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Case Study No. 1869: Lee Welch

The Other 51 Weeks: A Marketing Handbook For Librarians - Lee Welch -
Book Summary: The Other 51 Weeks: A Marketing Handbook For Librarians - Lee Welch
ISBN: 9781876938901

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The Other 51 Weeks
A Marketing Handbook for Librarians
by Lee Welch

Paperback, 120 Pages
Published: June 2006
Imprint: Chandos Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-876938-90-1

The title The Other 51 Weeks reflects the authors conviction that the concept of marketing for libraries goes far beyond the single week of promotional displays for Library and Information Week. There are many definitions of marketing but most come down to the same thing - it is the process of identifying and meeting client needs. Marketing is a vital building block in the process of managing and fostering our libraries. The book has an easy to follow step-by-step format to allow the reader to formulate his or her own marketing strategy. The book is intended to distil the theory and strip the hype from what is a simple but vital process that can assist todays libraries to thrive in a changing world. It puts marketing in its proper place in the librarians management tool kit.

The author has worked in public, special and academic libraries at various stages of her career, as well as the library trade sector and consultancy. As a professional project manager and consultant for over ten years, she has wide experience in identifying the needs of her clients to market and communicate effectively with their audiences. The book draws on her experience as a consultant and draws on material developed for clients by AIMA Training and Consultancy Services over many years in the field.

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