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Case Study No. 0031: Alice, Roger Delicore, and Eleanor Twitty

"Ghostbusters" (1984) - Special effects: Library Ghost
From the original Criterion laserdisc.

"In shooting films with special effects the live action sequences are filmed first, then the effects are inserted.
Following is a "split-screen" demonstration of the film before and after the effects are added. The image on top shows the film without special effects, the image on bottom includes the effects as seen in the finished film."
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The Library Ghost (Later in Ghostbusters: The Video Game known as Eleanor Twitty) was the very first ghost that the Ghostbusters encountered. She appears to be a very odd reader as she likes to stack books up in the air. When the proto-Ghostbusters were about to act out Ray's plan to "get her," she changed into a terrifying form and scared them away. It's never revealed whether she was captured later or not.



(New York Public Library)
(Alice, the Librarian pushes a cart of books down the hall towards the basement.)

(NYPL - Basement)
(Alice walks along carrying some books. As she walks past some shelves the books float around to other shelves. She turns around, but everything has stopped. She walks along some more. As she passes the card catalog the drawers open up and the cards jump out and start going all over the place. Alice turns and sees what's happening, she screams and runs. She keeps running through the stacks. She stumbles onto something, though we can't see it, and she screams at the tope of her lungs.)


(Columbia University)
(Paranormal Studies Laboratory)
(Ray enters the room all in a tizzy about something.)
Ray: (grabbing stuff off shelves) This is it! This is definitely it! Did those UV lenses come in for the video camera? And that blank tape? I need it. The one you erased yesterday.
Peter: (to Jennifer) Can you excuse me for a second?
Jennifer: Sure.
(Peter gets up and walks over to where Ray is. He smacks Ray on the head.)
Peter: I'm right in the middle of something, Ray! Ah, I need a little more time with this subject. Could you come back in an hour, hour and a half?
Ray: Peter, at 1:40 PM at the main branch of the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue, ten people witnessed a free floating, full torso, vaporous apparition. It blew books off shelves from twenty feet away and scared the socks off some poor librarian!
Peter: I'm very excited. I'm very pleased. I want you to get right down there, check it out and get back to me.
Ray: No, no.
Peter: Get right back to me...
Ray: You're coming with us on this one! Spengler went down there and took PKE valances. Went right off the top of the scale. Buried the needle! We're close on this one. I can feel it!


(New York Public Library)
Peter: As a friend I have to tell you: you've finally gone round the bend on this ghost business. You guys have been running your ass off meeting and greeting every schizo in the five boroughs who says he has a paranormal experience. What have you seen?
(They enter the Main Reading Room)
Ray: Of course you forget, Peter, I was present at an undersea, unexplained, mass sponge migration.
Peter: Ooh, Ray, those sponges migrated about a foot and a half.
(Egon is sitting underneath a table listening to it with a stethoscope. Peter runs over quietly and raps on the table with his knuckles. Egon has a very puzzled look on his face. Suddenly Peter picks up a book and slams it down on the table. Egon jumps up, startled.)
Egon: Oh, you're here.
Peter: Yeah, what have you got?
Egon: This is big, Peter. This is very big. There is definitely something here.
Peter: Egon, this reminds me of the time you tried to drill a hole through your head. You remember that?
Egon: That would have worked if you hadn't stopped me.
(A middle aged man, the Head of the Library, Roger, walks up to them.)
Roger: I'm Roger Delicore. Are you the men from the university?
Peter: Yes. I'm Dr. Venkman. (points to Ray and Egon) Dr. Stantz, Egon.
Roger: Thank you for coming. I hope we can clear this up quickly and quietly.
Peter: Let's not rush things. We don't even know what you have yet.
(They walk over to where Alice is lying on top of a table.)
Alice: I don't remember seeing any legs, but it definitely had arms because it reached out for me.
Ray: Arms?! I can't wait to get a look at this thing!
Peter: Alice, I'm going to ask you a few standard questions, okay? Have you or any of your family ever been diagnosed schizophrenic, mentally incompetent?
Alice: My uncle thought he was St. Jerome.
Peter: I'd call that a big yes. Uh, are you habitually using drugs, stimulants, alcohol?
Alice: No!
Peter: No, no. Just asking. Are you, Alice, menstruating right now?
Roger: What has that got to do with it?
Peter: Back off, man. I'm a scientist.
Egon: Ray, it's moving.

