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Case Study No. 1628: Librarian Jerome

Pirate101 HD | Monquista | Episode 3 - Drain Entrance
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We start a Revolution. We enter the drain entrance to get to the Library. Then I level up to Level 15
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[the player and his crew enter the Library of Saint Horace in Monquista City]
BONNIE ANNE: We made it! Now remember, this is a Library, so keep your voices down!
[an anthropmorphic monkey (wearing a red robe and a small metal helmet) notices the player from across the stacks]
LIBRARIAN JEROME: What is this? A human?! In my library? How extraordinary!
["Talk to Librarian Jerome in Library of St. Horace" appears on screen, as the player walks up to the monkey]
LIBRARIAN JEROME: I know who you are, pirate ... but don't worry. You have nothing to fear from me! The Crown reviles you to hide their own embarrassment. Shameful!
["Goal Complete: Talk to Librarian Jerome" appears on screen]
LIBRARIAN JEROME: Why have you come to my Library? Saavedra's history? You can get in a lot of trouble reading that book ... but I suspect you know trouble well. Brother Tito has a copy of the book, I believe. He would be willing to lend it to me in return for a book of verses, a book Don Elanda has. So, take this Book to Don Elanda. Take the book he gives you to Brother Tito. Bring me the Saavedra when all is done.
["Going Ape: Put On Disguise" appears on screen]
LIBRARIAN JEROME: Wait! I forgot, you are the enemy of all Monquista, yes? Ha! Take a Mask from the Cabinet. Hide your face, and nobody will suspect a thing.
["New Quest: Going Ape" appears on screen]



Pirate101 is a free-to-play, pirate-themed MMOG from KingsIsle Entertainment, makers of Wizard101. The game is set in the same universe as its wizard-themed predecessor, so players can expect to continue to challenge the Clockwork Empire. Players begin the game by creating a pirate and then setting out to gain a ship and crew. Pirate101 offers swashbuckling ground combat, but its main fighting focus is comprised of ship-to-ship combat high in the sky among the skyways and floating islands in the Weave.



NPC:Librarian Jerome
Location: Monquista (Tierra Primata Skyway) - Monquista City - Library of St. Horace

Quests: Going Ape

Put On Disguise
Talk to Don Elanda in Monquistan Emporium
Talk to Brother Tito
Talk to Don Salmanco
Talk to Librarian Jerome
Escape from the City of the Apes
Find the Cornelius in Diablo Cut
Read Shield Marker



Long an inconsequential, isolated backwater in the outer rim of the Spiral, Monquista recently became one of the preeminent powers in the Spiral, almost overnight, thanks to the massive infusion of gold and wealth its inhabitants pried from the ancient ruins in their colony of Skull Island. Monquista is home to a race of diminutive Monkeys- the Monquistans, who make up for their slight statures with massive egos and harsh tempers.

Monquistans have a highly structured (some would even say oppressive) society, where manners, personal dignity and reputation are valued above all else. Disagreements over the most trivial matters turn into the stuff of generational feuds and, to many outsiders Monquistan politics and priorities, can seem downright silly. The Monquistans believe they have brought themselves up out of barbarism through sheer force of will and that they are the only truly civilized beings in the Spiral– all others are barbarians and pretenders. As a result, the Monkeys are well-mannered to a fault– to imply that a Monquistan is acting wild, brutish, or like a wild monkey is the greatest insult one can levy.

Well-mannered need not mean friendly: political intrigue between the Monarchy, the Holy Monquisition, and the various Noble Houses is vicious and deadly. Monquistan politics are notoriously fluid: a noble house can find that blood enemies from a month ago are now relatives by marriage and, therefore, dear friends. Monquistan nobles and officials often seem, to outsiders, to have no memory: they arbitrarily turn on people they recently supported and praised, or greet blood enemies with effusive praise, never acknowledging any dispute.

Monquista is ruled over by a King and Queen (the power behind the throne changes day to day!), advised by the Holy Monquisition and presided over by the Noble Houses. Each faction seeks to advance its fortunes however it can. Every Monquistan is the member of a Noble House and, thanks to the endless web of marriage alliances and the shifting political landscape, all of them have some claim (however remote) to royal line. Even lowly servants are some kind of distant third cousin to a famous past king, causing everyone in the cluster to have a constant air of superiority.

Before the events of Pirate101, Monquista was the first nation in the Spiral to reach Skull Island. They found more than they could've hoped for in the form of mountains of gold, inlaid in the rock of the temples they found in the area. Prying as much as their ships could carry from the ruins, Monquista went from an absolute nobody of a nation to an instant world power.

During the events of Pirate101, the player meets Monquista very early on. Unfortunately, the player's relations with Monquista quickly go sour, as the player is sent to The Presidio to rob the place of some spices. Naturally, the player faces many Monquistan soldiers (among them the Presidio's commander, El Nebuloso) and earns a place on Monquista's most wanted list.

