Monday, October 24, 2011

Case Study No. 0016: Dewey Decimate

Dewey Decimate vs. Pennsylvania Duchess vs. Muffy Winters
PA's Lounge. November 21st, 2009. Dewey Decimates partner in the Tag Team Champs Frump Squad, Green Line Greta, has been suspended due to texting while driving the T! Who is frumpy enough to join her team? Will it be the mediocre-tastic Amish delight, Pennsylvania Duchess? Or will General Manager Muffy Winters step in the give the Frump Squad the make over they need to be true champs??? First one to pin the librarian will be worthy of the Frump Squad!
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"Boston League of Women Wrestlers" Bio

Name:: Dewey Decimate
Hometown:: Elyria, OH
Age: 47
Weight:: less than the (unabridged) Oxford English Dictionary
Height:: 5'5"
Signature Move:: "The Late Fee"

Miss Decimate spent years without incident working as a public librarian until the stress of dealing with inconsiderate patrons left her completely unhinged.

A repetitive strain injury put her shushing finger temporarily out of commission. Powerless to combat the swarms of loud gum chewers, cell phone users, and kids without headphones watching youtube on the public computers, Dewey snapped one afternoon while processing a stack of overdue books (all with torn dust jackets and ripped pages!!!).

She vowed revenge on library patrons everywhere. Although it's evident that most members of B.L.O.W.W. have never been to a library, it's not called blind rage for nothing.

She went to the 700s (Arts and Recreation) and memorized every wrestling book in the collection. Now you'd better not let her catch you mistreating the written word.

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