Friday, February 20, 2015

Case Study No. 1857: Dawn Kaestner

Librarian on "Live with Kelly & Michael!"
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[scene opens with Kelly Ripa and guest co-host David Muir playing "Time to Smile Travel Trivia", as a giant cellphone next to them displays a still image of a female librarian ("Dawn Kaestner, Snohomish WA")]
KELLY: Hey Dawn, how's it going?
DAWN: [over the phone] Hi, good! How are you?
KELLY: Good, good! Say good morning to David Muir!
DAWN: [over the phone] Oh, good morning David!
DAVID: Good morning, Dawn!
[the audience catcalls]
DAVID: How do we, how do we say this? "Sno-hoe-mish?"
DAWN: [over the phone] Yeah.
DAVID: Snohomish, alright.
KELLY: Um, so--
DAVID: We gotta get there sometime.
KELLY: Yeah, we should get there!
DAVID: So what do you do, Dawn?
DAWN: [over the phone] I'm an early literacy programmer for the public library system.
KELLY: Oh my gosh, that is the most ... one of the most important jobs I can imagine!
DAWN: [over the phone] It's a lotta fun!
KELLY: Mm ...
DAVID: And you pick ... So that means you pick out the books for young people in your community, before they even know what they're gonna read next?
DAWN: [over the phone] Exactly! I get to read children's books all day, and do storytimes, and introduce them to the love of books! It's great!
KELLY: Let me tell you something, that is very important work, because if you have ... I'm a parent that has a child that struggles with reading, and that is really really--
[she turns to her co-host]
KELLY: Developing the love of reading is the single most important thing you can give to a kid, I think.
DAVID: Biggest gift, sure.
KELLY: Yeah, and it really is.
[the audience applauds]
KELLY: Dawn, we're gonna spin the wheel and see what you're playing for, okay?
DAWN: [over the phone] Okay!
[she spins the wheel and it lands on "St. James's Club Morgan Bay"]



Kelly's co-host this morning is "World News Tonight" anchor DAVID MUIR.

And BRIDGET MOYNAHAN talks about "Blue Bloods."



The contestant was Dawn Kaestner from Snohomish, Washington. She's an early literacy programmer for the public library system. She reads children's books, does story time, and introduces young people to the love of books. She played for the St. James's Club in Morgan Bay. It's valued at $8,500. The question was:

"What team's home stadium did Mark Consuelos say was where he saw his fist baseball game?"

She got it right away. It was the Kansas City Royals. She picked number 30 for her favorite basketball player's jersey to get eight place settings of American made fine china from Lenox valued at over $500.

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