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Case Study No. 1637: "The Librarian and the Zombie Student"

The Librarian and The Zombie Student
Oblivious librarian offers assistance to a zombie ex-student.
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[scene opens with a female librarian and a male student (covered in blood with pieces of his ribcage exposed) standing outside of the library]
LIBRARIAN: Hi, can I help you?
ZOMBIE: I'm looking for the library. I hear there are a lot of people there.
LIBRARIAN: Yes, a lot of people do use the library.
ZOMBIE: That's good news.
LIBRARIAN: It sure is ... I'm a librarian. Can I help you find some resources?
ZOMBIE: As a matter of fact, yes ... I am looking for human resources.
LIBRARIAN: Oh, are you looking for a job?
LIBRARIAN: Are you an employee?
LIBRARIAN: Are you a student?
ZOMBIE: Yes, at least until I got massacred by my finals ... but I told my professors that I would be back. So, here I am!
LIBRARIAN: I love it when students have such strong perserverence ... Good for you, I'm impressed!
ZOMBIE: Thank you!
LIBRARIAN: So, let's help you find those resources ... We do have a lot of books on the third floor that you can check out and take home. There are knowledgable people at the circulation desk who can help you. Lots of people use the third floor.
ZOMBIE: Lots of people?
LIBRARIAN: Yes, lots.
ZOMBIE: I like that.
LIBRARIAN: You just need to be quiet up there, because it is the quiet floor.
ZOMBIE: I can work with that.
LIBRARIAN: Exactly! We want people to be able to work in a peaceful environment.
ZOMBIE: I'll be as quiet as possible ... You've been very helpful.
LIBRARIAN: Oh, anytime! Just one more thing ... There is no eating in the library. Just snacks that are quiet and not messy.
ZOMBIE: Bummer.
LIBRARIAN: Library rules.
ZOMBIE: Wow, I'm really getting hungry ... Before I have my snack, will you show me where there is an available study room close to a large number of people?
LIBRARIAN: Best to go on the second floor for that, it's the group study area. I'll take you there.
ZOMBIE: Great ... I can hardly wait!
LIBRARIAN: I like your enthusiasm ... Let's go!


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Fun with Xtranormal: The Librarian and the Zombie Student
Jul 19, 2011
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