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Case Study No. 0026: Onett City Librarian

Earthbound Playthrough #4
Check out the Onett Library.
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[Ness is walking around the city of Onett when he finds the library]
SIGN IN FRONT OF LIBRARY: "Onett Public Library." Use the library more!
GIRL IN FRONT OF LIBRARY: A library is a nice place to learn stuff. I got a lot of info about EarthBound. You can borrow maps for nothing!
[he enters the library and talks to the female librarian at the front desk]
LIBRARIAN: Hi! Kids can borrow only maps at this library. Do you want to borrow one?
[choose "No"]
LIBRARIAN: A man without a map isn't popular with the girls. Do you want one now?
[choose "Yes"]
LIBRARIAN: Here's a map. Onett isn't the only thing on the map. All the info is there, except for the info that isn't there. Pressing the X Button allows you to view the map at any time. How convenient! You know, the X Button... located near the top. Ha ha ha.
["Ness got the Town map."]
PATRON 1: I'm cramming for the big test tomorrow. It's about games. "Hotel Rule" ... if you stay at a hotel, you'll wake up with full HP and PP. "Life Recovery Rule" ... recovering your life will give you full HP, but zero PP. Hmmm ... I bet this stuff will be on the test ...
[tries talking to another patron sitting at a desk]
PATRON 2: ...
[tries again]
PATRON 2: Quiet!
[tries again]
PATRON 2: Shh! Shh! You're too loud! Try to move around quietly, Mr. Noisy pants.
PATRON 3: At Giant Step, there's a monster guarding that spot from the outside world. No one knows when the monster made Giant Step its territory. I wonder if he's stronger than my wife ...
[walks up to a patron wearing a hockey mask]
PATRON 4: ... ... ... (A man of few words. It's useless talking to him now.)
[enters another room]
PATRON 5: Recently, I sensed the presence of UFO's flying around ... or am I just dreaming?
PATRON 6: ... Shhh! You're bothering people!
[tries again]
PATRON 6: The truth is, I like to talk! Since I'm in a library, I'm trying to be quiet. Oh man!
[talks to another patron sitting at a desk]
PATRON 7: I recently read a book titled "Our Convenient Society." It said that our modern society demands that there always be an ATM in hotels and drugstores. Just knowing that is convenient! I'm glad I read the book ... I can't believe I didn't know this stuff. I'll check whether or not we have an ATM in our drugstore ...
[talks to another patron sitting at a desk]
PATRON 8: I read the book called "Our Society is Convenient." It said that these days, there are always telephones in hotels and drugstores. I also learned that to use a green pay phone costs a dollar, while the black phones are free. If you weren't aware of this, all your money could get eaten up by your phone calls. I'm glad I read that book ...
[walks up the stairs to the second floor and enters the room]
PATRON 9: I can't believe I saw it with my own eyes. I was staring out the window and there it was, just fluttering there ... I'd only seen it in the encyclopedia before. What was it? A Magic butterfly! If you get close to a Magic butterfly, all your cares fly away, just like a fluttering butterfly. Yep, yep! That's the effect of the legendary Magic butterfly. I love talking about it! Ooops! Sorry about the outburst ... I got carried away with all the talk about lovely butterflies ...
[talks to another patron sitting at a desk]
PATRON 10: I'm researching "Giant Step." It's located north and west of Onett. I heard it possesses a special power!
[walks toward the restroom, when a man runs across the screen and enters the restroom, locking the door behind him]
MAN IN LIBRARY RESTROOM: [after Ness knocks on the door] Don't talk to me! I ... I'm thinking ... !
[tries knocking again]
MAN IN LIBRARY RESTROOM: Uh no, I'm in here. Don't try to come in ... especially if you don't need to use the bathroom!
[tries knocking again]
MAN IN LIBRARY RESTROOM: Doesn't it seem like restrooms in bookstores and libraries are always crowded?


[Ness is staying at the Onett Hotel, where the bellboy delivers a complimentary issue of the Onett Times]
BELLBOY: [reading headline of the newspaper] "Onett Library facing crisis! Many book borrowers giving library books away or never returning them!"


[Ness and his friends have defeated the Starman Deluxe and freed its prisoners, including Apple Kid]
APPLE KID: What? You're looking for the book "Overcoming Shyness"? I returned it to the Onett library. Please use the book to help the shy Tenda tribe ... Anyway, because I knew you, I had an incredible experience ... wow! I was kidnapped by some of Giygas' toadies!
[Ness and his friends teleport back to the Onett Library]
LIBRARIAN: Hi! It's not necessary to return the map now. Come back in the year 2001 to return it.
NESS: [checking the bookshelves] (There are books other than "Overcoming shyness.")
NESS: [checking another bookshelf] (You found the book "Overcoming Shyness"!)
["Paula got the Shyness book."]
PATRON 4: Hi! Nice to meetchya! I'd really love to sit down and chat with you someday. I'll talk about my adventure, and you can tell me about all of your mistakes.
[Ness and his friends teleport back to Tenda Village]
TENDA CHIEF: ... We're all shy. Rumor, I heard a book to fix shyness, there is. Where? Don't know. Just a rumor.
[Paula gives him the Shyness book]
TENDA CHIEF: ... ! Book! Can fix shyness. Thanks. Relax. I'll read to everyone. Oh! Just holding this book in my hands makes me feel like I'm overcoming my shyness already! I'll really take time to read it to everyone!
["The leader of the Tenda tribe reads "Overcoming Shyness" to everyone."]
TENDA CHIEF: Chat, chat whisper, whisper ... I'd like to give you some "Tendakraut" in return. "Tendakraut" is a type of dish that all Tenda like. It stinks, but it tastes wonderful.
["Ness lends the leader of the Tenda tribe the book "Overcoming Shyness."]


[Ness visits the Onett Library to return the copy of "Overcoming Shyness"]
LIBRARIAN: ... Finally, you've come to return the book. Seems like you finished it. You're such a good boy. As a reward, I'll give you a kiss. Smack!



Walk south and then west to the Library. Enter the Library and talk to the librarian near the entrance to receive a Map, an item that lets you see the layout of all major towns in the game. Press the X button to see a map of the town you are in. If you decide you don't need the Map, give it to Tracy or call Escargo Express. To learn Escargo Express's phone number, simply call Ness's mom from a telephone (see EXTRAS section below).

To the north of the library is a kid with shaggy hair. Enter the small recess in the cluster of trees next to the kid and walk north to enter the nearby tree house. Talk to the kid wearing the large red cap to receive the Mr. Baseball Cap and equip it on Ness.


After defeating the Starman Deluxe and talking to Apple Kid, teleport to Onett and go to the Library.

"Check" the bookshelves on the first floor of the Library for the Shyness Book. The book seems to always be on the left-most section of the bookshelf in the room on the right.

Teleport to Tenda Village and "use" the Shyness Book next to the Chief. The Chief will read the book to everyone in the village and give the party the Tendakraut, an item that will help you later.

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