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Case Study No. 1826: Deborah Tennis and Evelyn

The All About Evil Teaser Trailer
The directorial debut of Midnight Movie impresario Joshua Grannell (better known as 'Peaches Christ'), All About Evil is a twisted black comedy with performances by Natasha Lyonne, Thomas Dekker, Noah Segan, cult icon Mink Stole, and Cassandra Peterson (although her fans may know her better as Elvira)!
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[scene opens with an elderly emcee standing on the stage of an old movie house]
MR. TWIGS: Ladies and gentlemen ... Deborah Tennis!
["Actors rise and fall" appears on screen, then cut to a young woman (long brown hair, black dress) standing in front of the audience]
DEBORAH TENNIS: Thank you ...
["Films come and go" appears on screen, then cut to a shot of the marquee of the movie house ("One Night Only, Blood Feast")]
["But murders" appears on screen, then cut to a shot of a dead body on the floor]
["Last forever" appears on screen, then cut to the woman dressed in a Victorian-era costume (including a white powdered wig)]
DEBORAH TENNIS: Off with her head!
[cut to an audience watching the movie that the woman has filmed (in black-and-white)]
NARRATOR: The movies she makes are real.
[cut to the woman applying makeup to a "dead" body]
DEBORAH TENNIS: You're getting this in closeup, right?
[cut to security camera footage of the woman stabbing someone in the chest]
NARRATOR: The actors she kills get final cut.
[cut to more shots from the film]
NARRATOR: And the show is always in need of some fresh blood.
[cut to a man and woman sitting in the audience]
LOLITA: It's just a movie ...
[a dead body suddenly falls from the ceiling in front of them, as they both scream]
[cut to more shots from the film]
NARRATOR: Meet Deborah.
[cut to more shots from the film]
NARRATOR: Everyone is dying to be in her movies ...
["Natasha Lyonne" appears on screen]
["Thomas Dekker" appears on screen]
["Cassandra Peterson" appears on screen]
["Mink Stole" appears on screen]
NARRATOR: "All About Evil."
[cut to the woman on stage with a wild look in her eyes]
DEBORAH TENNIS: Enjoy the show!
NARRATOR: Coming soon ...



All About Evil is an over-the-top black comedy set in the world of a classic horror movie. The evil begins when Deborah (Natasha Lyonne), a mousy librarian, inherits her father's beloved but failing old movie house. In order to save the family business she discovers her inner serial killer when she starts turning out a series of grisly short films. Deborah quickly cultivates a rabid legion of San Franciscan gore fans who help catapult her new-found local celebrity. Even her biggest fan, high school student Steven (Thomas Dekker), doesn’t realize yet that the murders in the movies are all too real.

But will this brooding youth catch the blame as Deborah's steady stream of 'actors' keep disappearing at an ever-quickening pace? What grisly fate awaits those that dare enter the Victoria theatre? Find out in ALL ABOUT EVIL!



All About Evil is a 2010 American black comedy horror film that was written and directed by Joshua Grannell.

The adventure tells of a shy librarian, Deborah (Natasha Lyonne), who inherits the old and not very tolerable cinema of her father, to protect the family from the shame of bankruptcy. She finally takes the reins in the hand independently, discovers her inner serial killer, waiting with new short films. She does this with the help of her assistant Mr. Twiggs, two insane twins and a robber.

When his best friend Judy disappears, Steven discovers the truth about Deborah's actions and tries to stop her as she attempts to murder the audience during her premiere of her feature length film, which is about the audience's deaths. Steven manages to rescue Judy and the audience escapes, killing Mr. Twiggs and the robber as they try to stop them. Deborah kidnapps Steven's mom and takes her to the roof to kill her where Steven confronts her. When Steven points out how disappointed her father would be, Deborah gets emotional, allowing Steven's mom to break free and stab her in the neck with her own knife. Steven then pushes her off the roof to her death.

Most of the audience survives and escapes and when the twins come out, the police try to arrest them. Instead of surrendering, they turn on each other and stab each other repeatedly, killing each other. The news talks to Steven about Deborah's movies and the possibility of her actions becoming a movie which he doubts will happen, commenting that if it was a movie, Deborah would rise from the dead by now. As he leaves, a worker causes Deborah's body to move and she seems to stare right at him, freaking him out slightly.

* Natasha Lyonne as Deborah Tennis
* Thomas Dekker as Steven
* Cassandra Peterson as Linda
* Mink Stole as Evelyn
* Noah Segan as Adrian
* Jack Donner as Mr. Twigs
* Jade Ramsey as Veda
* Nikita Ramsey as Vera
* Ashley Fink as Lolita
* Anthony Fitzgerald as Gene
* Patrick Bristow as Peter Gorge
* Julie Caitlin Brown as Tammy Tennis
* Joshua Grannell as Peaches Christ



Meek librarian Deborah Tennis works under the domineering supervision of Evelyn. She has also recently inherited the Victoria Theatre from her father, and is trying to keep its doors open despite dwindling ticket sales. When a violent encounter with her wicked mother accidentally screens before an audience awaiting for a classic horror movie, Deborah's career as a filmmaker is born and she starts to premiere a new work each week. Various employees assist, including a set of taciturn twins and a enthusiastic elderly projectionist. As her film success begins to go to Deborah's head, some people doubt she is just using stage blood to make her sanguinary shorts.

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