Things quickly become even more unpleasant during the attempt of the player to sign a trade treaty between Monquista and Skull Island on behalf of Captain Avery; since Avery says that Governor Ortega is in control of the nearest Monquistan colony and the gift that will be given- the Monkey Chalice -was a treasure that was once in the custody of his family, it seems things will go smoothly... unfortunately, they don't. The locals of Puerto Mico are quick to "make a monkey" (no pun intended) out of the player by having him dress in a "suit" that, honestly, is flat-out ridiculous (but apparently "necessary" for meeting the governor)! Even worse, the local ruler, Governor Medina, ends up insulted by the player's gift, informs the player that Governor Ortega was declared an enemy of the crown long ago and subsequently tells the player via his Majordomo that he will never sign their treaty.

Fortunately, not all hope is lost. The Majordomo, being considerably more friendly (and more intelligent when he knows that the player robbed the Presidio) than his master, informs the pirate of another way to sign the treaty. Directing the player to the local church, a bargain is given by Bishop Hidalgo- capture and return Gortez- a rogue Monquistador -and his "Gold Monkey" treasure to Puerto Mico and the treaty will be signed, no questions asked.

Unfortunately, though Gortez is captured, the old governor ends up replaced by a new ruler- Governor Duarte. She claims she has no knowledge of what has transpired between the player and Governor Medina and states that, if Gortez has done wrong, the player has to be the one to deal with it by escorting him to Monquista City. Following the acquisition of travel papers and the acquisition of the player's first Windstone, the journey to Monquista occurs.

Upon reaching the castle of Monquista's royalty- King Fernando the Sixth and Queen Isadore, to be precise -it seems that relations with Monquista have improved considerably. The king and queen thank the player for all they have done for Monquista, but ask only one favor- deliver Gortez to Zenda. The player does, under the pretense that Gortez is to be rehabilitated; unfortunately, things turn sour quickly when it is revealed that the player is to die along with Gortez! Freeing Gortez, the player and their crew dispose of Zenda's warden and the local guards.

Though Monquista's relations with the player are in shambles, they quickly gain a relationship with a new power in Monquista- the Opposition. Working alongside the freedom fighters, the player worsens relationships with Monquista but, against all odds (and the appearance of the new Governor Varga), a treaty between Monquista and Skull Island is forged.

Work with Monquista goes silent until the player reaches Cool Ranch. Sadly (for the rebels), the war has been going in the kingdom's favor, as the nobles are unwilling to help the rebels and their cause. Gortez (who has become the rebel's general and has his own ship) has a plan to turn the tide and improve things. His plan involved freeing Napoleguin from Fort Elena with help from Mustang Sally, but the plan encountered an unexpected snag and Sally was thrown in the clink with Napoleguin. Naturally, it falls to the player to make things right. With some help from Catbeard, the player breaks in, frees Napoleguin and Sally and makes the revolution in Monquista run all the more smoothly. Gortez thanks the player again for their service before leaving.

If the player is a Buccaneer, then there is one extra encounter with Monquista before the trek into Marleybone. In a promotion quest for Barnabus, the player is sent to meet with the rebel leaders in Zenda. Again, the nobles are too cowardly to help the rebels, but a Monquistan artifact- the Sword of St. Simian -may tip the scales fully into the rebels' favor. Journeying toward MooShu from a tip given by the Iron Monkey, the player eventually tracks down the Sword to a band of Pig bandits; unfortunately, the crown has realized at this point that the Opposition may prove successful and has sent Monquisitor Cesar- one of their best spies -to claim the Sword before the player can. In a final battle, however, the Monquisitor and his goons are defeated and the sword is claimed. As payment for the Sword, Gortez gives Barnabus a new suit of armor and a new axe.



So, this is a new guide I wrote. Sewer Monsters! It's a guide to the aggravating Monquista Drains instance. This will guide you through the dungeon, and keep your mojo potions packed...

Part 1: Bloodbats. Take the passage to a room full of Bloodbats. In order to win this battle, you have to be in a one space distance from them on the board. Once you complete this, move on to the lever.

Part 2: Spiders. Go back to the main room and go down the newly unlocked hall. It will lead to the catacombs. Go through the hallways until you find the spiders. Enter the battle, and defeat Longlegs, the main target. After that, go out of the catacombs and find the next lever.

Part 3: Renegades. Enter the tunnel the lever in Part 2 opened. You will find a cave full of Renegades. Defeat 6 of the Renegades in order to move on. Then use the lever.

Part 4: Final Fight. Find the Bandit Sanctum, opened with the lever. You will come across the Renegade commander, Aldo. Engage in combat with him. You'll have to take him down, but he uses Plan B-His soldiers are now the targets. Vanquish all of Aldo's minions, and then use his lever.

Part 5: The Way Out. Return to the main room, and find the last door to be opened. Go through the hall and up the ladder. Eventually, you arrive in the library. Talk to Librarian Jerome, and follow his tasks. Then, he'll give you a gorilla costume to use in Monquista City.

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