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Case Study No. 1630: "The Librarians" (Strike Force)

Mike Kirton's - The Librarians
Trailer for The Librarians
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["Three men and a woman" appears on screen, as a car crashes through a wall and explodes]
["On the wrong side of the law" appears on screen, as a boat flies through the air]
["Doing the right thing" appears on screen, as various scenes from the movie are shown]
NARRATOR: Simon Shaw. His family killed by his enemies. Now he uses his operative skills to collectively rescue overdue people.
[cut to a man showing Simon a photograph of a young woman]
JOHN STRONG: Her name is Amanda Clark. She's been a runaway on and off for the last five years.
[cut to the two watching a video of an older man holding back tears]
WILLIAM CLARK: Bring my Amanada ... home safely, Jonathan.
JOHN STRONG: Delicate matter.
SIMON SHAW: Just like the last time.
[cut to Simon talking to another man]
IRISH: I heard about your wife ... I'm sorry.
[cut to Simon and the other members of "The Librarians" driving in a car]
TOSHKO: She's been seen hanging out with the Little Techno gang.
G-MAN: I've heard of them. They're also known to deal in white slavery.
[cut to more scenes from the movie]
NARRATOR: The streets of South Beach. Ruled by Marcos.
[cut back to Simon and Irish talking]
IRISH: Marcos ... He's a sick puppy.
[cut to more scenes from the movie, then back to Simon and Irish talking]
IRISH: The worst kind, 'cause he just keeps coming ...
[cut to more scenes from the movie]
NARRATOR: A killer with no conscience. Assisted by his gang of ruthless techno-boys.
[cut to Marcos and Simon talking in a night club]
MARCOS: Heard you had some trouble at the bar ...
SIMON SHAW: These young punks, they're such bullies.
[cut to The Librarians talking]
G-MAN: He's suspicious of us.
SIMON SHAW: We have to make our move now.
[cut to Simon talking to Sandi]
SIMON SHAW: I want you to back off now. Leave this to the professionals.
[cut to more scenes from the movie]
NARRATOR: Every move The Librarians make ... puts them one step closer to danger. And to death.
[cut to more scenes from the movie]
NARRATOR: Marcos will stop at nothing to protect his empire. Now The Librarians are out to bring him down ... their way.
[cut to more scenes from the movie]
NARRATOR: Along with the help of a hidden ally ...
[cut to The Librarians talking about Sandi Miller]
G-MAN: She's in pretty deep with these guys.
SIMON SHAW: Mm, I knew there was something about her.
[cut back to Simon and Irish talking]
IRISH: Don't get killed. I'd miss you too much.
[cut to more scenes from the movie]
NARRATOR: Together they face the one man and his empire.
[cut to more scenes from the movie]
NARRATOR: William Forsythe. Erika Eleniak. Daniel Bernhardt. Amaury Nolasco. Christopher Atkins. And Andrew Divoff as Marcos.
[cut to a shot of Simon speaking to someone off camera]
SIMON SHAW: We're called the Librarians ...

A Mike Kirton Film
A Global Pictures Production

24 days shoot
2 million dollar budget



The Librarians (also known as Strike Force) is an action thriller film released in 2003. The film stars William Forsythe, Burt Reynolds, Erika Eleniak, and Christopher Atkins.

Tagline: "The coolest team in South Beach is about to turn up the heat." "Get ready to be blown away."

Film synopsis
Sandi (Erika Eleniak) goes underground in Miami to search for her sister, Amanda, who has gone missing after running away from home. Sandi gets a job in the strip club where her sister was last seen and this brings her face-to-face with a local crime syndicate's leader (Andrew Divoff). She discovers he was involved, but can't find any evidence. In the mean time Sandi's father (Michael Parks) hires a group of mercenaries called The Librarians, Simon (William Forsythe), Toshko (Daniel Bernhardt), and G-Man (Amaury Nolasco), to find his missing daughter. With the help of his old friend Irish (Burt Reynolds), Simon runs into Sandi at the strip club and together they try to find Amanda. As Sandi and Simon get closer to the truth and each other, the danger and the heat will rise!

William Forsythe as Agent Simon
Burt Reynolds as Irish
Erika Eleniak as Sandi Miller
Christopher Atkins as Ringo
Daniel Bernhardt as Toshko
Amaury Nolasco as G-Man

The DVD first premiered in Hungary on December 16, 2003. The following year, it was released in the United States.



"Strike Force" AKA "The Librarians" is strictly routine B-movie action fare about a team of mercenaries who are trying to locate a kidnapped girl (the granddaughter of the team leader's best friend) and bring down a powerful and sadistic crime boss operating in Miami. The locations are well-shot and the action scenes get as crazy as the budget will allow, however the good guys are just too outnumbered for the outcome to have much believability, and the fight choreography is nothing to write home about. Andrew Divoff makes a convincingly slimy and hateful villain, while Erika Eleniak is a knockout in more ways than one (I don't want to spoil her best scene, but it involves a barrel full of water). Nice to see Matthias Hues again - but is it just me or did they cut out his final scene? And why is Burt Reynolds - even if he appears in only 1 scene - not credited in either the opening or the closing credits? He shouldn't be ashamed of his involvement - he has appeared in worse films than this! (**)



A woman searching for her missing sister in Miami's dark underbelly makes a horrific discovery in the third feature from stuntman-turned-director Mike Kirton. Sandi (Erika Eleniak)'s sister has disappeared after traveling to Miami. Upon arriving in the bustling city to seek out her sister, Sandi's discovery of an underworld kidnapping ring soon leads her to a group of undercover vigilantes led by a man named Simon (William Forsythe). When the determined sister teams with Simon to discover the secret behind her sibling's strange disappearance, each step closer to the truth leads to a new threat and greater danger.

Rated R, 1 hr. 34 min.

Mystery & Suspense, Action & Adventure

Directed By: Mike Kirton

In Theaters: Dec 31, 2001 Wide

On DVD: Nov 9, 2004

Artisan Entertainment



Three Men and One Woman on the Wrong Side of the Law, Doing the Right Thing

When the daughter of wealthy land developer Frederick Davis vanishes into Miami's criminal underground, it's up to The Librarians to ensure her safe return. They'll find her, they'll bring her back, and they'll do whatever is necessary to fulfill their contract. They're called The Librarians ... because they collect overdue people, just like a librarian collects overdue books.

A private LearJet touches down on the desolate runway of the Miami airport in Southwest Miami. Simon, the obvious leader of the three Librarians, steps out of the plane, exquisitely dressed in his Armani suit, perfectly matching slacks and his very expensive Italian shoes, letting out a sigh of disapproval of the hot and humid weather. As he walks over towards the shuttle van, Slammer, looking like an Adonis wrapped in a tank top, jeans and boots, gets out and looks up, shading his eyes from the sun. Piling out last is G-Man, a 'cool dude' young man with platinum blond hair and yellow lens sunglasses. With his headphones, bright yellow shirt and orange pants, he is the only one who looks as if he might fit into the surroundings.

While they don't appear to have anything in common, this three member team is expert at getting to the bottom of things. They're here in Miami to hit the streets of South Beach and blend in, to quietly "cheek out" whatever information they can about their missing target and secure her safe return.

Are they too late? The "top story" on the morning news announces the mystery murder of Irma Davis, the client's daughter...

Written By:
Mike Kirton
William Forsythe

Directed By:
Mike Kirton

Produced By:
Global Pictures, Inc.

Executive Producers:
Anthony Rosamilia
Robert Nittolo

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