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Case Study No. 1638: Staff of Unnamed Library (Library Thriller)

Library Thriller
A young man is faced with following rules that he is unaware of at a local library. Be good to librarians or else...
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Due to my strong personal convictions,
I wish to stress that this film in no
way endorses a belief in the occult.
- Braulio Cesar Linares

Braulio Cesar Linares's
Library Thriller

[scene opens with a young male patron entering the library, as he sits at a table next to another male patron (as a young - and very attractive - female librarian shelves books in the background)]
[cut to a closeup of the male patron as he puts his backpack on the table and begins loudly rummaging through its contents (as the other patron rolls his eyes in annoyance)]
[cut to another shot of the patron poking around the bags of chips in his backpack, when the librarian appears next to him and clears her throat]
[he looks up, as she puts a finger to her lips]
LIBRARIAN: [quietly] Shh ...
[she points at a sign on the nearby bookshelf ("Quiet Zone"), as the patron merely shrugs ... she goes back to shelving, and he (carefully) reaches into the backpack and pulls out a stick of gum]
[cut to another shot of the patron as he waves the stick of gum at the other patron ... who shakes his head (as a "No Chewing Gum!!" sign can clearly be seen behind him)]
[cut to the patron as he slowly brings the unwrapped stick of gum up to his mouth ... but is stopped when the librarian appears and again clears her throat]
[the patron looks at her (as she points to the "No Chewing Gum!!" sign), then she walks off camera ... and the patron surreptitiously puts the gum in his mouth when the coast is clear]
[cut to the librarian sitting at the front desk (where she starts reading a copy of "The Lake House" by James Patterson), then back to the patron who absent-mindedly blows a bubble, which pops loudly]
[he looks up in shock (as the other patron beats a hasty retreat), then the sound of a heartbeat can be heard as the camera slowly zooms in on the librarian]
[as Michael Jackson's "Thriller" begins to play, the patron runs off into the stacks as the librarian calmly follows him]
[the patron tries to sneak away, when another librarian dressed exactly the same (white blouse, black skirt, glasses, high heels) walks up with a bookcart and starts following the first librarian]
[cut to the patron slowly backing away, when one of the librarians rises up behind him and scares him off]
[cut to the patron hiding under a desk as a librarian walks past ... except that another librarian is crawling under the desk too (causing him to run off)]
[the music stops, as both librarians corner the patron, so he gets on his knees and begins begging ... the camera switches to his POV as the librarians reach down to grab him, and the screen goes white]
[cut to a closeup of the patron's face, as he's now wearing glasses ... then, as the music starts up again, the camera zooms out to reveal that he is now outside the library and has switched to "nerd" clothing (white collared shirt, red tie, pocket protector, black slacks, plus one fingerless leather glove) and begins dancing with the librarians on either side of him]
[after more dancing, cut to the patron (back in his regular clothes) sitting at the table in the library with his head down, as someone reaches in from off camera and pinches him ... he looks up (as if waking up from a dream), and the camera pans over to reveal that it's the librarian waking him up]
[she walks over and points to another sign ("No Sleeping Allowed!!!"), so the patron calmly gets his backpack and begins walking away ... except he turns back at the last second (revealing that he's wearing glasses again), and the scene freezes as Vincent Price's laugh from the end of the "Thriller" video can be heard]

Directed by
Braulio Cesar Linares

Written by
Braulio Cesar Linares

Jaime Thompson
Karina Linares
Diego Javier Linares
Braulio Cesar Linares

Director of Photography
Braulio Cesar Linares

Michael Peters & Michael Jackson

Edited by
Braulio Cesar Linares

Art Director
Braulio Cesar Linares

Karina Linares
Braulio Cesar Linares

Production Manager
Braulio Cesar Linares

First Assistant Director
Diego Javier Linares

Scary Music by
Elmer Bernstein

Performed by
Michael Jackson
Produced by
Quincy Jones & Michael Jackson
Written by
Rod Temperton
Recorded & Mixed by
Bruce Sweden
Available on
Epic Records

Special Thanks to
Joyce Kennerly

All characters and events in this film are fictional. Any similarity to actual events or persons is purely coincidental.


From ala.org:

This 2009 video (8:39) by teacher Braulio Cesar Linares shows a bubble-gum-chewing young man pursued by vigilant (and strict) librarians. Filmed at the George Memorial Library, the central branch of the Fort Bend County Libraries in Richmond, Texas.

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