Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Case Study No. 0020: Super Librarian

Faster than free internet
More powerful than a stack of reference books
Protector of Knowledge and Free Entertainment
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[opens with an exterior shot of the McCracken County Public Library]
NARRATOR: The adventures of Super Librarian!
[Super Librarian (a blonde woman wearing glasses and a Supergirl-esque costume) turns on the computer at super speed]
NARRATOR: Faster than free internet!
[Super Librarian holds up a stack of reference books with one hand]
NARRATOR: More powerful than a stack of reference books!
[Super Librarian is typing on the computer while talking on the phone and scanning books at super speed]
NARRATOR: Able to multitask while providing outstanding service!
[the Super Librarian logo - like Superman's crest except with an "L" instead of an "S" - is shown on screen]
NARRATOR: It's Super Librarian!
[Super Librarian is shown taking books off of a cart at super speed]
NARRATOR: Every librarian at the McCracken County Public Library is a Super Librarian, dedicated to providing you with service that's ... super!
[Super Librarian is shown in profile]
NARRATOR: From books to audio books, DVDs and internet, Super Librarian will help you find what you want!
[cut to another shot of Super Librarian]
NARRATOR: Super Librarian, Protector of Knowledge and Free Entertainment! At the McCracken County Public Library!


From blogspot.com:

I can't resist introducing you to Super Librarian, just in case you haven't already met her. Its a 35 second promo video from McCracken County Public Library, Kentucky. This brings me to an interesting point.

We can sometimes be guilty of mistaking promotion for pedagogy when considering YouTube materials. Most of the library ones that I've seen have been more about promotion and orientation, rather than teaching or facilitating student learning. Maybe there are some new offerings out there being created with superb pedagogical credentials? Anyway Super Librarian isnt one of them!

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