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Case Study No. 0008: Victorian Principles

Leisure Suit Larry - Love For Sail [Walkthrough] Part 4
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[Larry enters the cruise ship's library, where a young female librarian is sitting at the desk]
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: Excuse me, Miss?
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: Um, that's Mizz ... Victorian Principles.
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: Nice to meet you. My name is Larry ... [laughs] Larry Laffer.
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: Oh, I so love dual first names. One cruise I met Boutrous Boutrous Ghali!
[select "Job" from menu]
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: Are you the ship's librarian?
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: Yes, I am. Do you see something you'd like to ... "check out?"
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: [gulp] Oh, I'm sure you have "something" I could explore ... "in depth."
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: All righty. What is your cabin number?
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: Whoa, babe. Slow down. Geez, and women say I'm fast!
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: Fast? Uh, well sir, we check out books by cabin number here.
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: Zero? [laughs] Tight budget?
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: No, you see ... aw, you don't wanna know!
[select "The weather" from menu]
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: Tickle your ass with a feather?
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: [gasp] What did you say?!
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: I said, "Particularly nasty weather!"
[select "Good books" from menu]
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: So, ya got any good books?
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: Oh, many kinds. Unfortunately, you're a little late. All the really good ones are already gone.
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: [to himself] I wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard that!
[select "Your book" from menu]
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: How's your book?
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: Oh, quite uplifting. I so enjoy books affirming sound moral principles, don't you?
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: Oh, uh ... yes, yes! I do, but, uh, don't you ever read anything ... spicier?
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: Oh, no. Those books don't appeal to me. All that panting and groping, that ...
[she starts breathing heavily]
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: Raw animal passion. That ...
[she composes herself]
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: Well, it just encourages the wrong sort of thoughts. No no, I only expose myself to great literature.
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: [to himself] I wish I was some great literature ... [to Victorian] Yeah, great literature. Yeah.
[select "Entertainment" from menu]
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: But, um, what do you do for entertainment?
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: Well, I start at one end of the bookcase and read my way through to the other. Unfortunately, I'm now on my third pass through most of them.
[select "Shipboard life" from menu]
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: Cruise ship life looks like an endless vacation! Don't you just love it?
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: Sure, it's perfect ... if perfect means knowing that every day you're going to have exactly the same food you had that day last week, it's perfect.
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: But ... all the fun, the night life, the non-stop partying?
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: Oh, well, not for us crew members. For us, it's more like never being able to leave the office!
[select "Dewey Decimal System" from menu]
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: 945.3 ... 471.24 ... 198.33 ...
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: Uh, what are you doing?
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: Whaddaya think? Whispering Dewey Decimal numbers to you! Turn you on, huh?
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: Hardly. I've filed them all!
[select "Sex" from menu]
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: Did I mention my name is Larry? Now would you like to have sex?
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: You're disgusting! You'll never get anywhere with me, you pathetic loser!
[select "Pick up line" from menu]
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: How about me whispering a few Dewey Decimal numbers in your ear, Victorian?
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: As if I haven't heard that line before! Men. You're all alike.
[select "Check out" from menu]
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: What about these?
[select "Pile of books" from menu]
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: Oh, those? Those are already checked out ... to me!
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: That's a lot of reading for one cruise.
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: Not for me. I'll finish those tonight ... in bed.
[select "Go to bed" from menu]
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: Would you like to know what I plan to do ... tonight ... um, in bed?
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: I'll vote ... "sleep?"
[click on one of the books on Victorian's desk]
NARRATOR: "Prudish and Proud" ... Yes, this gal brings new meaning to the word "up tight!"
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: [to himself] Hey! Up. Tight. Yeah ... Isn't that two words?
NARRATOR: Alright, she's a tight ass, okay?!
[click on a bottle of mucilage on Victorian's desk]
NARRATOR: Not enough people refer to past as mucilage anymore.
[Larry tries to take her copy of "Prudish and Proud"]
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: I'm sorry, sir. I'm reading that particular book.
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: Oh, well of course, sir. If it weren't, I wouldn't read it.
[Larry tries to take her bottle of mucilage]
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: You aren't thinking of fingering my mucilage, are you?
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: Who, me? [laughs] Oh, no.
[click on Victorian's computer]
NARRATOR: Victorian's computer is as conservative as she ... DOS 2.1 indeed!
[click on Victorian's tea set]
NARRATOR: Yes, Victorian has quite a set.
[select "What do you want to discuss with Victorian Principles?" and type in "Necronomicon"]
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: Just a moment. Let me look that up for you.
[she turns and begins typing on her computer]
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: [to himself] Maybe I can just slip this out of here while she's not looking ...
[Larry takes her copy of "Prudish and Proud"]
NARRATOR: Congratulations, Fagin. Now what?
[Larry takes the bottle of mucilage]
NARRATOR: You never know when something should be more sticky!
[Victorian finishes typing and turns back towards Larry]
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: No. I find nothing on that in our computer.
[look at the "Prudish and Proud" book in the inventory]
NARRATOR: "Prudish and Proud: The Gripping Saga of Three Demure Librarians who Resist the Temptations of the Flesh and Affirm Their Commitment to Moral Principles. Number 126 in a series of 200." Sounds right up your alley, Larry.
[look at "The Erotic Adventures of Hercules" book in the inventory]
NARRATOR: It's "The Erotic Adventures of Hercules," soon to be a major motion picture starring Troy McClure. Every page smolders with intense passion, engulfing the reader in depradations of wicked lust. At least, that's what it says on the back cover.
[Larry takes the dustjacket off of the "Prudish and Proud" book]
NARRATOR: This is Victorian's book just the way you'd like to see her. Without cover.
[Larry places the dustjacket onto "The Erotic Adventures of Hercules"]
NARRATOR: On the outside, it's the story of principled women who avoid temptation through abstinence and willpower, but on the inside, it's nothing but sin, sin, sin!
[select "What do you want to discuss with Victorian Principles?" and type in "Life"]
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: Just a moment. Let me look that up for you.
[she turns and begins typing on her computer again, as Larry places the book back on her desk]
NARRATOR: Nice going, Larry. That ought to stimulate her "inner woman."
[Victorian finishes typing and turns back towards Larry]
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: No, I'm sorry. That book is checked out.
[select "Goodbye" from menu]
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: Well, nice talking to you, Victorian. Perhaps I'll stop by later.
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: All righty, then. Good day.


