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Case Study No. 1615: Unnamed Female Librarian (How Do I Print?)

How Do I Print?
In case you were thinking about becoming a librarian. Think again.
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[two female bears are standing out in a field]
BEAR PATRON: Hi, I was wondering if we can print from the library computers.
BEAR LIBRARIAN: Um, yes. Yes, you can print.
BEAR PATRON: Great. Can you please explain to me how I can print?
BEAR LIBRARIAN: Sure, I can explain to you how to print. Are you ready?
BEAR PATRON: Yes. Yes, I am ready.
BEAR LIBRARIAN: Are you sure you are ready? There are a lot of steps. Maybe you should write them down, or maybe you can try following the instructions posted next to every computer. This will save you from having to write them down.
BEAR PATRON: Um, no. I don't want to follow instructions. I would like you to tell me all the steps, and I will remember them.
BEAR LIBRARIAN: Yes, of course. You look like a smart girl. I am sure that you will remember all the steps for printing.
BEAR PATRON: Yes. Please tell me, please, how I may print from the library computers.
BEAR LIBRARIAN: I will now tell you how to print. Here goes ... Step one. You must buy a print card, or you must have your student ID activated for printing. Do you have a student ID card? Do you need to purchase a print card?
BEAR PATRON: Uhhh ... Um, I have my driver's license. Can I use my driver's license to print?
BEAR LIBRARIAN: No, you cannot. You must buy a print card. It will cost you fifty cents for the print card, but you will need a one-dollar bill to operate the machine. This means that your print card will have fifty cents worth of printing remaining. Do you understand?
BEAR PATRON: Does the machine take change? I only have pennies. Will the machine take pennies?
BEAR LIBRARIAN: No, you can only use a dollar bill. Do you see the machine in the corner of the room? You must insert a dollar bill and purchase a print card.
BEAR PATRON: Okay, okay. Thank you.
BEAR LIBRARIAN: Wait. No. Where are you going? This is only step one. We have several more steps to go ... Step two. After you have purchased a print card, you must wait for an available computer, so that you can print your document.
BEAR LIBRARIAN: Step three. After you have printed your document, you will proceed to the print manager computer, and insert your print card into the card reader. Do you see the print manager? It is the first computer in the second row.
[the patron continues staring blankly, as the sounds of crickets chirping can be heard in the background]
BEAR LIBRARIAN: Great! Step four ... or is it step five? Anyway, after you find the print manager and insert your card, you will be asked to enter your ID number. You may think that you are being asked for your student ID number, but that is incorrect. This is actually just a trick we like to play on new students! [laughs]
BEAR PATRON: [looks at camera]
BEAR LIBRARIAN: The number that you want to enter is the number written on a little sticker on the monitor of the computer you printed from. It will have the letters "LIB" and then some number.
BEAR PATRON: "LIB." Uhhh ...
BEAR LIBRARIAN: Very good ... Step nine. After you enter your "LIB" number, you should see the print job that you sent to the printer. You will select that print job and click on the button to print it.
BEAR LIBRARIAN: Step 11. Pick up your printouts at the second machine ... Not the first machine, because that's the copier. Do you have any questions?
BEAR PATRON: No. I understand. I will go and print now.
[cut to the patron returning to the librarian]
BEAR PATRON: Um, excuse me. I have another question.
BEAR LIBRARIAN: Oh no. What are you doing back here so quickly? You could not have followed all 13 steps for printing.
BEAR PATRON: No. No, the printer is not working. I need you to show me. Can you come to the computer and help me, please?
BEAR LIBRARIAN: No. Tell me what is happening. Did you buy a print card?
BEAR PATRON: Yes, I have a print card, but something is not working. When I put in my ID number, it doesn't show my print job. Maybe it is broken.
BEAR LIBRARIAN: No, it is not broken. Did you enter your "LIB" number?
BEAR PATRON: Uhhh ... Um, yes.
BEAR LIBRARIAN: Are you sure? You didn't sound sure just now. You entered your student ID number, didn't you?
BEAR LIBRARIAN: Okay, please try printing again. This time, you must enter the "LIB" number written on the little sticker on the monitor on the computer you printed from.
BEAR PATRON: Are you serious?
BEAR LIBRARIAN: Yes, I am serious. I have a master's degree, so I know how to print from the library computers. Do you have a master's degree?
BEAR LIBRARIAN: No, I didn't think so .. Okay then, please try printing again. Don't forget to enter the letters "LIB", don't just enter the number. Now you must excuse me, because I have other important things I must do, like refill the stapler and empty the pencil sharpener. Thank you and goodbye.



Xtranormal has the tag line "If you can type, you can make movies" and it's really that simple! Just select a background, select 1 or 2 characters, type in dialogue, select a couple of camera angle and special animations using point and click and you get a cartoon animated movie with no programming required. It's mostly free and quite flexible and you get a passably good quality movie, though you have to pay if you want additional scenes or characters that are not given by default.

It's not exactly a new service and libraries have also being very quick to use this to use this to create movies for their own use.

A quick search shows that there are easily over 200 of such videos. As you might expect they have being used for various purposes from orientation videos to "how-to" videos to information literacy to introduction of new services etc.

Most of these are pretty standard, what I will showcase below are some of the most entertaining library related ones... Be warned not all are complimentary towards librarians.


"How Do I Print?"

Teaching patrons how to print is a common experience that most librarians share. This is a pretty funny, but quite realistic look at how frustrating it can be for both librarians and users.

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