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Case Study No. 0004: Willy Ink

Overdue (School Project)
This was the very first project that I did at Ex'pression College for Digital Arts. My group and I had to write the script, film & direct it, edit all of the video & audio, create the intro/graphics, do some Foley, record some ADR and handle the overall sound and visual design.
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[scene opens with Willy Ink lying awake in bed]
WILLY: [to himself] Man, guess I gotta go get this payment ...
["Udaho Productions presents an Ex'pression College Movie"]
[cut to Willy having his woman put a jacket on for him]

Warren "El Guapo" Shelby
Carmen David

[cut to Willy calling someone on his cell phone]
CHERRY: [over the phone] Hello?
WILLY: Yo Cherry, got what I need?
CHERRY: [over the phone] Yeah Willy, I'll have it. I-It's just that I've been really busy and I've been working really hard lately--
WILLY: You think I was joking last night? You're overdue! You're gonna see how I deal with disobedience ...
CHERRY: [over the phone] Oh please baby, d-don't get mad. I'll have it, I promise ...
WILLY: I warned you. You know what comes next ...
CHERRY: [over the phone] Please! I just--
WILLY: Whoa whoa whoa wait wait wait! I don't collect excuses! Just have it ready!
CHERRY: [over the phone] I-I'll have it! Don't worry, baby, I promise--
WILLY: [hangs up]
[cut to Willy walking outside with his pimp cane]
LOITERER #1: You seen Willy around lately, bra?
LOITERER #2: Yeah, I seen him. They say he don't sleep. Playa got a one-track mind.
LOITERER #1: For sho', he got my cousin's girl in his pocket. She came to me last night and was hella scared.
[Willy walks by]
LOITERER #1: What's up, Willy-Will? I seen Cherry earlier.
[Willy keeps walking]
LOITERER #1: That girl was hella spooked.
WILLY: [to himself] That's how I do it. After last night, I don't have nothing to worry about ...
[cut to inside Willy's apartment, when Cherry comes in out of the rain and sits down]
CHERRY: Baby, you gotta believe me, I'll have it for you tomorrow!
WILLY: Woman, it is tomorrow ... You have one hour. After that, you're overdue.
CHERRY: But I'll catch my death in this rain. And, and what about--
WILLY: Rain? Rain?! Then let it come down, baby! You better walk yourself right through dem raindrops, 'cause if I hafta come over there and see you tomorrow, you're gonna wish I hadn't.
CHERRY: [nods head, then leaves]
[cut back to Willy walking down the street when he notices a girl reading a book]
WILLY: [puts his pimp cane in the middle of her book and lowers it down]
MELODY: Hey Willy, how you doin'?
WILLY: Melody, you gonna be on time?
MELODY: Yeah, I'm gonna be on time.
WILLY: Mm-hmm.
[cut to Cherry in her home reading a book, when Willy walks up to her door and knocks]
WILLY: [looks at his watch in annoyance when Cherry doesn't immediatly answer, so he knocks again with the end of his pimp cane]
CHERRY: [opens the door] I'm so sorry Willy, I didn't mean to keep you waiting.
WILLY: Time's up, Cherry. You know what happens next. Hand it over.
[Cherry hands him something, but it's out of the camera's view]
WILLY: [reaches into his jacket and pulls out ... a rubber stamp]
[camera pans out to reveal that Cherry handed him a book, which Willy stamps and then takes from her]
CHERRY: [exhales deeply]
[with the book in hand, Willy calmly rubs his goatee before walking off into the horizon as James Brown's "It's a Man's Man's Man's World" plays]

Warren Shelby - WILLY INK
Melissa Robello - GIRL #1
Jose Garcia - LOITERER #1
Shaune Mahone - LOITERER #2
Carmen David - CHERRY
Adriana Perkins - MELODY
Written, Photographed, Edited and Produced by Aron Sanchez, Jose Garcia, Gabriel Lujan, Desmond Hotchkiss

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