Friday, October 21, 2011

Case Study No. 0014: "Ethel Mertz"

Richard and Sal Prank Call Restaurant from "Library"
Great new prank call where Sal is pretending to order food from a library, and Richard, the "Librarian" is getting pissed.
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[the sound of a phone ringing]
PIZZA GUY: Can I help you?
SAL: [whispering] Hello?
SAL: [whispering] Yes, hi. I'm calling from the library. I'd like to make an order, please.
PIZZA GUY: Okay, what would you like?
SAL: [whispering] Shh! I need you to whisper, I'm at the library.
PIZZA GUY: What do you want?
LIBRARIAN: [loudly in the background] Quiet please!
SAL: [to the librarian] Okay, I'm sorry about that ... [whispering] Sir, please whisper. I'd like to make an order.
PIZZA GUY: Okay, what would you like?
SAL: [whispering] Shh! Do you know how to whisper?
LIBRARIAN: [loudly in the background] Quiet!
SAL: [to the librarian] Sorry ... [whispering] Sir, please. Just whisper. What type of fish do you have?
PIZZA GUY: Tuna, we have great tuna ...
SAL: [whispering] Sir, you're too loud! Oh, she's coming over ... [to the librarian] I'm sorry.
LIBRARIAN: That's it, give me that phone!
SAL: I'm sorry ...
LIBRARIAN: Hello, this is Ethel Mertz, the librarian!
PIZZA GUY: [pause] Okay.
LIBRARIAN: Can you please keep it down, sir?
LIBRARIAN: Do you understand?
PIZZA GUY: Yeah ...
LIBRARIAN: [loudly] Do you know how to whisper, jackass?
PIZZA GUY: Yeah, I know what is whispering ...
LIBRARIAN: Okay, shh! Even now, you're yelling ...
PIZZA GUY: I'm not yelling.
LIBRARIAN: I'm gonna put this gentleman back on the phone, but I want you to be quiet, okay?
SAL: [whispering] Hello?
PIZZA GUY: [whispering] Okay, what would you like?
SAL: [whispering] What are your chicken dishes?
PIZZA GUY: [whispering] Chicken?
SAL: [whispering] Yes.
PIZZA GUY: [whispering] You know, we have, uh, chicken--
SAL: [whispering] Can you speak up? I can't hear you, you're whispering.
PIZZA GUY: [whispering] I'm whispering, that's what ... [louder] That's what you told me, to whisper it!
LIBRARIAN: [loudly in the background] I can hear you!
SAL: [to the librarian] I'm sorry ... [whispering] Sir, you're too loud.
PIZZA GUY: Yeah, but ... Y'know what, you guys are just a bunch of assholes!
SAL: [whispering] Shh! I need you to whisper, sir, she's gonna hear you!
LIBRARIAN: [loudly in the background] Don't make me come over there, god damnit!
PIZZA GUY: Tell the bitch to shut up!
SAL: [whispering] Oh no, you can't do that! I'm gonna get in trouble!
PIZZA GUY: Fuck you!
[the sound of the phone hanging up]

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