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Case Study No. 1848: Yssaringintinka

K-9 - Episode 17 - Lost Library of Ukko - Part 2/3
Thorne tries to use an alien library card to trap K-9 in, but ends up trapping Starkey instead. Kept inside the card is a desserted planet.
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[after breaking into Department headquarters and seeing one of their friends sucked into an alien "library card," Darius and K9 bring the artifact to Professor Gryffen]
DARIUS: Prof, we're in trouble ... Well, Starkey's in more trouble than the rest of us. He's been sucked into a, uh, an--
K9: A library card from Ukko!
[Gryffen goes to pick up the card, but they stop him]
DARIUS: Hey, don't! Don't look in it, you'll be sucked in there too!
[the professor bends down and speaks to the robotic dog]
GRYFFEN: K9, could you bring me up to speed on this ... slowly?
K9: Starkey used the Careers Day to get into The Department. Darius and Starkey gained access to Thorne's office too easily for my liking, discovered this, and when Starkey looked at it, he disappeared inside it.
[the professor turns to Darius]
GRYFFEN: What a stupid, dangerous, hare-brained--
K9: I did try to warn them. I think it was a setup.
GRYFFEN: By Thorne?
K9: Affirmative.
GRYFFEN: What's our next step?
K9: We need ... a mirror.


[they use the mirror to look at the card's reflection (so that no one actually has to look directly at it) and see Starkey wandering around a deserted planet]
GRYFFEN: K9, how does it work?
K9: I only have fragmented data. The Ukkans are a race of librarians who've completely mastered--
[he pauses]
K9: Or should I say "mistressed," since they are all women ... the art of archiving. They can reduce a whole world to a infinitely compressed hologram, which they file in their archives as a library card.
DARIUS: Yeah, but why do they do it?
K9: Because nobody else will! They're preserving endangered planets in holographic form.
GRYFFEN: And this is such a card?
K9: This is the library card of the barren planet Urlic.
DARIUS: Uh, are you saying inside that frame is a whole world?
K9: It's like when you zip a file on a computer, you squash the data.
DARIUS: So how do we get Starkey out?
K9: We would have to speak to a librarian ...
GRYFFEN: How do we do that?
K9: I don't know.
DARIUS: So Starkey could be trapped in there ... forever?


[as the three inspect the library card, the doorbell suddenly rings, and when Darius goes to answer it he comes face to face with a female alien (purple skin, no hair, cats eye glasses, yellow irises, grey business suit)]
DARIUS: Wh-Who, who, who ... uh, who are you?
[unfazed by his confusion, the alien addresses him curtly]
YSSARINGINTINKA: You sound like an owl, but you're a boy, aren't you?
[he suddenly gets defensive]
DARIUS: Yeah, I know what I am, but ... what are you?
[K9 floats into the scene]
K9: She's exactly what we're looking for!
[cut to K9's POV (where his scanners identify her as "Librarian of Ukko"), then back the alien]
K9: Please, come in!
[cut to Gryffen, who is taken aback when he sees her walking in]
GRYFFEN: Welcome, I'm Professor Gryffen.
YSSARINGINTINKA: I am Yssaringintinka.
[she looks around]
YSSARINGINTINKA: Well, this place needs a good tidy-up ... not to say cataloguing!
GRYFFEN: Uh, well ... your timing is impeccable. We need your assistance to--
[she goes to pick up the card, as everyone runs away]
YSSARINGINTINKA: Oh, I've become immune over millenia ...
[she notices them cowering in the other room]
YSSARINGINTINKA: It's alright, I won't export you.
[she points at the card]
YSSARINGINTINKA: This is Urlic, the last planet of the Catorkian Galaxy. Taken from our archives by Huskian Pirates.
[she suddenly stares intently at the display]
YSSARINGINTINKA: Is there somebody in there?
GRYFFEN: Yes, a boy!
K9: We're afraid for his safety.
YSSARINGINTINKA: Well, my concern is for the planet, not the boy. The risk of contamination is--
GRYFFEN: Contamination?
YSSARINGINTINKA: If this boy leaves anything behind ...
[Darius starts snickering]
DARIUS: She means if he--
GRYFFEN: I know what she means!
DARIUS: Sorry!
YSSARINGINTINKA: Does the contaminant have a name?
K9: His name is Starkey, and I would rather you didn't refer to him as a contaminant!
[she starts to take something out of her purse]
GRYFFEN: Can you get him out?
YSSARINGINTINKA: Where's the plinth?
GRYFFEN: T-That's all we have.
YSSARINGINTINKA: The card should have a base. I can extract him using the retriever, but only if the card is on the plinth.
[she takes two pairs of purple glasses out of her purse]
K9: It's still in The Department.
YSSARINGINTINKA: Well, come on everybody! Let's go get it!
GRYFFEN: I'm afraid The Department doesn't like people just dropping in unannounced!
[Darius picks up a pair of glasses]
DARIUS: Can I look into the card with these?
YSSARINGINTINKA: And you'll be able to talk to the contaminant, too ... I suggest everybody puts them on.
[he turns to Gryffen]
DARIUS: Should I, um, tell him not to ...
[he cannot finish the thought and starts laughing, as the librarian stares at him coldly]
YSSARINGINTINKA: Yes, would you?
[they all look at the card]
DARIUS: Hey, Starkey!
[cut to the planet Urlic, as Starkey looks up and starts yelling into the sky]
STARKEY: Darius?! Is that you?
DARIUS: [from off camera] Yeah, and K9's right beside me!
STARKEY: Hey, K9! Miss ya, fella!
K9: [from off camera] Affirmative to the nth degree!
STARKEY: Darius, can you get me something to drink?
[cut back to the Gryffen House, as Darius looks at the librarian (who shakes her head "no")]
STARKEY: [from off camera] It's really hot in here, and I've only got a small bottle of water!
DARIUS: Ah, no can do. It's probably not a good idea, anyway. You're not allowed to, um ... leave anything behind.
[cut back to Urlic]
STARKEY: Anything?
[cut back to the Gryffen House]
K9: Nothing from inside you.
[cut back to Urlic]
STARKEY: Oh ... okay.
[cut back to the Gryffen House, as Darius turns to the librarian]
DARIUS: He's dying of thirst in there, we're gonna have to get him out fast.
YSSARINGINTINKA: Thirst is the least of his worries. The cards have a fail-safe feature, the portal closes after two hours.
DARIUS: After two hours?!