(Library Basement)
(The guys have made it down to the basement. Egon walks in front with his PKE meter. Ray is second, carrying a video camera, and Peter is in the rear. Peter looks really bored. He makes some scary gestures at Ray as they come upon a 10-foot tall tower of books.)
Ray: Look!
Egon: This is hot, Ray.
Ray: Symmetrical book stacking, just like the Philadelphia mass turbulence of 1947.
Peter: You're right. No human being would stack books like this.
Ray: Listen! You smell something? (they walk over to the card catalog and see that it's dripping with slime) Talk about telekinetic activity! Look at this mess!
Egon: Raymond, look at this.
Ray: Ectoplasmic residue.
Egon: Venkman, get a sample of this.
Ray: It's the real thing!
Peter: Somebody blows their nose and you want to keep it?
Egon: I'd like to analyze it.
(Ray and Egon continue walking forward. Peter scrapes some slime into a petrie dish. He manages to get it all over his hands. He flicks some of it away and wipes his hands on some of the book spines.)
Ray: There's more over here!
Egon: I'm getting stronger readings here, this way.
Ray: Come on.
(They turn a corner. Peter hands Egon the slime.)
Peter: Egon, your mucus. (A bookshelf falls over with a crash.) This happen to you before? (Ray shakes head 'no'.) Oh, first time? (Ray nods.)
(They continue forward. Egon's PKE meter starts going haywire. They look up and see the ghost. It's a lady, and she appears to be wearing a Victorian style dress. She floats in mid-air reading a book.)
Egon: It's here.
Ray: A full torso apparition, and it's real.
Peter: So what do we do? (Neither Ray nor Egon reply.) Could you come over here and talk to me for a second, please? (he grabs Ray by the ear and drags him behind another bookshelf, out of site. Egon follows.) Could you just come over here for a second, please? Right over here. Come here, Francine! Come here. What do we do?
Ray: I don't know. What do you think?
(Egon starts fiddling with his calculator, but Peter slaps it away)
Peter: Stop that!
Ray: We've got to make contact. One of us should actually try to speak to it.
Egon: Good idea.
(They both look at Peter. He groans and goes to the ghost. Ray starts taking pictures.)
Peter: Hello. I'm Peter. Where are you from? Originally.
Ghost: Ssh.
Peter: (walks back to the guys.) All right. Okay, the usual stuff isn't working.
Ray: Okay, I have a plan. I know exactly what to do. Now stay close, stay close. I know. Do exactly as I say. Ready, ready, get her!
(As they move to grab the ghost she morfs into a really scary monster ghost. The guys get freaked and the run out of the Library. As they hit the steps in front of the building they keep on running. Roger runs after them, shouting.)
Roger: Did you see it? What was it?
Peter: We'll get back to you!
Roger: What?!

(Columbia University)
(Peter, Ray, and Egon are on their way back to the lab. Peter is laughing at Ray.)
Peter: Hee, hee, hee! Get her. That was your whole plan. Get her. It was scientific.
Ray: I just got overexcited. But wasn't it incredible, Pete? I mean, we actually touched the etheric plane. You know what this could mean to the university?
Peter: Yeah, it's gonna be bigger than the microchip. Ray, I'm very excited.
Egon: (working with calculator) I wouldn't say the experience was totally wasted. According to these new readings, I think we have an excellent chance of actually catching a ghost and holding it indefinitely.
Ray: Well, this is great! If this ionization rate is constant for all ectoplasmic entities, we could really bust some heads! In a spiritual sense, of course.
Peter: Spengs? You serious about this catching a ghost?
Egon: I'm always serious.
Peter: Egon, I'm gonna take back some of the things I've said about you. You... you've earned it.
(He gives Egon a candy bar.)

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