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Case Study No. 1817: Mrs. Stapleton

Mrs. Stapleton is a GENIUS: Fallout Exploit for Infinite Caps
In a post-apocalyptic world you can pick what you want to be and actually be it. How cool is that? Unfortunately, Mrs. Stapleton picked dumb librarian.

- This takes place in The Hub's Downtown section at the library just behind Mitch's All-N-One General Store.

1) Does not require a high Steal skill rating (mine was the base 20% during this recording).
2) Press F6 to quick save after purchasing the books and after each successful steal.
3) Press F7 to quick load if you get caught stealing.

Fallout 1.2, purchased from GOG.com, was used in this video.
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From wikia.com:

Mrs. Stapleton owns the library in the Hub's Downtown merchant block, next to Mitch's All-n-One Store, the Friendly Lending Company and Beth's gun shop in 2161.

Race: Human
Sex: Female
Affiliation: Hub
Role: Librarian
Location: Hub Downtown
Appearances: Fallout

A well-mannered and courteous person, she has an immense selection of books, including an infinite supply of skill books.

* Find the Water Chip: If the Vault Dweller asks Mrs. Stapleton about any information concerning water chips, she will offer a Vault locations holodisk for a price that can be negotiated.
* Harden your Power Armor: After Miles of the Boneyard asks if the Vault Dweller can find his chemistry journals, you can ask for them from Mrs. Stapleton... for a price. Once Miles receives his journals, he can harden your power armor.


From mikesrpgcenter.com:

Vault 15

* You begin the game just outside of Vault 13. Search the bones at your feet to find a knife and some ammo. You can kill the Cave Rats in the cavern for a little bit of experience.
* Go through the long tunnel to the south to find the exit.
* Travel east toward Vault 15. Along the way you will come across Shady Sands where you can find information and equipment. The leader, Aradesh, will tell you about a Radscorpian problem they are having. Look to my side quests section for a walkthrough for this quest. Before you leave, make sure you barter for (or steal) Seth's rope.
* Continue east to Vault 15. Enter the shack and climb down the ladder to enter the Caverns outside of the Vault. You will find that the vault is abandoned and in very bad shape. Use your rope in the elevator shaft to descend.
* On the Living Quarters level, take the rope in the locker in the third room from the left and use it in the second elevator shaft to descend to the Command Center.
* Approach the rubble in the southeast corner of the Command Center level and you will conclude that you will not be able to find a Water Chip here.
* Return to the surface and leave Vault 15.

The Hub

* Head to the Hub south of Shady Sands. You can find directions in Shady Sands.
* Enter the library Downtown and ask Mrs. Stapleton if she knows anything about a Water Chip. She will offer to sell you a Holodisk that can show you the location of the other Vaults where a Water Chip may be found.
* Use the Holodisk to download the information. Now, if you access your Pip-Boy, you can read the information from the disk when you click on the Status button.


From gamepedia.com:

Dialogue for Mrs. Stapleton, librarian in Hub Downtown:

[100][][You see Mrs. Stapleton, the librarian.]
[101][][You see a middle-aged woman.]
[102][][Hi, Welcome to the Library. I don't think I have seen you around these parts before. What might you be looking for in the way of knowledge?]
[103][][Good to see you again. What might you be looking for today?]
[104][][What do you have in the way of books?]
[105][][I am looking for a Water Chip.]
[106][][Nothing, but thanks.]
[107][][Well, let me show you my selection.]
[108][][Well, in my studies I have come across some references to such things. Actually I have in my possession a Holodisk that contains a certain amount of information that you might find useful.]
[109][][A Holodisk, what is that?]
[110][][Can I have the Holodisk?]
[111][][A Holodisk contains information on it, but it can only be read by a certain number of electronic devices. I see that you have a PIP Boy. You can use that to decode, review, and store the information that a Holodisk contains.]
[112][][Sounds great! Can I have the Holodisk?]
[113][][Information is hard to come by in this day and age. I will need to charge you 750 Hub Bucks for the disk.]
[114][][Sounds good. Here's the money.]
[115][][Now that looks like a worn Holodisk if I've ever seen one. I'll give you 500 for it.]
[116][][How about I take a blowtorch to this whole place instead! Huh lady?!]
[117][][Sorry, don't have the cash.]
[118][][I am sorry but I can only accept the full amount for the Holodisk. Please return when you have that amount.]
[119][][I am sorry, but you wil need to keep your pyromaniacal tendencies to yourself. Please leave.]
[120][][[Mrs Stapleton takes your money.]]
[121][][You are right, the Disk has seen better days. Since that is the case, I will accept 500 instead of my original price. [Mrs Stapleton takes your money.]]
[122][][Normally, I do not give in to such methods, but to protect my collection from such a threat I will give you the Disk. In exchange, I would ask that you never return here.]
[123][][As I may have explained, you will need to use this and then access the information through your PIP Boy. [Mrs. Stapleton hands you the Holodisk]]
[124][][You will have to excuse me, but I have research to do.]
[126][][I'm sorry, I don't understand you. Somewhere I have a Holodisk on learning the English language, if you're intersted.]
[130][][Do you have a set of Chemistry journals? Miles in Adytum said you might.]
[131][][Yes, I've heard from Miles and I have the ones he's looking for. They will cost you 750 bucks.]
[132][][Here you are, sir. Say hello to Miles for me.]
[133][][I'm sorry, but you don't have enough money. Please return when you have the money.]

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