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Case Study No. 1643: Unnamed Female Librarian (Barely Political)

Sexy Librarian / Conan O'Brien Barbarian
Happy Halloween!

(used without permission)
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[cut to one of the female party goers dressed as a sexy librarian (long black hair, glasses, grey blazer, white blouse unbuttoned to show her cleavage, tight grey skirt), as she puts a finger to her lips and shushes the male party goers]
LIBRARIAN: Shh, I'm a sexy librarian!
[she slaps her backside with a copy of "The Dangerous Book for Boys" ("Recapture Sunday afternoons and long summer days. The perfect book for every boy from eight to eighty"), then cut to one of the male party goers dressed as "Conan the Barbarian" (red wig, red tie, furry caveman singlet), as he swings a broadsword in front of the female party goers]
CONAN: Well, I'm Conan O'Brien Barbarian!



The Key of Awesome: Season 1, Episode 49
Halloween Battle (27 Oct. 2011)

The guys are tired of the ladies getting all the attention on Halloween! It's a sexy battle of the sexes!

Written by The Barely Guys, Directed by Erik Beck, Edited by Justin Johnson



Barely Political is a large YouTube channel that produces comedy videos starring writer/performers Mark Douglas, Todd Womack, Bryan Olsen, and director Tom Small. The most popular series on the channel is called "The Key of Awesome," which makes music viral videos and parodies, which was created by Mark Douglas and Ben Relles. Barely Political was created in June 2007 by founder Ben Relles and debuted its presence on the internet in the music video "I Got a Crush...on Obama", starring Amber Lee "Obama Girl" Ettinger and created by Ben Relles and Jake Chudnow. Videos on the YouTube channel have been seen over 2 billion times online. "The Key of Awesome" has become the central identity of the channel.



Halloween Battle!
The Key Of Awesome #49


Oh yeah I smell candy corn and drunk women. Halloween must be here
On Halloween we rule the night!
Our boobs are squeezed our pants are tight!
I feel like Lawrence of Arabia right now, cus I'm seeing a lot of camel toe out there.
Inside the club it's a treasure of chests
But outside in the line it's a sausage fest
The bouncer guards the door like a hipster sphinx
Tonight is more annoying than Jar Jar Binks
Hey sexy nurse, you could make me cough
Was your costume on sale cus it is half off
We're totally sexy we're totally hot
What do those witches got that we ain't got
We'd could walk around all scantily clad
Wait a second that idea ain't half bad
It's time to break free of Halloween oppression
To be a sexy bee that is the question
Take the costume your wearing and chop it in half
We're putting the ween back in Halloween
If we band together then no one will laugh
I feel like Charlie Sheen cus I'm "Hallo-winning"
Move aside bouncer lest you want to feel pain
You're standin' on the tracks of the sexy man train
Alright ladies let's put those hands up. I wanna see you! So we can show you out the door, That's right make room for the guys!
It's about 95 degrees sex-ius in here!!!
Don't be jealous cus the fellas really brought it this year.
You can't be sexy No friggin' way
You spoiled our night now it's time to pay
Yeah, Witches, and Nurses, and Jackie O,
A French Maid, A mermaid, and Marylin Monroe
You're dead in the water, we're doin' it better
We got a smokin' hot Freddy in a cut off sweater
I'm dressed up as a sexy mom
Wearing only a baby and five coupons
I'm your worst nightmare a Sexy Buzz Lightyear
Well you might want to think about switching to light beer
Shhh, I'm a sexy librarian
Well I'm Conan O'Brian Barbarian
I'm a homeless stripper and I'm lookin' splendid
I'll leave you horny, and a little offended
Nooooo! Enough!
Once again you've awakened The Pumpkin King
By dressing up in costumes that are obscene
On Halloween's you should be horrifying as hell
Instead you're out here whore-ifying yourselves
You guys are scary but in the wrong way
You may as well be singing YMCA!
If I wanted people half naked outside
I would've put the holiday in freakin' July
Cover yourself for the love of Candy.
Whoa whoa whoa, ladies, I was just talking to the guys. You all look great!
Say, have any of you ever ridden inside an SUV limo? Got one right outside.
It's got a Jacuzzi, and I make a mean pumpkin cosmo.
Hey nurse lady. Where do you work? Slutty Sloan Kettering? Ha ha, I'm just kidding!

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