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Case Study No. 1639: Unnamed Female Librarian (Terror Inc.)

Librarians in Comic Books... Terror!
From: Terror Inc. (1992) #6
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[the first panel shows an exterior shot of the public library]
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] No, the Ferguson's Library's hours are clearly posted ... and it is now one minute past closing time!
[the second panel shows a lone figure (obscured in shadow) standing at the library's locked entrance, as the elderly female librarian (short white hair, glasses, grey dress) looks out at him with an annoyed look on her face]
TERROR: Dear lady, my inquiry requires only a cursory examination of the local newspaper ...
[the third panel shows inside of the library (where Halloween decoration are clearly visible), as the librarian turns to leave (but the man starts tapping on the glass door)]
LIBRARIAN: Back issues of The Advocate are all on microfiche, and I don't have time to walk you through finding whatever it is you're looking for! Now good night!
[the fourth panel shows the librarian responding to the man's repeated attempts to gain entrance by opening the door a crack and giving him an icy tone]
LIBRARIAN: What is it?!?
TERROR: No need to raise your voice! The shadows hide my features, they don't deaden them!
[the fifth panel shows Terror forcing the door opening (revealing the grotesque features of his face to her)]
TERROR: More's the pity where you're concerned!
LIBRARIAN: W-what do you want?
TERROR: Only one thing more than before ... to wish you a Happy Halloween!
[the sixth panel shows a closeup of the librarian's terrified face]
TERROR: Trick or treat ...
LIBRARIAN: [whispers] No ... please ...
[the seventh panel shows Terror sitting at the microfiche reader in the dark]
TERROR: [to himself] The librarian was correct in her assessment of their being some initial difficulty accessing the equipment ... Nonetheless, I manage to pick up on things quickly.
[the eighth panel shows his face bathed in green light from the reader, as he has replaced his eyeballs with those of the librarian's (he's even wearing her glasses!)]
TERROR: [to himself] Certainly with greater ease than Mister Jones had in making a move to new surroundings.
[the ninth panel shows him scanning various issues of The Advocate newspaper]
TERROR: [to himself] His protests that his criminal past was well behind him were met with understandable skepticism from the community ...
[the tenth panel shows him stopping at one page with the headline "Ex-Mobster Welcomed with Open Arms," as the reader gives a "Hard copy printing" message]
TERROR: [to himself] Until the very vocal activism of three spiritual sisters ... a trio by the names Vita Jane Buchetto, Ann Reprucci, and Annette Cortese ... reminded their neighbors of such maudlin Christian tenets as "turn the other cheek" and "forgive and forget."
[the eleventh panel shows the reader printing out the article]
TERROR: Thank you!
[the twelfth panel shows him holding the paper and walking away from the reader]
TERROR: [to himself] Few motives are so pure. Mine certainly isn't ... And if you scratch the surface of humanity, what do you find just beneath but a dark mirror of what I really am?
[the thirteenth panel shows Terror talking into the phone at the front desk]
TERROR: Yes, I'd like to report an emergency at the Ferguson Library, main branch. An ocular injury.
[the fourteenth panel shows Terror looking down at the librarian's dead body on the floor, as he continues talking calmly into the phone]
TERROR: Yes, I believe it's quite serious ...



Terror Inc. was an American comic-book horror series from Marvel Comics starring the antihero Terror. Terror is an eternal entity that absorbs the talents of others through their dismembered limbs. He was created by writers Dan Chichester and Margaret Clark and artist Klaus Janson as the villain Shreck in St. George #2 (Aug. 1988), from Marvel's Epic Comics imprint.

Publication history
Terror was created for Marvel's Epic Comics line as part of writer Dan Chichester's Shadowline Saga of three interconnected titles. There were no superheroes in this world, but rather powerful, ageless beings known as "Shadows". In St. George #2 (Aug. 1988), Chichester and co-writer Margaret Clark introduced a green-skinned killer who acted as the enforcer for the Ravenscore crime family, one of the books' recurring villains.

According to Chichester, Marvel contacted him about bringing Shreck from the Shadowline books into the mainstream Marvel Universe to serve as a platform for reinventing and reintroducing the company's 1970s horror characters, such as Werewolf by Night and Morbius, the Living Vampire, but subsequent publishing plans changed directions.

The series Terror, Inc. was set for 15 issues but only ran for 13 issues, cover-dated July 1992 to July 1993. Terror next appeared in 2006's "League of Losers" storyline in Marvel Team-Up.

Terror, Inc. editor Marc McLaurin maintained that Shreck and Terror are two different characters. Writer Dan Chichester said, "Shreck was Terror and Terror was Shreck ... but for the fact that Terror got to develop more of a back story as time went on."

The comic books themselves gave no confirmation either way. Eventually, the canonical Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Horror 2005 confirmed that the two were in fact the same being.

Powers and abilities
Terror has the ability to replace lost body parts (hand, feet, arms, legs, eyes, ears, nose, etc.) with limbs and organs taken from other organisms. He secretes a natural acid that serves as both solvent and glue: the substance loosens the connective tissues in the target body, allowing him to more easily rend the parts he needs; even if reduced to a head, torso and single arm, this allows Terror to gain enough leverage to remove the needed parts. Once that is accomplished, the substance then helps bond the purloined limbs or organs to Terror's body. The 10" spikes on his cheeks on both sides of his face can be removed and used as weapons, and if lost or damaged will regrow. He has greenish yellow skin, pronounced sharpened canine teeth, and a face resembling a nearly naked skull without lips or eyelids. He also has a metal glove encasing the hermetically sealed hand of a deceased lover.

Upon grafting the new pieces to his body, Terror becomes immediately aware of the previous owner's last memories and strongest emotions, including sights, sounds, or sensations which they once experienced. In some cases this is a liability, and he must ignore this knowledge to complete his task. The MAX imprint version of Terror had used animal parts for a time after his original body rotted away, turning himself into a satyr-like creature.

Though the body parts bond permanently with Terror, they are still dead tissue and will begin to decay at their natural rate. This gives Terror a distinctive odor, and also forces him to seek a constant supply of replacements.

In addition to memories, Terror gains the skills and abilities of the person or being to whom the "borrowed" part belongs. This applies to emotional connections (the hand of a loving husband produced comforting feelings when in contact with his devoted family) as well as technical know-how (the eyes of a librarian gave him the ability to work a microfiche reader).



Terror Inc.#6 - Hired to put a hit on crimelord Piranha Jones, Terror was interrupted by the Punisher. Losing focus of their target, the Punisher and Terror ended up battling each other in a gunfight, that ended with Terror missing some legs. The Punisher was shocked when Terror stole the legs of one of Jones' agents. The Punisher, deciding Terror deserves it as much as any other criminal, opened fire on him. Terror, however, decided to jump off the building onto a passing bus, escaping. Stopping at a library, Terror took a pair of eyes from a librarian and studied up on the Jones case via the library's computer system, then got more information from Ms. Primo on the trio of women who helped Piranha Jones get into town, mob princesses "Babyface" Ann Repucci, Vita "the Headcutter" Buchetta, and "Cruella" Cortese.

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