[after tricking Thorne into looking at the library card while wearing deactivated goggles (thus sucking him into Urlic along with Starkey), the group has been able to retrieve the plinth from his office in exchange for his (and Starkey's) freedom]
K9: Um ... Miss, uh, Yssaringintinka. We've only got three minutes before the portal closes.
[unfazed, the librarian starts pressing buttons on the card]
YSSARINGINTINKA: You can't hurry this sort of work. Where they stand is crucial for the extraction to be successful.
[she places the card into its base, then cut to Urlic (where Thorne tries to grab Starkey's water bottle)]
THORNE: Give me the water. Now.
STARKEY: Or what? You'll put me in prison on an uninhabited planet?
[cut back to the Gryffen House, where Department member June Turner is overseeing the operation in order to get her agent back]
JUNE: Can you two knock off the arguing? We're trying to get you out of there!
[cut back to Urlic]
STARKEY: My right?
YSSARINGINTINKA: [from off camera] Your right.
THORNE: Come on, move it! And by the way, it's my right, not yours!
[cut back to the Gryffen House]
GRYFFEN: Both of you, stop it! And Urlic is everyone's right!
[the librarian presses more buttons]
YSSARINGINTINKA: Not working ... Move all the way to the left.
[cut back to Urlic]
THORNE: Are you toying with me?!
STARKEY: Aw come on, let's go ...
THORNE: No ...
[cut back to the Gryffen House]
K9: Please expedite matters, less than two minutes to go!
GRYFFEN: Inspector, do what the librarian says! She holds all the cards! Haven't you realized that?
[cut back to Urlic]
STARKEY: You like this place?
[with a disgusted look on his face, he moves to the left, then cut back to the Gryffen House]
K9: You must hurry! Portal closing, forty seconds!
YSSARINGINTINKA: It doesn't like two separate entities ... could you put your arms around each other and become one?
[cut back to Urlic]
THORNE: What did she say?
GRYFFEN: [from off camera] Just do it, Inspector!
[Starkey holds out his arms to Thorne]
STARKEY: Come on ... it doesn't mean we're going steady or anything. Come on!
[they "hug" (as neither of them looks particularly happy about the situation)]
STARKEY: Have you been eating onions? Or garlic?
[cut back to the Gryffen House]
K9: Ten seconds!
YSSARINGINTINKA: I suggest we all step back ...
[they move back, as the portal successfully transports Thorne and Starkey in front of them]
[cut to a closeup of the two of them (still hugging), as Thorne quickly lets go of Starkey and angrily stares at everyone in the room]
THORNE: I am going to have you all arrested!
[the librarian steps forwards and speaks very calmly]
YSSARINGINTINKA: Thorne, is that your name? If I hear that you have harmed any of these good people, I will erase you.
THORNE: Can you ... do that?
YSSARINGINTINKA: And there's another thing I take very seriously ... overdue library cards. And you're way overdue with Urlic! You deserve erasing for that alone!
[he chuckles]
THORNE: I didn't get a reminder notice ...
[she points a finger right in his face]
[she walks over and takes the goggles off of K9]
YSSARINGINTINKA: You humans don't deserve this lovely planet ...
K9: Ah, that's better!
[she continues collecting the goggles from the others]
YSSARINGINTINKA: You've made such a mess of it ...
STARKEY: Oh, um ... thanks very much, library lady.
YSSARINGINTINKA: It was a pleasure retrieving you.
[she turns to Thorne]
YSSARINGINTINKA: I can't say the same for this ugly, boney man here! I've got my eye on you ...
[she turns to Gryffen]
YSSARINGINTINKA: Show me out, please.
[cut to Gryffen and Yssaringintinka standing outside his doorway]
YSSARINGINTINKA: Why don't you come back with me? We're short of men on Ukko.
GRYFFEN: I'm tempted, but uh ... that "tidy" thing might be a problem.
GRYFFEN: I am tempted, but I'll pass ... thank you.
[she clicks her heels, and a purple ray of light transports her away]
[cut to a closeup of Gryffen, as he looks around, then tucks his shirt in]


