We'll call him "Mister A." He thought he knew literally everything, as was extremely competitive.
[the second panel shows a dodge ball game taking place]
DOODLING DUDE: Once, in eighth grade, we were playing dodge ball on a school trip--
[the third panel shows the librarian wearing shorts and a t-shirt labelled "Gym" (which can barely contain his huge gut), as two shocked-looking children stand on either side of him]
DOODLING DUDE: And he was using all of his strength in his two hundred fifty pound body--
[the fourth panel shows the librarian heaving the ball at someone off camera]
[the fifth panel shows a young kid getting smacked in the face with the ball]
DOODLING DUDE: To strike these little eighth graders square in the face.
[the sixth panel shows two kids standing next to each other and smiling]
DOODLING DUDE: So fast forward to high school--
[the seventh panel shows the two kids now "grown up" as teenagers]
DOODLING DUDE: And me and my friend are just sitting outside of the library.
[the eighth panel shows the two teenagers sitting on a bench outside]
[the ninth panel shows one of the teenagers holding a pocket mirror to shine a beam of light into the window of the library (as the silhouette of the librarian can be seen inside)]
DOODLING DUDE: When I realized I could shine a mirror into the library and hit Mister A ... Uh, I did it a couple of times and had a good laugh, and then I gave it to my friend.
[the tenth panel shows the other teenager (with a much angrier look on his face) performing the same trick on the librarian]
DOODLING DUDE: Who proceeded to shine it directly in his eyes for five minutes straight! By this point, I had forgotten all about it, and it wasn't even funny anymore ...
[the eleventh panel shows the librarian with a crazed look on his face (his tie all wrinkled and flapping in the breeze) emerging from the library]
DOODLING DUDE: Then, outta nowhere, Mister A blasts through the library door yelling my name!
[the twelfth panel shows one of the teenagers pointing to his friend off camera, as the librarian looks on]
DOODLING DUDE: As soon as I walk up to him, I say, "It was my friend!"
[the thirteenth panel shows the librarian walking as the two teenagers (looking worried) follow him]
DOODLING DUDE: So he calls him over, too, and we all head to the principal's office.
[the fourteenth panel shows a door marked "Principal", with a sign hanging that reads "Left"]
DOODLING DUDE: But, uh, he'd left already.
[the fifteenth panel shows a building marked "Gentleman's Club", with a car parked outside]
DOODLING DUDE: So, he says he would tell him tomorrow, and that we would regret this decision ...
[the sixteenth panel shows some kids playing soccer, as the librarian (with an arrow over his head) sits alone in the stands]
DOODLING DUDE: Well, we saw him later that day after soccer practice, and decided we would go up and try to apologize to him and smooth things over.
[the seventeenth panel shows the two teenagers with remorseful looks on their faces, as the librarian's angry face takes up most of the right-hand side of the screen]
DOODLING DUDE: So we go up to him and say we're sorry, we didn't mean to hurt his feelings or whatever, and we were just bored.
[the eighteenth panel shows the librarian holding a shovel]
DOODLING DUDE: To which he replies, "You just keep digging yourselves into a deeper hole!" And we're like ...
[the nineteenth panel shows the two teenagers with confused looks on their faces]
[the twentieth panel shows the librarian yelling and shaking his fist, as a thought balloon appears above him (showing his foot making a kicking motion)]
DOODLING DUDE: And then he says, "You better put a mouth guard in, because I'm about to kick you in the face!" And then he walks away angrily ...
[the twenty first panel shows the librarian with a nervous look on his face, with a word balloon reading "Shit ... "]
DOODLING DUDE: I guess he realized what he said the next day, because we never got in trouble for it ... I guess he realized that he threatened a couple of students, and it probably wouldn't go over well if we told the principal that.
["Thanks for watching!! Check out my Other Videos! Instagram: @TheDoodlingDude" appears on screen]
DOODLING DUDE: So yeah, guys, that's my little story about how I was threatened by a librarian in high school ... Hope you guys enjoyed, and see you next time!

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