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Case Study No. 1852: Konomi Yuzuhara, Manaka Komaki and Tamaki Kousaka (student library workers)

Doki Doki Panic Library [ ?????????????? ] Game Sample - PC/Doujin
Doki Doki Panic Library is a PC/Doujin/Omake of sorts and is actually one of two extra games within the official "ToHeart2 XRATED" PC game, the other being "Super Sweets Scramble". It is certainly the better of the two games as well and was distributed by Leaf, who are basically Aquaplus' "adult game" branch, whereas Aquaplus mainly distributes games of all ages. A non-adult version of "ToHeart2" was released for PS2. I won't go into detail about "ToHeart2", so you can read about it below: wiki/ To_Heart_2

It features most main ToHeart2 characters (that can be played with) and a few staple modes (Fighting to the Finish Mode, Endless Mode, Versus Competition, CPU Competition, Options) as well as a rather comprehensive "Extra" mode, which hosts a variety of unlockables you can earn ranging from artwork to BGMs to even a little mini-game within a mini-game, "Awa Awa".

The game plays a bit like Bejeweled, but is somewhat original in its entirety. The object of the game is to connect three or more of the same book vertically or horizontally; so long as at least three match, they don't have to be in a completely linear fashion, so you can create little "r" shaped connections, etc. There are a variety of ability blocks as well as Wildcards of sorts. Some of these include heart blocks and bomb blocks (good blocks that remove titles from the field) or Blackhole blocks and Book blocks (Wildcards of sorts, they can prove to be helpful or complicate matters on your field), among others. There are also impedements like old book boxes. In order to break these various obstacles, you have to make numerous chains around them until you free the contents inside.

Each character also has a unique "specialty" block that gives them a particular advantage (or disadvantage) that other characters can't replicate. For example, the "main" heroine, Konomi Yuzuhara, can limit the amount of colors on the field to make easier chains, Yuuki Kusakabe can sing (she'll actually sing a song) and convert all her books into music books, Sasara Kusugawa makes many different types of books (she acts sort of as an eccentric character here and makes the game harder to play), etc. Besides the excellent little character animations for completing different chains, I'm glad to know that picking a character isn't entirely cosmetic. Speaking of the characters, they can be defeated in two ways; by either attacking them with non-stop chains and bringing their stack to the top, or getting the majority of 1000 books lined up on the shelf in the middle of the screen... whoever has less will be attacked by a relentless barrage of drops that is almost impossible to reverse. Characters execute special animations if you can do ultimate chains (around 10 or so) which are incredibly powerful and look neat.

The audio/visuals are respectable, but nothing particularly fancy. This mini-game is quite addictive and is probably good enough to stand as its own game or at least act as a good Doujin title. This mini-game also has "very slight" adult content, but I don't show anything within here that qualifies for that. This is a sample of some stuff in the game. Enjoy.
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"To Heart 2" (Japanese: Tu Hato 2), stylized as "ToHeart2", is a Japanese romance visual novel developed by Leaf and published by Aquaplus. It was first released for the PlayStation 2 on December 28, 2004 as an all-ages title, and was followed by Microsoft Windows and PlayStation Portable versions. The Windows port is an adult game entitled "To Heart 2 XRATED," and it was released on December 22, 2005. This derives from the game's predecessor, To Heart, as it was originally released with adult content. The gameplay in "To Heart 2" follows a linear plot line, which offers pre-determined scenarios and courses of interaction, and focuses on the appeal of the female main characters.

"To Heart 2" is a "novel-type adventure game" in which the player assumes the role of Takaaki Kouno.

Its gameplay requires little player interaction as much of the game's duration is spent on reading the text that superimposes the screen, which represents the story's narrative and dialogue. To Heart 2 follows a linear plot line with multiple endings, and depending on the decisions that the player makes during the game, the plot will progress in a specific direction.

The game divides each school day of the storyline into four segments. These segments illustrate the events that occur during Takaaki's commute to school, during school, after school, and after he returns home at the end of each day. Depending on the time of the day and the player's actions, he or she may be presented one of three types of events: mandatory events, which occur automatically during certain points in the game's plot line; temporary events, which occur during certain periods of time only if specific conditions are met; or after school events, which occur at the end of each school day.

At the end of each school day, the player will be given the option to navigate to various locations within the game's setting. Each choosable location is accompanied by an image of a heroine in order to allow the choices to be easier to make. Every so often, the player will also come to a "decision point", where he or she is given the chance to choose from multiple options. Text progression pauses at these points, and depending on the choices that the player makes, the affection rate of the heroine associated with the event will either increase, decrease, or remain the same. This mechanism determines which direction of the plot the player will progress into, but influences the story only during Konomi's and Karin's plot lines.