From imdb.com:

K9: Season 1, Episode 17
Lost Library of Ukko (3 May 2010)
TV Episode - 30 min - Family | Sci-Fi

When The Department steals a whole planet, Starkey finds himself trapped on it with Thorn, and their only chance of survival is an alien Librarian.


From clivebanks.co.uk:

Inspector Thorne sets a trap for K-9, and Starkey is whisked away to a far off planet. The desolate world is contained within an alien library card! When the Librarian arrives to reclaim the card, K-9 and friends need June's help to rescue Starkey and teach Thorne a lesson. The Librarian takes a liking to Professor Gryffen and sets about tidying the mansion!

John Leeson (K-9 [Voice]), Robert Moloney (Professor Gryffen), Keegan Joyce (StarKey), Philippa Coulthard (Jorgie), Daniel Webber (Darius), Robyn Moore (June Turner), Connor Van Vuuren (Drake), Jared Robinson (Thorne)

Directed by Mark DeFriest
Produced by Penny Wall, Richard Stewart and Simon Barnes
Executive Producers Jim Howell, Grant Bradley and Steve Robbins
Created by Bob Baker and Paul Tams

TX (UK Disney XD):
16th May 2010 @ 4.00 pm

*Featuring K-9 MkI, Professor Gryffen, StarKey, Jorgie and Darius


From wikia.com:

Lost Library of Ukko was the seventeenth episode of Series 1 of K9 and featured the first travel to an alien planet in a Doctor Who television spin-off.

K9 flies to Department HQ and hides on its roof, curious about its new open day. He contacts Starkey in a queue to the entry with Darius, asking him if they have ever had a careers day. He replies it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. K9 doesn't like this. As he looks over people entering, Starkey tells him to move back. In Department HQ, June is talking with Thorne. She is intrigued. The Department hasn't recruited like this before. Thorne tells her she keeps saying the Department needs to be open and transparent. The CCPC guard opens the door, letting the visitors in. Thorne arrives to greet the crowd and introduce himself. As they move on, Thorne tells everyone that the Department is a multinational security facility, offering career opportunities in the UK, the Americas, the Pacific Union and other countries. Starkey and Darius stop and ask K9 where to go. He tells them to go back down the corridor the way they came in, the way to Thorne's office. As they make their way they spot a CCPC, the first they've seen inside. K9 suggests they abort the mission. The CCPC moves on as Starkey and Darius get to Thorne's office. Darius stands guard at the door as Starkey finds an interesting picture. Despite K9's warnings, Starkey moves closer and is sucked into it. A shocked Darius grabs Starkey's communicator. K9 tells Darius to take the picture and bring it back to Gryffen and by all means don't look at it.

