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Case Study No. 1619: Olaf the Draugr Librarian

Tales of the draugr librarian part 1
holy cow!
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[the player enters the Great Library of Skyrim, where he finds a Draugr (undead Nordic warrior) standing near the front desk]
OLAF THE LIBRARIAN: Hey you! What are you doing in my library?
[the player selects "You can talk?"]
OLAF THE LIBRARIAN: Of course I can talk! Silly question ... Why are you saying that as if not a normal thing?
[the player selects "But ... But ... But you are a talking Draugr!"]
OLAF THE LIBRARIAN: What? I am a Draugr?
[he pauses, then begins screaming]
OLAF THE LIBRARIAN: Oh my god! I am a Draugr!!
[he quickly drops the sarcasm]
OLAF THE LIBRARIAN: Do you think I am stupid? Of course I know I am a Draugr! But why should I not be able to talk? I am not a mindless beast roaming around the library.
[the player selects "I still don't believe you are a talking Draugr"]
OLAF THE LIBRARIAN: Move on, kid. I will still be talking long after your death ... What do you want?
[the player selects "Can you show me the books you have for sale?"]
OLAF THE LIBRARIAN: Not right now, I am too busy. If only I had an assistant to help me ...
[the player selects "I would like to know more about ... "]
OLAF THE LIBRARIAN: About what? Spit it out, kid! I don't have eternity ... Oh wait, I do.
[the player selects "Who are you?"]
OLAF THE LIBRARIAN: Call me Olaf the Librarian, and I am running this library. If you need a specific book, ask me and I will see if I can find it.
[the player selects "What is this place?"]
OLAF THE LIBRARIAN: Welcome to the Great Library of Skyrim. This used to be a place of gathering for all Skyrim, but I don't get much visits lately. People seem uncomfortable near me and generally run away. I don't know why.
[the player selects "Why are you different from the other Draugr?"]
OLAF THE LIBRARIAN: I don't see why I should become a stupid mindless thing wandering in old ruins, when I have eternity to increase my knowledge. If the other Draugr want to be stupid adventurer targets, it is their problem, not mine.
[the player explores the library, then returns to speak with the librarian again]
OLAF THE LIBRARIAN: Here to learn from an old librarian? Well, I am busy. Make it quick.
[the player continues searching through the library]
OLAF THE LIBRARIAN: Don't make anything fall from the shelves! I am not here to clean your mess ...
[the player walks up to the librarian]
OLAF THE LIBRARIAN: I could use some help ... I don't want to leave my library, but so many things need to be done. Slaughter stupid Draugr, hire a pretty assistant, improve the decorations in my library.
[the player selects "Pretty assistant"]
OLAF THE LIBRARIAN: Hmmm. Find me a young and pretty assistant for the library. I will take good care of her, and even make look better and live longer ...
["Started: Tales of the Draugr Librarian - The Assistant" appears on screen]
OLAF THE LIBRARIAN: Do you even know how to read?
[the player exits the library, then travels to Hag's End, where he defeats the Hagraven and uses his lock-picking skills to break a young woman out of her cell]
MARIA: What can I do for you?
[the player selects "I am here to save you. Follow me!"]
MARIA: Help me! I will go anywhere but please get me out of here!
["Completed: Rescue Maria Forlivdian from Hag's End, Escort Maria to Olaf" appears on screen, then the player travels back to the Great Library of Skyrim]
OLAF THE LIBRARIAN: You like to hang in my library. What do you want again?
[the player selects "I found an assistant for you"]
OLAF THE LIBRARIAN: Wondeful! Let me look at her ... Yes, she will be perfect.
["Completed: Escort Maria to Olaf, Wait for Olaf and Maria to meet" appears on screen]
OLAF THE LIBRARIAN: Hmm, seems good enough. You will enjoy what I have to offer you. Follow me, pretty one ...
MARIA: I .. wha ... It is a ... I don't ... Are you sure ... Okay.
[he escorts her down to the basement level of the library, then walks in front of a large stone altar in the middle of the room]
OLAF THE LIBRARIAN: Stand in the middle of the room, stay quiet and don't move.
[she stands in the middle of the altar, then blue energy bolts start shooting across the room]
MARIA: What is happening to me?!
OLAF THE LIBRARIAN: Let's improve your abilities to be a good assistant!
[the energy bolts consume Maria, until she is left as nothing more than a decaying Draugr herself]
OLAF THE LIBRARIAN: Now I have the perfect assistant! Loyal, immortal ... but maybe less pretty. Should improve that ritual.



Tales of the Draugr Librarian
Steam Workshop > The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim > hellay-fr's Workshop

Add a library containing every book of the base game (standard, skills, spells) with an uncommon librarian guarding it.

A couple of quests allow you to improve the library.

The Librarian is voiced fully. (The other character in the mod isn't yet, but don't talk a lot anyway)
Check the Map Screenshot for the exact location of the library.
On the main floor is a book "Draugr Librarian Mod" with some more details about the mod.

Special thanks to IcyDeadPeople for ideas about creating that crazy mod and testing help with it.
Special thanks to Hellcat5 for his awesome job on the Draugr librarian voices.

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