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Case Study No. 1868: Staff of the Alachua County Library District

I AM the Library: Alachua County Library District
Find out about job opportunities at the Alachua County Library District.
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[scene opens with an older male librarian ("Nate, Cone Park") speaking directly to the camera]
NATE: Working at a branch library, I not only get to know the patrons personally, I have become a part of the community, helping to impact its development.
[cut to a young female librarian ("Miki, eBranch") speaking directly to the camera]
MIKI: Being a librarian allows me to be a perpetual learner. I sharpen my research skills and sharpen my mind with every patron interaction.
[cut to a young male librarian ("Mike, Automated Services") speaking directly to the camera]
MIKE: The library is more than just books. We can help a patron use a computer for the first time, or even reconnect with old friends through social media.
[cut to another young female librarian ("Brittany, Outreach Services") speaking directly to the camera]
BRITTANY: I enjoy helping people, so sending library materials to people that can't come into one of our branches really makes me happy.

I Am The Library
You can be the library too.

Find out about job opportunities at the library / www dot aclib dot us



For information regarding employment opportunities with the Library District please call the Alachua County Human Resources Department at (352) 374-5219 or review their listing of Library District job postings online.

For all jobs with Alachua County Library District other than internships, all applications are submitted online.

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