Darius and K9 arrive at the Gryffen House, and tell Gryffen that Starkey has been sucked into the picture, which K9 identifies as a Library card from Ukko. Gryffen wants to take a look at it but Darius warns him not to. K9 brings him up to date: Starkey used the careers day to get in Department HQ; Darius and Starkey arrived at Thorne's office and discovered the Library card, and when Starkey looked at it he was sucked in. K9 tells Gryffen he thinks it's a set-up by Thorne. When Gryffen asks K9 what the next step is, he tells him to get a mirror. At Department HQ, Thorne enters his office and discovers the Library card missing. He looks at CCTV footage and finds Starkey and Darius. When a CCPC arrives, Thorne demands to know how they escaped. The CCPC tells him their orders were to guide them so they could find their way to his office. Using a mirror, Gryffen, Darius and K9 look at the Library card to find Starkey trapped on a barren planet, calling out for them. K9 tells Gryffen and Darius the Ukkans are an all-female race of Librarians who mastered — or "mistressed" — the art of archiving. They can reduce a whole world to an infinitely compressed hologram, which they file in their archives as a library card. They do it because nobody else will; they preserve endangered planets in holographic form. K9 compares it to squashing the data when you zip a file on a computer. This particular card is of the barren planet Urlic. K9 tells Darius they would have to speak to a Librarian to get Starkey out. Gryffen asks him how. K9 doesn't know.

At Department HQ, June asks Thorne about the Ukkan Library card. He tells her he's exploring its properties for use by the Department. June tells him it's extremely dangerous and spots the base of the card on Thorne's desk. Back at the house, K9 confirms Darius' observation that the light on the card is blinking faster. Darius answers the door and sees an alien on the doorstep. K9 says she is the Ukkan librarian they're looking for. She introduces herself as Yssaringintinka. She goes to take a look at the card, causing Darius and Gryffen to avert their eyes. She assures them she has become immune to the effect of the card over millennia. Gryffen tells her Starkey is trapped on Urlic. She is more concerned about Urlic than Starkey, as his presence threatens the planet with contamination if he leaves anything behind. Gryffen asks if she can get him out. She asks him where the plinth is. He tells her that's all they have. She says she can extract Starkey with a retriever, but only if the card is on the plinth. K9 tells her it's at Department HQ. She tells them to go get it, but Gryffen warns her the Department doesn't like people dropping in. The Librarian gives everyone purple glasses to allow them to look at the card without being sucked in so they can talk to Starkey. They contact Starkey, who is thirsty. Yssaringintinka that the card's fail-safe will close the portal in two hours.

June goes to Thorne's office with a warning that Lomax wants to know why Thorne has been interfering with alien technology. As prison numbers are rising, he wants to use Ukkan technology to dump them on other planets. June warns him that LOMAXX wants the card back in twelve hours or Thorne will be forced to resign. Back at the house, Jorjie has arrived. K9 tells the team they have to do a deal with Thorne. They will offer him the card if he gives them the plinth to get Starkey out. Gryffen refuses, saying he hates liars like Thorne. He's a scientist and science is the pursuit of truth. K9 tells him that to a machine like himself, truth is just software. Yssaringintinka asks why he is careful with truth when his house is so messy? "Tidiness comes before truth". Gryffen is contacted by Thorne, who tells him he has something of his, he wants it back and if he goes to take it by force, people will get hurt. K9 interrupts. Thorne has stumbled across technology he wants to exploit but doesn't know how, so he set a trap. He can do nothing with the technology unless he has more information. He tells him about the Ukkan goggles and offers him the Librarian as a consultant.

As K9, Jorjie and Darius go through the tunnels, Jorjie is angry because Darius didn't tell her earlier about Starkey's plan to infiltrate Department HQ. Darius confirms he didn't want her to join in. Jorjie wants a look at the card to make sure he's all right. K9 tells her she can't. Yssaringintinka has the goggles disabled. Later, they meet with Thorne. Jorjie gives Thorne a pair of protective goggles. The reason Yssaringintinka disabled the goggles is revealed as Darius opens the box containing the card, double-crossing Thorne and sucking him into the card.

Thorne has double-crossed them as well. His box contains a brick rather than the plinth. At the house, Gryffen sees Yssaringintinka making his cabinet neater. He tries to make it messy as she puts it back. On Urlic, Thorne is trapped with Starkey. Thorne tells him his plan to turn the planet into a prison colony and the first inmate will be Starkey. Starkey tells Thorne he's the second. Thorne is contacted by June. He demands she gets him out of there. June goes to Thorne's office in Department HQ and grabs the plinth.

