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Case Study No. 0034: Eleanor Twitty (Minimates)

Ghostbusters Minimates Egon Spengler and Librarian Ghost
He collects spores, molds, and fungus.
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The Toys R Us exclusive Ghostbusters Minimates have been flying off the shelves. Here is a review of the wave 1 set of Dr Egon Spengler and the first ghost seen in the Ghostbusters film, the Library Ghost.

The ghost packed with Egon is perhaps the 3rd most well known ghost from the film (after Slimer and Mr. Stay Puft) - the Library Ghost from the opening scene at the New York Public Library.

This is the Library Ghost after the Ghostbusters attempt to "Get her!", with the evil, teeth-gnashing face. I was initially hoping that she would have a reversible head, with a more serene face on the other side representing this ghost as she was reading or shushing the Ghostbusters. However, the head of this Minimate is translucent (with a purple tint), and so a tampo on the other side might show through, creating a distraction. As such, this is probably the best move by DST. Surely, if you had to pick one of the expressions we saw Library Ghost with for a toy, the evil, monstrous one is the way to go. The face is really evil-looking, with exaggerated eyes, mouth, canine teeth, and protruding eyebrows representing the famous shot when she attacks. Library Ghost has an appropriate, old woman hairpiece that is tied into a bun on the back and which is sculpted in an almost translucent white color.

Library Ghost is mostly cast in translucent purple, with the exception of the head and claw hands, which are cast in a clearer, purple-tinted plastic. She has a very basic tampo on her chest block that gives her a little bit of detail. The Human Torch "flaming" shoulder piece comes with Library Ghost, cast in the same color purple as her body, and fits around her neck. This represents either ectoplasmic residue, or her shirt being tattered and floating. She also comes with a purple dress piece that fits over her legs. Her sole accessory is the book that she is reading when the Ghostbusters encounter her.

In conclusion, this is a very nice Minimate, and is really essential if you are a fan of the Ghostbusters film. As I noted earlier, she is amongst the most well-known ghosts from the film, but she also looks great and gives the Ghostbuster Minimates another superb ghost menace to be posed with.

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