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Case Study No. 1620: Unnamed Female Librarian (Library Ninja)

Library Ninja
Here is a humorous video that I edited but did not film. It's about a ninja who is on a mission to acquire a certain book
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[scene opens in a college library, as the camera silently pans across the bookstacks ... until a female ninja (in full costume) pops up and a loud gong sounds her arrival]
[the camera zooms in on the ninja's face, then cut to her reaching into the sock on her right foot and taking out a slip of paper ... she stares at the Japanese script printed on the paper with apparent confusion]
[cut to the ninja sneaking through the stacks, then cut to a male student browsing a particular shelf, as the ninja appears and tries to silently sneak up behind him]
[cut to another shot of the ninja, as she tries to reach up for the top shelf without drawing the student's attention, but he reaches for the same shelf (unaware that she is behind him) and pulls out a book with a red cover and Japanese script printed on the spine]
[checking the book, the student nods and walks off with it, as the ninja (with a look of frustration on her face) slowly follows]
[cut to the ninja peeking out from behind the corner, as she sees the student talking to another male student by the elevator]
STUDENT 1: So yeah, I really do love my car ...
STUDENT 2: Really?
STUDENT 1: It's so cool ... but it's like, y'know, it's like fourteen years old--
STUDENT 2: I heard you kicked it last time.
STUDENT 1: Yeah ... Um, I was trying to make a point about my superficiality about getting a car I don't--
[the elevator opens, and the student with the book goes inside]
STUDENT 2: I'm gonna go up, so ...
STUDENT 1: Alright, I'll see ya around.
[he walks off, as the ninja sneaks up and (once the doors open again) dashes inside]
[cut to inside the elevator, as several students try to avoid eye contact with the ninja while old-timey muzak plays]
[cut to the elevator stopping on the next floor, as the ninja sneaks out and hides behind a potted plant while spying on someone off-camera]
[cut to a shot of the ninja from over her shoulder, revealing that the student is sitting at a table by himself while reading a book]
[cut to another shot of the ninja, as she takes off her sword and props it up behind the plant, then gets down on her belly and starts crawling towards the student]
[cut to a wide-angle shot of the room (showing that the ninja is in plain sight and isn't hiding from anyone), then cut to a closeup of two students sitting at a table on the other end of the room, as the female student nudges the male student in the arm and points out the ninja to him]
[cut to the ninja crawling underneath the student's table, then reaching up and trying to grab the book ... she pulls one book down, and (seeing that it's the wrong one) throws it to the ground]
[cut to a shot of the surface of the table, as the ninja grabs another book ... but it's again the wrong one]
[cut back to the surface of the table, as the ninja's hand reaches up and gropes around before finally grabbing the book with the red cover ... seeing that her mission is a success, she clutches the book to her chest and starts crawling away]
[cut to the front desk, as a young female librarian is scanning books, when the ninja pops up from behind the counter and silently slides the book with the red cover towards her]
[the librarian looks at her in confusion, then starts typing on the computer, then holds out her hand]
LIBRARIAN: Library card?
[the ninja attempts to check her pockets (but doesn't have any), so shrugs her shoulders ... she then tries to take the book back, but the librarian grabs it]
LIBRARIAN: No card, no book.
[the ninja stares at her coldly, then draws her sword as the scene cuts to black]

Library Ninja


Brynna Jones

Emily Wirth

Production Manager
Duncan McNamara

Script Supervisor
Jessica Ramirez

Location Sound
Tom Petricini

Original Story
Matt Thornburg

Production Assistants
John Jurko
Max Eberle
Sarah Lawrence

Production Consultant
D. Williams

Editor and Sound Designer
Tanner Chapman


Christina Downey

Desk Clerk
Nichole Humphrey

Students in Library
John Jurko
Max Eberle
Karyn Meyers
Michael Rath
Brandon Cox
Gabrielle Chavoustie

This film was originally produced by students in the Sync Sound Production course at Bowling Green State University



Interview with Professor Daniel Eric Willams

Jason Haddox: Can you describe some of the most recent or current projects you've worked on?

Daniel Williams: I have a number of projects, specifically short films, that are in various stages of production. I'm in post on a short video documentary on Toledo artist Paul Giger and the work he did on the creation of a fifty foot mural for the Valentine Theater in downtown Toledo. I produced, directed and shot a short film in February that will become one story in a longer multi-plot narrative. And I'm still finishing my feature, Cigarettes for Breakfast, namely collaboration with the composer on the music.

Haddox: Do you or are you currently collaborating, or plan to collaborate with BGSU Film students for your projects?

Williams: Since I've been at BGSU, I have always provided opportunities for students work on the productions. So far, the largest production we've done was for the film No Faces. An entire class of approximately 17 students worked on that film for the semester doing everything from casting, location scouting, production management and production crew. In addition, one of the students in the class who worked as gaffer, Jared Rosenacker, also did the editing and sound design. Creating these opportunities is a direct manifestation of my philosophy. Hands-on, practical experience is a must for students learning the filmmaking craft. And students need to realize that even though they now have immediate access to create their own projects and make a point of collaborating with friends, it's just as important to gain field experience working for and with filmmakers that have more experience. And since most if not all of my personal productions are shot on film, the experience in a way is even more significant. Since the program began in January of 2004, there have only been two students to shoot senior or advanced projects on motion picture film. I wish more students would plan and prepare to take advantage of the resources we offer before they graduate. If you're a film student, you should, at least once, make a film on film.

Haddox: Please describe some of the activities of the Grant-in-Aid Film Major Scholarship Program.

Williams: Primarily, the film/video/multi-media Grant in Aid students work in the Film Production Lab on the fourth floor of South Hall. They handle the day-to-day operations which include equipment reservations, and student/instructor support. The students have been asked to work on various projects that either originate from the department, such as the Valentine Theater project, or from me. This year, Brent Winzek and Chris Bushman completed the editing of a short film produced in Film III two years ago called Library Ninja, and the film will show at this year's Student Film and Media Festival. The students have a lot of responsibility and it's important that they regard the position as a job. And since they work mainly in the Film Lab, they have to know how all of the equipment works. This gives them a valuable learning opportunity.

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