On Urlic, as Starkey drinks from his water bottle, Thorne tells him he's thirsty as well. Starkey doesn't care. Thorne tells him he should be grateful. If it weren't for him and the Department he'd have nothing to rebel against. Starkey remarks that Thorne's shirt is "skanky" and he looks like he's "selling funeral insurance". June arrives at the house and gives Yssaringintinka the plinth, with only three minutes until the link is closed. She tells K9 the position Starkey and Thorne are standing is crucial for the extraction. As Starkey and Thorne fight over the water, Yssaringintinka tells them where to stand and the others tell them to stop fighting. Thorne is persistent but Gryffen warns him to do what Yssaringintinka says. She says that the extractor doesn't work well with two entities, so put their arms around each other. Starkey grabs Thorne and they return to the house. When Thorne threatens to have everyone arrested, Yssaringintinka threatens to erase him if he harms anyone. He deserves erasure for his overdue Library card alone. She tells them that humans don't deserve to live on Earth as they have made such a mess of it. Starkey thanks her for retrieving him. She tells him it was her pleasure although the same can't be said for Thorne. She asks Gryffen to show her out. On the doorstep she asks him to come back to Ukko with her as they are short of men. He is tempted but passes. He thanks her and she teleports home.

At night, as Starkey and K9 go to bed, Starkey asks if he missed him. K9 tells him that as a cybernetic robot he does not experience emotion, much. Starkey asks K9 to turn his night light off. As K9 falls asleep Starkey tells him he missed him.

* K9 Mark 2 - John Leeson
* Starkey - Keegan Joyce
* Jorjie Turner - Philippa Coulthard
* Darius Pike - Daniel Webber
* Professor Alistair Gryffen - Robert Moloney
* June Turner - Robyn Moore
* Thorne - Jared Robinsen
* Yssaringintinka - Cathey Robinsen

Production crew
* Writer - Deborah Parsons
* Director - Mark DeFriest
* Producers - Penny Wall, Richard Stewart, Simon Barnes
* Executive producers - Jim Howell, Grant Bradley, Steve Robbins
* Associate producers - Bob Baker, Paul Tams
* Supervising producer - Dale Bradley
* Co-Executive producers - Mark Blythe, Sam Tromans
* Line producer - Pam Collis
* VFX Director - David Napier
* Series Production Designer - Jon Dowding
* Episodic Designer - Adam Head
* New K9 Design by - Paul Tams, Alex Kubalsky
* Series Director of Photography - Ben Nott
* Episodic Director of Photography - Tony O'Loughlan
* Music by - Christopher Elves
* K9 theme music by - Michael Lira
* Editor - Russell Maggs
* Casting - Faith Martin and associates
* Episodic casting - Lisa Maloney
* Drama/Dialogue coach - Peter Kent
* Story Producer - Greg Walters
* Script Adaption - Michaeley O'Brien
* Production Accountant - Pru Donovan
* 1st Assistant Director - Peter McLennan
* Script Supervisor - Sue Ketchington
* Costume Designer - Joanne Thompson
* Makeup Designer - Sharon Robbins
* Puppeteer - David Pawsey
* Location Manager - Charles Boyle
* Sound Recordist - Ian Grant
* B Camera Operator - Dan Maxwell
* Gaffer - Steve Monk
* Key Grip - Billy Harmer
* Special thanks to - Space Furniture, Shredox, J. Barbour & Sons Ltd, Heath Williams at Firefly Lighting, Videopro
* Safety Supervisor/Stunt Coordinator - Danny Baldwin
* Transport Manager - Alister Ward
* Unit Manager - Graeme Suhr
* Post Production Facility - Cutting Edge Australia
* Head of Post Production - John Lee
* Sound Design - Warren Pearson

Story notes
* Even though only Starkey and Thorne go to Urlic, this is the first visit to another planet on K9 and also the first visit to an another planet in a Doctor Who television spin-off, beating both Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures, which had its first visit to another planet several months later with Death of the Doctor.

Production errors
* When K9 says, "Happy landings", in the tunnel, his blue light does not come on.

* K9 has a nightlight. K9 Mark IV used this in TV: The Lost Boy which took place forty-three years before the events of this episode.
* On the Department Open Day, Thorne reveals that the Department is a multimillion dollar corporation stretching across the entire globe, employing thousands of people. The Department is more a corporate giant than a form of government, but still dominates not only London but the whole world.


From wikia.com:

The Ukkans were an all-female race of librarians native to the planet Ukko.

