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Case Study No. 0012: Mark Wreckards and Jim Stacks

Wreckards Visits Stacks
Wreckards Visits Stacks
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[scene opens inside the apartment of cataloger Jim Stacks, as the camera focuses on a bookshelf with two Post-It Notes; one reads "Book Shelf, BT Furniture" and the other reads "Candle Holders, SEE Candlestick, BT Housewares"]
[the song "Forever Young" can be heard in the background, as Jim is sitting on the couch (with a Post-It Note reading "Couch, SEE Sofa, BT Furniture") and reading - with his lips moving "The Chicago Manual of Style", when he hears a knock at the door]
JIM: [to himself] Jeepers ...
[cut to Jim opening the door, where another cataloger (Mark Wreckards) is waiting for him]
MARK: Hey Stacks! What's happening?
JIM: Wadda you want?
MARK: Uh, just droppin' by ...
[cut to Mark entering the apartment, where he sees a mirror with a Post-It Note reading "Reflection, SEE You"]
MARK: [reading the Post-It] That's a good one!
[cut to Mark and Jim standing in the middle of the room]
MARK: You've never had me over before!
JIM: Yeah, there's a reason for that, Wreckards!
MARK: Are you busy?
JIM: Well, I've been readin' the Chicago Manual of Style ... So yeah, I'm busy!
MARK: [looking at Jim's choice in shirts] Is there a chapter on not matching checkers and stripes?
JIM: What're you, an author now?
MARK: [shakes his head] No ...
[cut to Mark and Jim sitting on the couch]
MARK: [picks up a binder] AACR2, there she blows!
JIM: Don't rag on the rules, Wreckards!
MARK: I'm sorry, I don't mean anything by it.
JIM: Yeah ...
MARK: Aw goodness ... So have you been hearing anything about this case?
JIM: [looking at Mark's choice in headwear] What's up with that hat? You look like Papa Smurf joined the Hell's Angels ...
[he places a Post-It Note on Mark's hat]
MARK: [laughs] Come on, that's not fair!
[Jim places more Post-It Notes on various parts of Mark's clothing]
MARK: What is this all about?
JIM: This is all about cataloging, and keeping your life in order!
MARK: Fair enough ... Is it okay if I take my hat off?
JIM: You do what you want with that rag!
MARK: Okay, I don't wanna ruin your ... system you got going here.
[he takes a picture frame off of a nearby table]
MARK: This is a pretty girl.
JIM: [takes the frame from him] Yeah ... I know.
MARK: Who is she?
JIM: She's my wife ... Well, she was.
MARK: What happened?
JIM: She left me, for an inventor.
MARK: What did he invent?
JIM: Corn dog separator ... To this day, I can't look at a Ballpark Frank without breaking down.
[he puts his head in his hands]
MARK: I'm sorry, man. That's ... that's rough.
JIM: Yeah, it is rough.
MARK: Yeah, um ... So this, I don't really know what's going on with this case, but do you think we should maybe check it out?
JIM: Yeah, we should check it out, why don't you check out?
MARK: Fair enough.
[cut to another scene of Mark and Jim sitting on the couch]
MARK: So yeah, the case ...
JIM: Yeah, the case.
MARK: Mm hmm. This case ...
JIM: The old case ...



From the team that brought you Book Talking With Larry Rakow, comes the exciting tale of Jim Stacks and Mark Wreckards, two intrepid cataloguers who must save the world from the evil Dr. Latefees.


This summer ...
Forget everything you know about cataloging ...
And if you don't know anything about cataloging ...
Learn it ...
And then forget it ...
Because one movie will break all the rules ...

AACR2: The Movie

Lucas Maxwell is ... Jim Stacks
He's a by-the-books cataloger, with nerves of steel, who always plays by the rules.

Jason Woloski is ... Mark Wreckards
He's a loose canon, who catalogs from the gut, with nothing left to lose.

Together, they might just save the earth ... if they don't kill each other first.

"Stacks, we got trouble!"

David Ross is ... Dr. Latefees
Trouble in the form of Dr. Latefees, who's turning the library world upside down!

They know what they want. They know how to get it. They just don't know where they're going ... But if they want to defeat Dr. Latefees, they're gonna have to work together.

"Stacks, how do you catalog gas receipts?"
"Goes under 'petrol' ... Uh, PS872. Now, what you gotta make sure is you don't confuse this with 'intestinal gas'. And then, of course, you got your Mexican food, which has its own category, and you don't even wanna know what to do when you got curry ... "

"Lemmee ask you something, Wreckards. You ever meet anyone you didn't catalog?"
"I haven't cataloged you yet ... "
"Hit it."

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