"To Heart 2 XRATED," the Windows version of the visual novel, includes two additional minigames that serve to lengthen the experience the game provides; these minigames do not affect the main plot in any way. In both minigames, the player controls one of the heroines from To Heart 2's storyline, who is made available upon the completion of her scenario in the main portion of the game.

The first of the two minigames, titled "Super Sweets Scramble" ("Supaa Suiitsu Sukuranburu"), is a scrolling shooter in which the player's goal is to progress through a vertically scrolling level, while attacking enemies that resemble confectioneries and dodging their attacks.

The second of the two minigames, titled "Dokidoki Panic Library" ("Dokidoki Panikku Raiburarii"), is a puzzle game in which the player competes with an opponent for a higher score, by connecting three or more books of the same color and eliminating them from the screen.

Plot and characters
To Heart 2's story revolves around the male protagonist Takaaki Kouno, a high school student who has an aversion to most girls around him, and focuses on his interactions with his schoolmates.

The story begins on March 1, 2004, when Takaaki's parents leave for an overseas business trip. That morning, Konomi Yuzuhara, To Heart 2's main heroine and Takaaki's childhood friend, comes to meet Takaaki for their commute to school. Konomi is a cheerful and innocent, but childish girl. She is one year younger than Takaaki, who often views her as a younger sister. The two are also friends with Yuuji Kousaka, who is in the same class as Takaaki. Despite being the son of a wealthy and prestigious family, Yuuji has a frivolous and carefree personality, and often flirts with the girls at school. Takaaki later reunites with Tamaki Kousaka, another childhood friend, who had promised to return before being enrolled into a boarding school. Tamaki has a strong and dominant personality, and tends to act as an elder sister figure to those around her. She later transfers into Takaaki's high school upon the beginning of the new school year.

Throughout the story, Takaaki meets several other heroines attending his school. The first is Manaka Komaki, a timid and clumsy (but accommodating) girl who is the vice class representative of Takaaki's class. She oftens spends time in the school library's storage, and helps the library committee with general tasks. Similar to Takaaki, she is inarticulate around the opposite gender. Manaka is also close friends with Yuma Tonami, an aggressive girl who commutes to school by a mountain bike. Yuma sees Takaaki as a rival after she first met him at school, and often challenges him to various duels. She often laments her grandfather's insistence of having her take over the family business, and attempts to hide her family background from Takaaki. Karin Sasamori is a schoolmate of Takaaki's and the founder of the school's mystery club. Karin has a cheerful and energetic personality, and has an odd affection towards the occult and objects such as egg sandwiches. She first meets Takaaki early in the story, and later deceives him into joining the mystery club.



Doki Doki Panic Library is a shoujou puzzle game based on famous To Heart anime. Simply addictive, cheerful and fun where player have to shift book with same color as much as possible. Player who first succeeded in filling their shelf declared as the winner. Featuring story mode, survival, VS human and VS CPU mode. Doki Doki Panic Library was released on 2006 as an addition for To Heart 2 anime.

Game Information
Bikkurisuruhodo! Doki Doki Panic Library | Genre: Puzzle | Developer: Leaf & Aquaplus | Publisher: Leaf & Aquaplus | Language: Japanese | Release: 2006 | File size: 137 MB

Minimum Requirements
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista | Processor Intel 1.0 GHz or equivalent AMD | 256 MB RAM | 300 MB Free HDD | DirectX 9.0c | 32 MB video card compatible with DirectX 9.0c



puzzle game with To Heart 2 characters

another cute and addictive puzzle game, with very simple control, just using arrow button to move your character
move around and slide books as you go, try to connect 3 or more book with same color to make them dissapear, try your best to clear your area, don't let the books reach the top
the books you've erased will sent to your opponent [as opened books which can be connected with other books], make a combo and keep send books to her, the one who can fill opponent area with the books is the winner

there also special items in the game, usually inside a box, to use it you must break the box by drop it few times and those special items will be released and activated automatically
they have special effects like clear your area, send more books to your opponent etc, some of them is very useful so better use it if you have chance

quite good puzzle game I say, graphic is nice and colorful, sound is good, some BGM has vocal track, the voice act is feel repetitive tough, gameplay is simple but quite addictive
overall, it's a fun game to play with your friends, or play alone for killing time

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