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Case Study No. 1632: Maria (Harvest Moon Magical Melody)

Harvest Moon: Magical Melody - Meeting Maria
Yeah, well, it could be the courteous, deep-bowing, modest, refined librarians that turn evil on you! Don't trust Maria!

...What? A reason not to like her? I told you, she's evil! Of course it's not just because she's the rival for my Ray, or anything like that... *cough*

Nah, Maria's actually really nice. Damian's wife, in fact. It's just that she makes a horrible couple with my husband. HORRIBLE, I say!

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Maria is one of the marriage candidates in "Harvest Moon: Magical Melody" for the Nintendo GameCube.

She's the mayor's daughter, and works as a receptionist at the library. You will be unable to meet Maria until the Library opens on the 10th day of Spring. Like Ray, she's a strong silent type. She's serious, and seems to be quite religious (often making references to the Harvest Goddess).

She has an artistic side to her, but also loves nature and animals. Although tidy, Maria is also quiet sweet and is always happy to see visitors to the library. There are new books every season, and you can obtain a musical note if you read every book at the library.

Loves: Stewed Yam, Cabbage, Sashimi, Stewed Potato, Stewed Eggplant
Likes: Coral, Perfumes
Dislikes: Weeds, Mushroom, Toadstool, Garbage

First Appearance
Maria appears when you enter the library for the first time, which opens on the 10th of Spring, Year 1.

When the player enters, her back is turned against the door as she is looking at books. She turns around and greets the player.
"Hello." She laughs.
"My name is Maria, and I am the receptionist at this library. It is a pleasure to meet you." She bows.
"I understand that you came here on the Ranch Plan? I heard this from my father."
Player is startled, recoiling with !? above the head.
"Oh, my father is Theodore, the mayor. He has taken quite a liking to you.
Player leans to the side.
"The library is closed Mondays and Holidays. If there's a book you'd like to read, please feel free to do so."
Player nods.
"Take care." Maria bows again.

Heart Lines
0 hearts: "It will probably be difficult alone, but please do your best."

1 heart: "In the old times there were more people in this village and it was a vibrant place to live"

2 hearts: "It's a lonely thing when people leave and festivals are no longer held. It would be great if the village bustled with people"

3 hearts: "Why are people unsatisfied unless they are trying to gain an advantage by improving their appearence or by looking down on others?"

4 hearts: "In old times when the Harvest Goddess was here, I hear there were not many disasters. People must have been nice to each other."

5 hearts: "If everyone could be sincere and kind towards people, I think there would no longer be things like war in the world."

6 hearts: "My father gave his all for the sake of the village and I respect him. I hope there is some way that I can be of help."

7 hearts: "There are various kinds of lies. There are lies told not to hurt people, it's a difficult thing."

8 hearts: "___, do you have someone you love? I know someone who I respect. But I don't know if it's love."

9-10 hearts: "I don't really understand myself these days. When you truly love a person, all kinds of feelings swirl about."

Gift Events
2-Heart Gift

Pickled Cabbage: This event activates when you leave your house in the morning after getting Maria to 2 hearts.

"Good morning.
This is some pickled cabbage that I made. Take some if you like.
Well then, please excuse me."

5-Heart Gift:

Pickled Veggies: This event activates when you leave your house in the morning after getting Maria to 5 hearts.

"Good morning.
This is for you, if you'd like some.
Please, be my guest.
Men don't eat many vegetables. I thought about nutrition as I made this.
Well then, please excuse me."



Maria and Ray are a Magical Melody Rival Couple.
Ray is the local fisherman in the village and resembles Cliff from FoMT.Maria
is the village's Librarian and runs the Library.
In this scene, Ray gets nervous about Maria and has a bad day with her.
At the Library:

Maria:Are you looking for something?

Ray:(!)Aaah!Y-you startled me!

Maria:Oh my...I'm sorry.If you're looking for a book, I'll help.

Ray:Well actually...a fishing book...

Maria:Well lets see...I don't think beginner's mannuals would work for
I'm sorry, our selection isn't good right now.(!?)

Don't come any closer!

Maria:I'm sorry...

Ray:(I don't do well with pretty girls.I get nervous, I don't know what to
Well, see you...

Maria:Come back again!

(Runs out library)

Maria:Mr.Fisherman perhaps you're in a bad mood today?You're usually enjoying

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