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Case Study No. 1839: Staff of Riverdale Public Library

Librarians in Comic Books... Miss Torseau!
From: Archie Double Digest (2012) #232
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[the first panel shows Betty and Veronica standing outside of the Riverdale Public Library]
VERONICA: You went to the library for him, too?
BETTY: You got him the wrong book!
[the second panel shows Veronica breathing a sigh of relief, while Betty looks over her shoulder]
VERONICA: Whew! That was close! But--
BETTY: Er, wait a minute!
[the third panel shows an elderly female librarian (white hair in a bun, glasses, blue blouse, long yellow skirt) standing on the steps to the library's entrance, talking to a young female librarian (long brown hair, red blouse, short red skirt)]
BETTY: That's the head librarian, and you-know-who!
[the fourth panel shows the two librarians talking]
LIBRARIAN: I'm sorry, Miss Torseau! I really am! But I must let you go!
[the fifth panel shows the younger librarian walking down the steps (while Betty and Veronica stand to the side and smile at each other)]
LIBRARIAN: You're simply too distracting! Nobody can concentrate on books while you're stacking the shelves!
MISS TORSEAU: Sigh! I understand! This was my third job this month!



Archie Double Digest #232
(October 2012)
Archie, 2011 Series

Book Mark
Archie / comic story / 6 pages


Script: Mike Pellowski (credited)
Pencils: Stan Goldberg (credited)
Inks: ?
Colors: Barry Grossman (credited)
Letters: Bill Yoshida (credited)

Content Information

Genre: teen; humor
Characters: Archie Andrews; Veronica Lodge; Reggie Mantle; Mrs. Andrews; Betty Cooper; Pop Tate; Librarian; Miss Torseau
Synopsis: Betty and Veronica take Archie's books to the library so he doesn't see the attractive new librarian.

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