Thursday, October 2, 2014

Case Study No. 1614: "My Mom is a Librarian"

My Mom is a Librarian
Dear dunky,

I missed your beef in the closet.
Maybe next time.


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High school
High school prom was the best night
The best night I dreamed about because it never happened
Never happened
I went to Columbine High School
In 2004, or 3 or 2 or 1
Whenever that shit happened

Nine-Eleven High School
I got killed at Nine-Eleven High School
But I'm
But I'm
But I'm
But I'm
But I'm in limbo
In limbo because I live in Victorian style rooms
Red walls
Classy decor
Lighting that highlights my highlights
Highlights my highlights
My beautiful highlights
That I love but I like to stroke when I'm upset

Here's me at another time in my life
My mom
My mom
My mom was a librarian
And I was really upset that she was a librarian

Because she had to wear those silly glasses
And those silly glasses, they didn't help her
They just made her look more pretentious
And more like a librarian
And I would tell her that
And she would roll her eyes and say

You know what, honey
I'm a fucking librarian
I know about information science
What do you do
You're just fucking
You just get highlights

And then I was like, you know what mom
Highlights are really hard
You've gotta sit in a chair for like three hours

And she was like, Three hours?
Honey, guess what?
One time I sat on your dad's dick for three hours
And guess what? I made you
And you know what
If I never sat on your dad's dick for three hours
Guess what?
You wouldn't be alive right now
And that's why I wear glasses
Because I don't wanna see your crooked head
And by crooked head I mean beautiful

What, you think I'm beautiful
That's just like you mom

I know
I think crooked is beautiful
And you know what?
One day, whenver you're older
You're gonna realize
Idealism isn't in symmetry

Well, what's it gonna be in, mom?
If it's not symmetry
What, is it gonna be in like asymmetry

And that's when I left
Because my mom died in that house
And then I talked to this dude sweeping the ground
I was like, y'know what?
You're poor and you're stupid
And that's why I wear rich people clothes

And I ran away from him
And he went around to his business
And I bought a denim jacket

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