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Case Study No. 1814: Tamiko

A GIRL NAMED TAMIKO - 1962 - Laurence Harvey, France Nuyen opening credits
Available at www.roberts Girl Named Tamiko, A (1962 - Laurence Harvey, France Nuyen, Martha Hyer, Gary Merrill, Michael Wilding, Nick Adams - music by Elmer Bernstein - costumes by Edith Head - directed by John Sturges
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"A Girl Named Tamiko" is a 1962 drama film directed by John Sturges.

"He was half Oriental...but he used the women of two continents WITHOUT SHAME OR GUILT!"

Ivan (Laurence Harvey) is a Russian-Chinese photographer living in Japan and desperate to obtain a visa for the United States. But just when he finds his ticket to freedom -- in the form of U.S. embassy employee Fay (Martha Hyer) -- something holds him back. Turns out he's fallen in love with the enchanting Tamiko (France Nuyen), a librarian from a traditional Japanese family.



"A Girl Named Tamiko" (1962)

Ivan Kalin is a cynical and calculating Russo-Chinese photographer working in Tokyo. Embittered because the Japanese killed his parents, he attempts to get a visa to the United States by currying favor with Fay Wilson, a receptionist at the U. S. Embassy. Ivan begins an affair with her in the hopes of meeting Max Wilson, Fay's "protector" and a good business contact. Eiko, a bar hostess living with Ivan, realizes that she has lost him and moves in with Ivan's art dealer friend, Nigel Costairs, an expatriate from England who eventually marries Eiko. A short time later, Ivan meets Tamiko, the daughter of an old and respected Japanese family, who is the librarian at the Foreign Press Club. In the hopes of making a name for himself before reaching the United States, Ivan persuades Tamiko to introduce him to Kimitaka, a famous Japanese painter. Though forbidden to photograph the painter, he does so anyway and his photographs are a success. At the same time, Ivan finds himself falling in love with Tamiko. Fay maintains her sexual hold on him by arranging to take him to the United States, and, despite his love for Tamiko, he decides to leave Japan. Once at the airport, however, he realizes he cannot go with Fay. After making his apologies, he dashes off to find Tamiko.

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