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Case Study No. 1830: Mrs. Jones

Librarians in Comic Books... Betty and Archie!
From: Betty (1997) #51
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[the first panel shows an older female librarian (short grey hair, glasses, blue sweater, black blouse, red skirt) pushing a bookcart in the Riverdale Public Library, when she stops and talks to Betty sitting at one of the tables]
MRS. JONES: What are you reading, Betty?
BETTY: Mythology! I'm reading about Paris and Helen of Troy!
[the second panel shows the librarian pointing at the book]
MRS. JONES: A terrific twosome ... sort of like you and Archie!
BETTY: Huh? Archie and me?
[the third panel shows them talking]
MRS. JONES: Sure! Who knows! Someday you and Archie may become a famous couple!
BETTY: Hey ... Yeah!!
[the fourth panel shows Betty starting to daydream, as a thought bubble appears showing Archie dressed in Victorian-era garb]
BETTY: We do make a great pair ... sort of like Romeo and Juliet!
ARCHIE: But soft ... what light through yonder window breaks? Yo! It's Betty!
[the fifth panel shows Betty (dressed in a similar style of clothing) walking out onto the balcony]
BETTY: Archie! Archie! Wherefore art thou, Archie?
[the sixth panel shows Betty peering down from the balcony, as something makes a loud "Crash!" noise]
ARCHIE: [from off camera] Yeow!
[the seventh panel shows Archie lying on the ground, as a guard comes running up toward him]
BETTY: Archie! What happened?
ARCHIE: I-I fell as I was climbing up to your balcony!
[the eighth panel shows Betty and the librarian back at the library, as an elderly male patron (apparently upset about the volume of their conversation) gives them a stern look]
BETTY: Then again, I'm not sure Archie is the Romeo type!
MRS. JONES: Maybe not! He's more of a primitive romantic!
[the ninth panel shows Betty daydreaming again]
BETTY: Humm ... He is a guy who could sweep a girl off her feet!
[the tenth panel shows Betty dressed as Jane (in a leopard-skin leotard) standing in a treehouse]
ARCHIE: [from off camera] Ahhieeahh!
BETTY: What is that primitive call that makes my heart beat so fast?
[the eleventh panel shows Betty covering her face coyly with her hands]
BETTY: Is it my handsome mate?
[the twelfth panel shows Archie (dressed as Tarzan and thumping his chest) swining on a vine]
ARCHIE: Ahheeeahh!
[the thirteenth panel shows Archie swinging right into the side of the treehouse with a loud "Smash!"]
BETTY: Gulp! Uh-oh!
[the fourteenth panel shows Betty running up to a near-unconscious Archie]
BETTY: Yup! It's Tarzarch all right!
[the fifteenth panel shows Betty and the librarian (holding a Bible) back at the library]
MRS. JONES: Then again, maybe you two are more of a famous Biblical couple!
BETTY: Humm ...
[the sixteenth panel shows a closeup of Betty's face, as she holds up a finger in the air (signifying that inspiration has struck)]
BETTY: Yeah! Like Samson and Delilah!
[the seventeenth panel shows another dream sequence where Archie (shirtless with bulging muscles and long flowing hair) stands in front of Betty reclining on a couch]
BETTY: So tell me, big boy! What is the secret of your power?
[the eighteenth panel shows Archie fluffing up his hair]
ARCHIE: It's in my hair, beautiful!
[the nineteenth panel shows Archie smiling smugly, while Betty imagines a wingnut (signifying her thoughts on the intelligence of what Archie is saying)]
ARCHIE: I owe everything to Mister Macho Shampoo!
[the twentieth panel shows Betty and the librarian back at the library]
MRS. JONES: Personally, I think you two are more like Antony and Cleopatra!
BETTY: Now that's an interesting thought!
[the twenty first panel shows another dream sequence where Betty (dressed in ancient Egyptian garb) looks disapprovingly at Archie and Reggie (both dressed as Roman gladiators)]
REGGIE: Friends, Romans and countrymen, lend me your ears!
[the twenty second panel shows Betty pointing at Reggie]
BETTY: Who let that snake in here?
REGGIE: Boo! Hiss!
[the twenty third panel shows Archie running up to Betty with his lips puckered]
ARCHIE: Forget him, Cleo, sweetie and kiss me!
[the twenty fourth panel shows Betty holding out her hand to stop him]
BETTY: No! No! I'd better not!
ARCHIE: Must you always be the Queen of Denial!
[the twenty fifth panel shows Betty and the librarian back at the library, as Archie and Veronica walk in together]
MRS. JONES: Speaking of Archie, there he is now! Bye!
BETTY: Huh! What's he doing with Veronica? He's supposed to be taking me to lunch?
[the twenty sixth panel shows Archie and Veronica talking to Betty (who has an angry look on her face)]
ARCHIE: Hi, Betty! I asked Ron to join us for lunch!
VERONICA: I hope you don't mind!
[the twenty seventh panel shows standing up from the desk and forcing a smile (as the librarian watches from the front desk)]
BETTY: Heh! Heh! No! Of course not! The more the merrier!
ARCHIE: Good! We'll wait for you outside!
[the twenty eighth panel shows the librarian whispering to Betty]
MRS. JONES: [whispering] I guess I spoke too soon about you and Archie being a famous couple!
BETTY: [whispering] I know, Misses Jones! It's difficult to become a terrific twosome ...
[the twenty ninth panel shows Betty pointing angrily at Archie and Veronica as they walk towards the exit]
BETTY: When you're always involved in a love triangle!



Betty #51
(July 1997)
Archie, 1992 Series

A Couple Of Problems
Betty / comic story / 6 pages


Script: Kathleen Webb
Pencils: Stan Goldberg
Inks: Mike Esposito
Colors: Barry Grossman
Letters: Bill Yoshida

Content Information

Genre: Teen
Characters: Betty Cooper; Mrs. Jones the librarian; Archie Andrews; Veronica Lodge; Reggie Mantle (dream sequence only)
Synopsis: While in the library, Betty imagines herself and Archie as great literary couples such as Romeo and Juliet, Tarzan and Jane, Samson and Delilah, and Antony and Cleopatra.


* in Betty and Veronica Double Digest Magazine (Archie, 1987 series) #207 (January 2013)

Indexer Notes

Credits from the printed credits in Betty and Veronica Double Digest (Archie, 1987 series) #207.

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