Ukkans were light pink-skinned humanoids with enlarged purple craniums and around a dozen purple tendrils from the head. They had long fingernails, purple lips, dark yellow eyes and spots on the skin resembling Human freckles. They were able to live for millenia.

They preserved endangered planets in holographic form to keep them safe, in devices which they called "Ukkan library cards".

The Ukkans mastered (or as K9 Mark 2 put it, "mistressed") the art of archiving; they could reduce a whole world to an infinitely compressed hologram which they filed in their archives as a library card. K9 compared it to squashing the data when you zip a file on a Computer. They used goggles to protect from the card's effect of transporting the observer to the planet although they grew immune to it over millenia. They used retrievers to take people out of the cards.

First Appearance: K9TV (Season 1, Episode 17) - Lost Library of Ukko

SUMMARY: Due to the endangered status of Urlic being the last planet of the Catorkian Galaxy, the Ukkans archived it into a Library card. However, it was taken from their archives by Huskian Pirates. Eventually the card found it's way to Earth and it was acquired by The Department. As there was a prison over-crowding problem on Earth in 2050, Inspector Thorne decided to turn it into a prison colony and dump prisoners there. He lured Starkey to it in a careers day in Department HQ, when Starkey found it's card he was sucked in and transported to the planet. Darius Pike brought it to the Gryffen House, they need the plinth of the card to bring him back. K9 Mark 2 and his friends tricked Thorne into giving it to them so they could release Starkey then give the card to him, they gave him a pair of goggles which provided immunity to the card (which the Ukkan librarian Yssaringintinka disabled) and he was transported to the planet. Yssaringintinka was later able to return them.


From wikia.com:

Yssaringintinka was an Ukkan librarian who came to the aid of K9 Mark 2 (an intelligent dog-like robot) and his friend when Starkey was trapped on the planet Urlic.

Yssaringintinka was born thousands of years before 2050.

The Ukkan library card containing Urlic was taken from the Ukkan archives by Huskian Pirates, it eventually made its way to Earth where it was captured by The Department. As there was a prison over-crowding problem on Earth in 2050, Inspector Thorne decided to turn it into a prison colony and just dump prisoners there. He lured Starkey to it in a careers day in Department HQ, when Starkey found the card he was sucked in and transported to the planet. Darius Pike brought it to the Gryffen House, Yssaringintinka arrived to help them. She examined the card, she became immune to the effect of the card over millenia. She needed the plinth of the card however the card was all they had. She could extract him with a retriever but only if the card was on the plinth. The card was located at Department HQ, Alistair Gryffen warned her when she decided to go and get it that the Department didn't like people dropping in. Yssaringintinka gave everyone purple glasses which allowed them to look at the card without being sucked in and talk to Starkey. She warned that the card's fail-safe will close the portal in two hours. The team did a deal with Thorne, they offered him the card if he gave them the plinth to get Starkey out. Gryffen argued he'll never keep his side of the bargain so Darius suggested they doublecross him. They contacted Thorne who demanded it back or he would use force. K9 interrupted and told him that he can do nothing with the technology unless he had more information. He told him about the Ukkan goggles and offered him Yssaringintika as a consultant. Yssaringintinka disbaled the goggles so that when Thorne wore the goggles and saw the card he was sucked in. However, Thorne double-crossed them as well as his box merely contained a brick rather than the plinth. June Turner took the plinth from Thorne's office from Department HQ. Despite Thorne and Starkey's stubborness, Yssaringintinka and the others were able to get them to stop fighting. The retriever didn't work well at first but when Starkey grabbed Thorne they were returned. Thorne threatened to have everyone arrested, Yssaringintinka threatened to erase him if he harms anyone. On the doorstep she asked Gryffen to come with her to Ukko as they are short of men. He was tempted but passed, he thanked her and she teleported back home.

Personality-wise, Yssaringintinka had the attitude of a typical librarian, she didn't take overdue library cards lightly such as with Thorne and Urlic. She was more concerned about Urlic and not Starkey as his presence threatened the planet with contamination if he left anything behind. She believed that Humans didn't deserve their "lovely" planet as they made such a mess of it. She didn't like Thorne who she referred to as an "ugly, boney man". She frowned upon Gryffen's untidiness and they fought over making his cabinet neater, he tried to make it unneat as she restored it. When Gryffen refused to decieve Thorne, saying he disliked lying and that he's a scientist and science is the pursuit of truth. She asked why he was so careful with truth when his house was so messy stating "tidiness comes before truth". Despite these opposites she took a liking to him and offered him to come with her back to Ukko, he was tempted but passed.

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