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Case Study No. 0032: Unnamed Female Librarian (The Real Ghostbusters)

RGB - Got chickens?
It seems like the librarian is implying something...or maybe she just wants to cook dinner for Egon. We may never know.
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[scene opens in the New York Public Library, as the Ghostbusters are at the front desk checking out books with the young female librarian]
LIBRARIAN: [handing Ray back his books] Next.
PETER: [confidently handing her a book, in an attempt to impress her]
LIBRAIAN: [stamps the book]
PETER: [before she can hand the book back] Betcha don't get many celebrities here. Well, maybe some actors, but I mean people who can read. As Ghostbusters, we have a scientific responsibility to--
LIBRARIAN: [slides the book back to him with a condescending look] Will that be all?
PETER: All? Are you kidding? You know how many words are in these things? Why, I'll bet I read more than anyone else in this room!
[Egon enters the scene, spilling a large stack of books onto the table]
EGON: Whoops!
PETER: [thinking quickly] Ah, the rest of my books! He'll check these out for me, I'll be in the car ... [to the other Ghostbusters] Come on, guys!
[the other two follow Peter out the door, passing a creepy looking man with his nose buried in a book]
LIBRARIAN: [dreamily looking into Egon's eyes] Anything else, Doctor Spengler?
EGON: Yes, I couldn't find ... [looking at his list] "Spirit Summonings and Conjurations," "Lochmoor's Guide to the Lower Regions," and the latest volume of "Who's Who and What's That."
LIBRARIAN: Oh, but those volumes have already been checked out ... [she points to the creepy man] By him.
CUBBY: [muttering to himself] Chickens ... Chickens ... Just wait!
EGON: [takes out his PKE Meter and checks Cubby for signs of spectral activity]
LIBRARIAN: [whispering] Is he human?
EGON: Unfortunately, yes. Well, maybe next time ... [he takes his books and leaves]
LIBRARIAN: [yelling after him] See ya next week ... [to the female patron next in line] Oh, he is so cute!
[Egon stops in front of Cubby, who is giggling to himself while reading]
EGON: A word of caution, from one expert in the paranormal to a ... well, whatever. Be careful with those books. In the wrong hands, they could be dangerous.
CUBBY: Not dangerous to me ... but chickens? [laughs] Anything with feathers, look out!
[he runs off]
EGON: [to himself] Definitely evolved from the shallow end of the gene pool.


[the Ghostbusters are driving through the city]
EGON: All the chickens in the world have vanished.
PETER: You've been up all night doing equations again, haven't you? You know how that effects you ...
RAY: But if you're right, Egon, why are we heading into town instead of the country?
EGON: Just playing a hunch ...
[cut to Egon speaking with the librarian at the library]
EGON: When he took the books on spirits and summonings, he mentioned chickens. If you could possibly tell me where he lives ...
LIBRARIAN: Well, since it's you ... [starts typing on her computer]
EGON: [moves in closer] I beg you pardon, but what is that perfume you're wearing?
L: "Essence of Fungus," you like it?
EGON: Actually, it's very ... uh, never mind.
LIBRARIAN: [hands him a piece of paper] I hope this address helps.
EGON: I'm sure it will. Thank you.
LIBRARIAN: [hands him another piece of paper] Uh, this is my address ... just in case.
EGON: Do you have chickens?
LIBRARIAN: I could get some ... [winks]
[the Ghostbusters walk towards the exit]
PETER: [to Egon] That's disgusting.



"The Real Ghostbusters"
Season 2, Episode 26 ("Chicken, He Clucked")
19 October 1987
Written By: J. Michael Straczynski
Production Code:76019

A man driven to insanity by the smell of chickens from a nearby restaurant named Cubby is bent on getting rid of all the chickens in the world, so he takes out some spell books from the library and summons a demon by the name of Morganan to help accomplish his goal. The demon then begins to get ridiculed by his fellow demons. The demon then asks the Ghostbusters for their help in reversing the spell.

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