[Larry returns to the ship's library, where Victorian has let her hair down, removed her glasses, and is wearing a low-cut bustier]
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: Excuse me, Miss ... Didn't you used to be the ship's librarian?
VICKI: I still am! So, is that a library book in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?
[click on the red lightbulb in Vicki's window]
NARRATOR: The red light seems superfluous, wouldn't you think?
[click on the banana peel on Vicki's desk]
NARRATOR: You hate to think where that's been!
[click on Vicki's battery]
NARRATOR: You get a charge from the new improved Vicki without the need for external power!
[click on Vicki's rubber glove]
NARRATOR: Thank God that rubber glove is inflate and otherwise unused!
[click on Vicki's computer, now labelled "The Amiga of Love"]
NARRATOR: Oh no! She's playing "Leisure Suit Larry 6!"
[click on Vicki's calendar hanging above her desk]
NARRATOR: She's even changed her calendar!
[click on Vicki's chest]
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: [to himself] Hmmm. That reminds me. I wonder where I left my ear muffs?
[click on Vicki's desk, which is covered with various objects (like ointments and sausages)]
NARRATOR: Vicki's taste has certainly changed since you first met her.
[click on Vicki's bottle of whipped cream]
NARRATOR: Little Larry loves whipped cream!
[click on Vicki's rubber chicken]
NARRATOR: A rubber chicken is always good for a few laughs.
[select "Entertainment" from menu]
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: But, um ... Wadda you do for, say, entertainment?
VICKI: Oh, I start at one end of the male passengers and work my way through to the other. Unfortunately, I'm now on my third pass through most of them.
[select "Glasses" from menu]
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: Didn't you used to wear glasses, Victorian?
VICKI: Yeah, but now they keep fogging up on me! But you know, Larry, without my glasses, you look pretty good.
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: [to himself] I look even better in the dark!
[select "Pile of books" from menu]
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: My God, Vicki! I didn't know books like that were legal!
VICKI: Oh, those? [laughs] Those are nothing ... you should see what's in my cabin.
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: [to himself] I promise not to refuse!
[select "Shipboard life" from menu]
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: I bet life aboard a cruise ship is like an endless vacation! Don't you just love it?
VICKI: Sure, it's perfect ... if perfect means knowing that every day you're going to have exactly the same men you had every day last week.
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: But, all the fun, the night life, the non-stop partying?
VICTORIAN PRINCIPLES: Oh, not for me. It's more like working in an office.
[select "Weather" from menu]
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: Particularly nasty weather?
VICKI: Of course you may ... and what's more, I'll help you!
[Vicki suddenly interrupts]
VICKI: Larry, it's time to turn my literary research into action!
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: Well, yes, I could see that. I'd certainly like to help out, I could offer my services--
[she grabs Larry and pulls him behind her desk]
[pieces of clothing begin flying around from behind the desk]
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: Oh! Wow! Yeow! Yessss!
VICKI: Yes! Larry! Oh, Larry! You're bringing out my inner woman!
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: Yee-haw! Ride 'em, cowboy!
VICKI: Yes, oh yes! Oh, such an animal! Oh, I didn't know you could have this much fun behind the desk!
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: Yippee-I-yo-kay-eh! Burp me like I'm Tupperware!
[finished, both get up from behind the desk, when Larry notices that all of his clothes have been torn to shreds by Vicki]
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: Oh, now what am I gonna do, Vicki?
VICKI: Oh, what more is left to do, Lar-Lar?
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: I mean my clothes! How can I get back to my room naked?!
VICKI: Oh, don't worry, Lar. I can loan you a "jacket."
[cut to the outside of Larry's cabin, as Larry is naked except for a dustjacket covering his privates]
LEISURE SUIT LARRY: [to himself] Okay, there's my room. I'm gonna make it without a single soul seeing me naked!
[he tries to sneak into his room, but backs into an old woman, and ends up tearing the book jacket in half from the surprise]
OLD WOMAN: You damn hippies should be ashamed!



"Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail!"

It turns out that that door took us into the library. The first thing you will probably notice is another "Where's Dildo?" on the ground, by the Grandfather clock - click it and watch it dance away. Now, look at the stuffed beaver atop the right shelf (1), and start looking at the books as well. Certain books you may want to take a look at, and try to take, is the green one on the right shelf, "Fokker: More Than Just an Airplane" (2), and the blue one on the bottom shelf, "Fun with Electromagnetism" (2). It's not terribly important that you remember what these two books say, but keep them in the back of your mind.

Now, walk around the right corner, and you should meet the librarian, Victorian Principles (3). A rather long list of topics should pop up, but go ahead and ask about all of them if you like. If not, ask about "your book," and you will find out that she likes books that affirm moral principles - not that racy, spicy stuff. Also, choose "check out" and then "pile of books," and you'll discover that all those books are checked out to her. Look at the top one, and you'll see that it's a book called "Prudish and Proud." In front of the books is a jar of mucilage, or paste. She won't let you take it however...unless you select "other" from the topics and type in something random. Whatever you type in, she'll look up for you on her computer, turning her back; quickly steal the mucilage before she turns back around (5)! You can also ask her about Captain Thygh, and she'll tell you that the captain spends all her time in her room. That's about it for now, so exit and pull out your map. Head over to the nearby Poop Deck.


Walk around the right corner, and you'll see Victorian put down her "Prudish and Proud" book. If you try to click on her and "Use" --> "The Erotic Adventures of Hercules," she won't accept it, so we'll have to try to find a sneakier way to get her to read it. Remember how we got the mucilage? Select "other" and then type some random word in. While she's turned around, quickly take "Prudish and Proud" (6), then go into your inventory and click on it and remove the book jacket (4). Now, use the book jacket with "The Erotic Adventures of Hercules." (14) By this point, Victorian may have finished looking up your word on the computer, so simply select "other" again and type in a different one. You can also ask her about Drew Baringmore, by the way, but she won't turn her back for this one.

While her back is turned once again, click on the pile of books, and select "Use" --> "'Erotic' Book in 'Prudish' Jacket." (2) Now, as we saw earlier, Victorian reads while noone is there, so let's go ahead and leave for awhile so that she can be alone with her book. Say "goodbye," then pull out your map and head back to the Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge.


How about another easter egg? This is a pretty obscure one, but well worth the reward. I'll give you a hint: look at the magazine page you got from the kitchen, and look at the ingredients you need. Beaver milk? Now, how in the world would you get a thing like that? Well, there's that beaver on the right shelf, so click on it, select "other," and type in "milk," to try to milk the poor thing. While you don't get any, you should see another easter egg flash in the top left corner of the screen. We'll check out the reward later, but for now, walk around the right corner to see Victorian.

Only now, it's not Victorian anymore, but "Vicki." It seems like our uptight little librarian has made quite the transformation, and for the better, I think you'll agree. Anyways, there's another "Where's Dildo?" for you to click, on the right side behind the pineapple and bananas. Also, look at the computer screen (1) to see that she's playing Leisure Suit Larry 6. So, are you ready for another easter egg? This one will allow you to see Vicki nude! Press and hold "Control" on your keyboard, then click on the leftmost guy on her computer screen - if you did it right, you should see the easter egg flash.

Now, go ahead and start talking to Vicki about the various topics, but save "the weather" for last. Once you select it, Vicki loses control and throws you onto the floor, before ripping all your clothes off. While most of the action takes place behind the desk, you do get to see her for a little while, at least if you got the easter egg I told you about above. Once you're done, she loans you a book jacket to get back to your room - unfortunately, it rips and an old woman sees you in all your glory. (20)

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