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Case Study No. 1847: Charlie Frost (Wannabe Librarian)

2012: Charlie's Death
My favorite part from 2012. I do not own any of the rights.
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From wikipedia.org:

In the movie "2012", a conspiracy activist named Charlie Frost (played by Woody Harrelson) relies on Dewey Decimal Classification to organize his lifelong work related to the series of apocalyptic natural disasters in year 2012.


From imdb.com:

[Jackson drives to the top of Mt. Big Horn, where Charlie is broadcasting from the radio transmitter strapped to his back]
Jackson Curtis: Charlie!
Charlie Frost: Jackson...
Jackson Curtis: Yeah, yeah.
Charlie Frost: What are you doing here? I thought you were toast.
Jackson Curtis: No no no. Where are the spaceships?
Charlie Frost: There's no way you can make it there.
Jackson Curtis: We have a plane. You could come with us, but we gotta leave right now.
[a giant flock of birds fly overhead]
Charlie Frost: Fly, birdies... Fly!
[he turns and sees Jackson's daughter]
Charlie Frost: Is this your kid?
Jackson Curtis: Where's the godamn map?!
Charlie Frost: We're going live.
Jackson Curtis: I don't care! Where is it?
[he grabs Charlie by the collar]
Jackson Curtis: Charlie. Focus. Where's the map?
Charlie Frost: Uhhh...
Jackson Curtis: Now. Where?
Charlie Frost: It's in the camper.
Jackson Curtis: Where in the camper?
Charlie Frost: In the map section...
Jackson Curtis: Maps?
Charlie Frost: On the conspiracy shelf... Dewey Decimal System, between Roswell... and Marilyn Monroe?
[the ground behind them starts to swell and spew lava]
Charlie Frost: It's starting.
Jackson Curtis: You sure you don't wanna come with, man?
Charlie Frost: It's so beautiful. I'm gonna stay.
Jackson Curtis: Good luck.
[Jackson runs off to Charlie's camper with his daughter, while Charlie continues to broadcast his radio program]
Charlie Frost: This marks the last day of the United States of America. And, by tomorrow, all of mankind. And we will be visible from the Milky Way... as a tiny little puff of smoke.
[the volcano continues to erupt]
Charlie Frost: I'm watching the earth crumble before my eyes. The giant ash cloud created by this super-volcano will first envelop Vegas...and then St. Louis...and then Chicago...and then, at long last...Washington, D.C. will have its lights go out!
Lilly Curtis: [inside Charlie's camper] That guy's crazy. Right, daddy?
Jackson Curtis: No, don't think so.
[Gordon steps out of the airplane]
Gordon Silberman: This is ridiculous. It's been over half an hour. I tell you, the guy's a nut job.
Kate Curtis: Stop it, Gordon. Noah, hand me the phone again.
[the mountain suddenly explodes into a giant mushroom cloud in front of them]
Charlie Frost: Oh ...
[Jackson drives the camper towards the airplane as the ground collapses behind them]
Lilly Curtis: Daddy, what was that?
Jackson Curtis: [looks at the destruction in the rear view mirror] Nothing. Nothing.
Charlie Frost: [watches the destruction in front of him] I have goose bumps, people.
[the force of the explosion knocks Charlie backwards]
Charlie Frost: I wish you could see what I'm seeing, people! I wish you could be here with me! Oh, baby... [laugh] Bring it on! Always remember, folks...you heard it first from Charlie!
[the explosion finally reaches him, incinerating his body instantly]

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