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Case Study No. 0013: LisaNova

LisaNova-colab character- librarian LisaNova
naughty nurse lisanova
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["Lascivious Librarian LisaNova" appears onscreen, as the scene opens with Lisa wearing an unbuttoned blouse while flipping through a book]
LISANOVA: Hi, it's lascivious librarian Lisa Nova. And yes, reading is fun! I just learned how to read last year, and already I'm an expert at the Dewey Decimal System! Oh Dewey ...
[cut to another shot of Lisa standing in her "library"]
LISANOVA: Hi, it's lascivious librarian Lisa Nova, and I hope your books aren't overdue! Otherwise, those late fees ...
[she looks down at her unbuttoned blouse]
LISANOVA: Are going to rack up.
[cut to another shot of Lisa, as she's looking over her bookshelf, then turns as if noticing the camera for the first time]
LISANOVA: Oh, hi! It's me, lascivious librarian Lisa Nova, and yes ... I can help you find anything you need.
[she grabs a book off the shelf]
LISANOVA: A little "Crime and Punishment", anyone?
["LisaNova CollabCharacters now available at LisaNovaLive.Com"]
["These thumbnails are becoming a real problem, YouTube. New vloggers and video makers are being lost in a sea of gamed thumbnails which you claim are against Terms of Use. So, if we can't beat them, we'll join them."]



LisaNova Character Collab clips are for everyone ... AND THEY ARE COPYRIGHT FREE! SO GO AHEAD AND DOWNLOAD THEM NOW!

Each download contains a COMBO PACKET of 3 to 4 clips. So if you like a certain character there are a few choices. And if a certain character is really popular we will make more clips for your use. Try to make sure that the collab clip you chose is either 1. relevant to what your video is about or 2. use it as a sponsorship, for example: "Now a word from my sponsor, Lascivious Librarian LisaNova."

I am going to be uploading tons of character collab clips, so that we don't have too many people using the same image/clips. But I would LOVE your suggestions, so please if you are planning to make a video and need a great collab clip, let me know and i will try and make it. Whatthebuck was doing a video about Kim Kardashian so I was able to make him a personalized collab clip.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy these clips and use them well and I hope everyones views start to skyrocket! I love feedback so you can leave your thoughts in the video comment section or on my forums. I will checking the forum frequently.

We would appreciate if you use a collab clip in your video that you put this in the description box:

Whatever collab character you chose, provided by :
LisaNova collab characters available for download at:

Lisa Donovan (born June 11, 1980) is an American actress and writer. Her self-produced comedic short films, published under the username LisaNova, are among the most viewed videos on YouTube.

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