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Case Study No. 1834: Edgar Weston (Wannabe Librarian)

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[scene opens with Jeremiah and Kurdy standing outside of the decaying remains of the Denver Public Library, then cut to the two entering the library (as Jeremiah whistles while looking at all of the books)]
JEREMIAH: This is gonna be harder than I thought.
KURDY: I dunno, man. A lotta these books look like they're still where they're supposed to be.
JEREMIAH: Well, I hope they're not organized by that Dolby Decimal thing, 'cause I never did get the hang of that ...
[they walk towards one of the bookshelves, and Jeremiah shrugs in frustration as he reads off one of the book's spine labels]
JEREMIAH: "Nine two three four--"
[Kurdy (examining one of the shelves on the opposite side) pulls out one of the books]
KURDY: Oh, look at that ... "The Count of Monte Cristo!"
JEREMIAH: Somehow, I don't think that's on Lee's list.
KURDY: Well good, 'cause it's not for Lee ...
[they continue grabbing books, when a man comes up from behind and pumps his shotgun]
[they look up, then slowly turn to find the man (short brown hair, glasses, wrinkled corduroy jacket and pants) pointing his gun at them and looking back and forth at them nervously]
EDGAR WESTON: You ... You wanna check out books? W-we got a procedure for it! You don't just take 'em!
KURDY: And who the hell are you?
EDGAR WESTON: Who do you think I am? I'm the librarian!
JEREMIAH: Right, it's just ... uh, y'know, most librarians we know don't pack a shotgun.
EDGAR WESTON: Yeah, well, somebody's gotta defend what's left of this place!
KURDY: Defend it? From who?
[he pauses]
EDGAR WESTON: Then ... you're not one of them?
JEREMIAH: Well, it depends on who they are ...
[he lowers his gun]
EDGAR WESTON: A couple of months ago, this armed group descended on us. Order of the Final Grace. It's a high-falutin' name for a bunch of ignorant parasites.
JEREMIAH: So, what? This group, they want to do you in or something?
EDGAR WESTON: Not me, no. It's the books ... I lost count of how many they've taken. It's hard to believe that anybody who values books would resort to violence.
KURDY: Value them?
EDGAR WESTON: They do everything they can to destroy them.
JEREMIAH: I don't get it.
EDGAR WESTON: See, they're fundamentalists. They're zealots. They're convinced it was books that brought on the big death.
KURDY: That's crazy.
JEREMIAH: See, now, if it's the books that they're after, why not just torch the whole building?
EDGAR WESTON: See, I was worried about that for a while, but they get more mileage out of regular book burnings on the street. It's a ritual thing. That's how they drum up new recruits for their sect.
JEREMIAH: And it's just you holding down the fort?
EDGAR WESTON: Nobody else wants to put their life on the line ... I've tried to get help, believe me.
JEREMIAH: And this order of whatever-you-called-it, they're coming back?
EDGAR WESTON: They come back ... Soon as they run out of fuel for their bonfires.
KURDY: Well, next time they do, you won't be fighting them by yourself.
[he smiles]
EDGAR WESTON: Are you serious?
[Jeremiah gives his friend a disgusted look]
JEREMIAH: Are you serious?!
KURDY: Yeah, I've got a thing about libraries, man. They are more sacred than churches to me, and if somebody wants to pillage this temple, they've got to come through me ... Don't forget why we came here.
JEREMIAH: Yeah, I remember why we came here.
[they shake hands]
KURDY: Edgar, we have a few books we want to check out ourselves.
EDGAR WESTON: Hey, look, if we've got 'em, you're more than welcome to borrow them ... Hell, if you help me defend this place, you could even wind up assistant librarians.



Season 1, Episode 17
"Out of the Ashes"

Kurdy and Jeremiah are off to Jeremah's old stomping grounds of Denver to pick up some books at a library. They meet the "librarian", Edgar, and Kurdy stays to help him learn to read and fend off zealots who are convinced that books are the root of all evil. Jeremiah goes to meet his friend Red (from The Long Road) and embarks on a journey with his girlfriend Maggie, a wheelchair-bound woman determined to deliver her father's ashes to the remote island where she was raised. Maggie insists the ashes must be dumped in the middle of a river...which can only be reached by a rickety gondola. Meanwhile, the library patrons rally under Kurdy's inspiration to defend Edgar and the library.

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