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Case Study No. 0005: Mikos

Dianne Robbins -Messages from The Hollow Earth
Listen to an excerpt read by author Dianne Robbins about the existence of these evolved civilizations that live in peace and brotherhood in the Center of our Earth, which is HOLLOW, and contains an Inner Central Sun, with oceans and mountains still in their pristine state.
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Thank you for tuning in to the broadcast of "Messages from the Hollow Earth", by author Dianne Robbins. In this book, you will listen to an excerpt as it was transmitted to Dianne Robbins from Mikos, a Hollow Earth resident who talks about an inner-earth library called Porthologos that contains the records of the Library of Alexandria. You are about to enter a library, the Library of Alexandria.

Greetings from the Center of the Earth! My name is Mikos, and I am a resident of the city of Catharia. I am talking to you from the Library of Porthologos, located in the Hollow Earth beneath the Aegean Sea.

I am very old by definition. I span eons of time in the same body. I have been able to compile Earth's records in the Library of Porthologos, where all Earth's history has been preserved. Our library is immense and extensive, and holds the records of the Universe, not just Earth. We can study the history of all planets and solar systems and learn everything about life everywhere. Such is our library's capacity. Not only can we read about it, but we can experience it all firsthand from our crystals that store the memories of all events. So we can access these events, learn from them, and solve our problems easily and with the best possible outcomes for all involved.

I am a librarian and researcher by trade, but a statesman and ambassador for the whole Earth. I venture out on journeys to other star systems and galaxies and arrange for their records to be transferred to our library here in Porthologos for safekeeping. We house all the records in our Universe so that some day all people, everywhere in our Universe, will be able to come here to peruse their records and learn their wisdom to avert the negative and ensure the positive outcome of all events. This is the purpose of a library - it is to give guidance for the evolution of a society and a planet so that the people can live and evolve in peace and prosperity, not negativity and war.

All conceivable situations and answers are found in our library, ready to be assimilated by you. As soon as peace prevails on the surface, we can open our library doors to you and accompany you inside. We long for this day, which is assuredly dawning. As we draw closer to our glorious reunion, we send you our everlasting love from below and hope you will return it on your out-breath, where we can set up a circle of love revolving around and through our beloved Earth.

What is the purpose of the Library of Porthologos?

I am Mikos, Guardian of the Earth's records, and all records in your Solar System and Universe. I am here, in the cavity of Earth, primarily to guard the history of all life everywhere. This is our prime purpose and the purpose for the Library of Porthologos.

Today we will take you on a tour through our halls, and show you what a true library in your future will look like. Your future libraries will look like ours, as ours is the model that all libraries will replicate.

We will start with the outer grounds, as there are inner grounds too. The outer grounds are lush with grasses, flowers, bushes and trees. And there are circular clearings with soft benches and lounging chairs in the center, accompanied by small, round, tall tables to set your accouterments on. There are small springs of waterfalls and fountains in these enclosures, for our water is alive and in a full state of consciousness that sings. Yes, our water sings, and as you lounge in our secluded enclosure you are sung to by the water of life, as it sprays from our fountains with melodies of deep love that harmonizes and balances all the cells in your body. From this state of deep peacefulness and harmony, we sit and relax at intervals during our 'work' day.

And now we go inside the Library of Porthologos, and walk up the crystal staircase, where the door opens up into the Universe. Yes, the Library is multidimensional! As you enter, you see the Milky Way Galaxy floating around you, and can glance into the heavens beyond, which encompasses our whole Universe. You see the stars and suns and other solar systems revolving around our Central Sun, and you feel part of 'All That Is', as indeed you are.

And yes, there is more. The Library of Porthologos is an Interdimensional Portal that can take you to wherever you project your thoughts and intentions to go and see 'first hand'. Yes, it is magic on the surface, but here it is natural and real and accepted as part of life, as indeed it is. It allows our eyes to see the wonders of life that surrounds us, not just a blank, dark, or cloudy sky overhead, interspersed with tiny, far distant stars, that your surface folk hardly look up to anymore, as their gaze is directed more to their ground struggle for survival.

So, we are fully inside now, and you witness the wonders of our Universe through your inner sight, which now becomes your natural outer sight. As you begin to walk through the door, magic enfolds you, and magical sights, sounds and senses embrace you. You are fully energized and vibrant, and your cells sing to the sounds of the crystals embedded throughout the library, for our library is all crystals and jewels, all in harmony, and all in tune, carrying the rhythm and beat of the Earth, the Milky Way Galaxy, and Universe.

Your cells chime to this universal beat. Ah, you are in ecstasy! There is color and light all around you, and all the Beings you meet radiate this great light and unconditional love coming from the core of our Central Sun directly into the heart of the library's portal. You feel this love intensely and are in love with all around you and in love with everyone, everywhere. You are truly 'alive' at last. You bless the flame of life within you, and proceed into the vastness of Porthologos.

You see people everywhere – walking, talking, studying, sitting, reclining, dreaming and just soaking in the vibrations of peace. Everywhere there are flowers of great vibrancy and fountains and pools of water spilling forth their choruses of song. You look around and see secluded alcoves interspersed throughout the vast halls, with the most ergonomically structured chairs beckoning you to recline upon them. You find one calling to you, and you sit down and experience a connection to this chair that tunes you to its vibration so that you are connected to the mainframe of the internal computer in the library. You are, so to speak, 'wired up' with the wireless wires, and fully connected to the operating system, which you operate with your thoughts and feelings, and which will take you anywhere you 'wish' to go in our galaxy. You navigate with your mind, using your thoughts as your directional compass for coordinates of latitude and longitude. And it is so natural that you marvel at its simplicity and naturalness. And you travel in consciousness, and explore our Galaxy and Universe 'first hand' and for the first time in your fully conscious human state. This is yet another aspect of what our library offers to its visitors, along with its crystal slides of all recorded history of our entire Universe.

