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Case Study No. 1641: Staff of Unnamed Library (The Count)

Marc Olmsted as Dr. Van Helsing IV, with Wesley Kyles as the Evil Librarian. A section from Olmsted's film THE COUNT.
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[scene opens with Doctor Van Helsing IV in the public library, as he hands a blue notecard ("The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic, BF1623.R7 R32 1984") to the male librarian (glasses, goatee, black jacket)]
VAN HELSING: I couldn't find this book in the shelves.
[cut to a black-and-white closeup of the librarian's face, then back to color footage as he sits at the information desk]
LIBRARIAN: That book isn't on the shelves ... It's in Special Collections.
[Van Helsing gives him a confused look, then cut to the librarian pointing his right arm (which ends in a "stump") off camera]
LIBRARIAN: That way.
[cut to another male librarian taking the book ("The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic by Israel Regardie, foreword by Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D., Limited Edition") out of its locked case and placing it on a table]
VAN HELSING: Thanks a lot.
[he sits and places a photograph (featuring a doorway covered with a bloody red symbol) on the table, then cut to him looking up the symbol in the book]
[cut to him opening another book ("Secret Visions of the Fifth Dalai Lama") and looking at the "otherworldly" illustrations inside]
[cut to him looking at strange drawings/symbols in other books ("Enochian World of Aleister Crowley", "Oracles and Demons of Tibet", "Commentaries on the Holy Books", etc.) when the camera begins to spin around (as if we are seeing his POV as he loses consciousness)]
[cut to footage of the doorway with the bloody red symbol, then cut back to the library as Van Helsing (apparently sleeping) has his head down in a book before opening his eyes]
[cut to Van Helsing walking out of the library as night falls, then to the librarian (who is standing outside and watching him leave)]
[cut to Van Helsing in his apartment going through his mail, when he stops at a manilla envelope ("Van Helsing 1360 Fell St. San Francisco CA 94117")]
[he opens the envelope, and pulls out what appears to be a black-and-white photograph of a dismembered corpse]
[cut to Van Helsing putting on a sleep mask and falling asleep on his couch, then he begins to "dream" (i.e. slow-motion footage of the librarian pointing his handless arm from before)]
[cut to black and white footage of Van Helsing bolting upright and taking his eye mask off, as he looks back down at the photograph (which appears to show a dead body with the hand missing)]
[cut to color footage of Van Helsing as he looks at the manilla envelope, which has the same symbol on the inside flap that was on the doorway]
[he turns the envelope over, and in the upper lefthand corner is a logo with the return address "Wurdulak, 666 Sabbath Way San Francisco 94117"]
[cut to Van Helsing using a magnifying glass to study the logo (which features the head of a vampire bat surrounded by a pentagram and the words "Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc, We Gladly Feast on Those Who Would Subdue Us")]



In "The Count - Part 1," Big Brother meets Anti-Christ as Dracula upgrades for 21st Century world dominion, battling vampire scholar and aging rocker Dr. Van Helsing IV.

"The Count," Marc Olmsted's return to film and first feature after his experimental shorts, owes more to Kenneth Anger than Hammer films. This is the first 12 minutes of the 2010 work-in-progress.

Underground elder statesman Richard Modiano is the Count himself, who abandons the cape for a Russian mob boss look with yakuza sunglasses.

Featuring the music of neo-No Wave band Late Young and Olmsted's own 80's synth band the Job, Late Young's lead singer Dion Olivier also acts, playing Dr. Van Helsing IV's assistant Ishmael. Olmsted himself is the Ahab-like fourth generation vampire hunter in this version of "Dracula" he describes as an intended "Goth 'Alphaville.'"

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