And you are here through the vibrational frequency of our words, as you read them and envision the sights in your 'imagination'. We welcome you, and invite you to enter at any time. Just call to us for entry, as our call is always going out to you. I AM MIKOS, and I am here to guide you personally through our library whenever you call. You don't need a 'library card', as your identification is inscribed in the DNA of your cells. We await your visit.

Our library is the only one of its kind in our vast system of planets. Our library is so vast that it covers 456 square miles of terrain and has vast storage vaults containing records all stored on crystal slides that are viewed through our crystal projectors. Our storage facilities are vast, organized and categorized, so that you can easily locate the information you are looking for and retrieve it for viewing. We have vast conveyers that will deliver your order within minutes, and then return it back to its storage location again. This way, every item in the library is always where it should be and can be easily found and perfectly preserved. Such is our technological capabilities. For we have drawn on the technology of the Universe we reside in, and have the most advanced methods of preservation and storage and retrieval that would marvel your library systems beyond anything you could dream of.

For we don't have dead books on our shelves - we have living records of life, in all its vast and differentiated forms of existence, that play out its story as on a live stage in a theatre; and we sit and view it, as if we're in the audience, thus having this first hand experience of all history right here and now. It is truly a marvel to witness, and the most evolved way to learn about life in all its varied forms. There are these mini-theatres all throughout the library, where we can sit in comfort and view any activity or event we choose that has taken place on Earth and in our Universe throughout all time. This is really what theatre is about, with live actors portraying themselves, as they were, at that particular event in time. This is the best way to learn about life in our Galaxy, and makes history come alive and jump out at you and capture your attention and you become part of it and feel it and experience it. It is the best way to learn. Your surface Earth history classes are dull and boring compared to our way of learning, and accounts for your loss of attention and loss of interest in your school classrooms - aside from the fact that your information is misinformation based on someone's theory or prejudice, rather than actual fact.

You would like our library and would find learning exciting and wondrous to experience. Someday, you will be able to access all the information in the Library of Porthologos, when you travel here through the tunnel system that will be open between our two civilizations in the future when surface humans stop warring and people reach Unity Consciousness. Then the world will open up to you and you will experience the joy and freedom of being in unity with All of Us in this Universe, and will benefit from all our wisdom and all our accomplishments. This is how planets, solar systems, galaxies and universes evolve - by uniting in one consciousness and evolving together through Eternity - one step at a time, climbing the Spiral of Evolution together, and bringing everyone along so that all evolve and all benefit and no one is left behind.

We bid you adieu, our Brothers and Sisters on Earth, and hope you will listen to our call, for our call is also your call from within. It is all the same call, it is the one call from the mighty Creator calling us all home. Thank you for travelling with us to the Center of the Earth.

Messages from the Hollow Earth
Written by Dianne Robbins
Narrated by Stephen Sindoni, Dianne Robbins
To purchase a copy of this book, DianneRobbins.com


From diannerobbins.com:

Not only is the Earth HOLLOW, but it is inhabited by Advanced Civilizations!

Read about the existence of these evolved civilizations that live in peace and brotherhood in the Center of our Earth, which is HOLLOW, and contains an Inner Central Sun, with oceans and mountains still in their pristine state.

Discover the Lost Library of Alexandria!

Imagine a perfect garden on a warm summer day, the sunshine only obscured now and then by cool clouds drifting overhead. However, this day does not end, but is continual, since the "sun" (the "central sun" within the heart of the earth) never moves. This body of light is just the right size and intensity to keep the inner surface at a warm (not cold nor hot) temperature perpetually. Since there is no "night" there, the inhabitants simply take occasional "naps" to replenish their energy.

This is the setting just outside the library of "Porthologos", which is a magnificent jeweled structure such as has no equal on the surface of the earth, like a structure out of a living dream.

Porthologos is not just a library, but also a holographic "observatory" of our multi-dimensional universe, where all spaces, times, and dimensions may be studied in depth. Truly, Porthologos is a "doorway" to the Omniverse...In Porthologos, you will meet people from other worlds in space, from various underground cities, and even from other dimensions as well.

Unlike our Internet, Porthologos has a Psi-net much like the virtual-reality chairs and helmets that you see in the movies. However it is not "virtual" reality, but "true" reality, as the Psi-net takes you through the virtual galactic info-net to explore other worlds and dimensions with your thoughts AND feelings.

Or, you may experience the crystalline recordings of all the recorded history of our Omniverse, if you wish.

Before the deluge, a canopy or firmament surrounded the entire planet, blocking out the harmful radiations of the sun. This is why centurions such as Methuselah lived to be over 900 years old. But with the falling of this canopy, the protective shield was lost, and man's life span decreased dramatically.

The inner sun, with its electro-magnetically-focused "auroral" nature (its reflection is sometimes seen through the northern and southern openings as the "polar lights"), does not possess the harmful radiation that would otherwise deplete the life-force of its inhabitants, causing these inhabitants to live in the hundreds of years, or even longer than Methuselah's 900+ years. Some of these Inner dwellers, like Mikos himself, live to be many thousands of years old. With the canopy that once covered the earth, the outer surface was once as lush as the inner surface. However, with the fall of the protective canopy that kept the outer planet at an even climate, and blocked out the harmful radiations, the inner surface alone remains in an "Edenic" state.

Most of the cities in the inner surface are underground within the vast caverns of the inner crust, in order to protect and preserve the natural beauty and foliage of the inner surface. All the buildings on the surface of the inner hollow sphere are circular rather than possessing sharp corners.

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