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Case Study No. 1642: Librarian Yuzuki

ANiMATED MAKEUP SERiES: Shiki Fifth Deceit
link to 5th episode: shiki-fifth-deceit#s-p4-so-i0

i hope your enjoying this series as much as i am
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[scenes from the end of the fifth episode of the "Shiki" anime series are shown (featuring a librarian vampire jumping out of a tree and attacking the character Masao), then cut to a young woman speaking directly to the camera]
MARS: Hey everybody, it's Mars! And I bring you Shiki, uh, the fifth look ... I think it's Fifth Deceit. I think, I think, I think. Uh, I saw this one and--
[she holds up two fingers]
MARS: Second resurrection. Um, so ... I've already lost count of how many people that have died, I think there's like twenty. Between twenty one to twenty five people, I think, that have died.
[she holds up two fingers again]
MARS: And this is where they see a second person that has returned, and this look ... it was the colors from the very last scene of the second person that's resurrected. The colors they have, um, usually in the intro of these videos--
[she pauses]
MARS: I'll put the film, the scenes that inspired me, so I probably won't have that long of an intro on this one, because it was really just the colors from the last scene that inspired me.
[she points to her eyelids]
MARS: So that's where I have like, this ... the green, I've got red, and um, black. So if you wanna see how I did this to my face, then just keep watching and the link below will be towards the Shiki--
[she gets tongue tied]
MARS: Can't talk! For the fifth episode, but have a great day! Bye!
[cut to sped-up footage of the woman putting on eyeliner]



The anime series Shiki is an adaptation of the manga series drawn by Ryu Fujisaki, which is itself an adaptation of a novel series of the same name by Fuyumi Ono. The story is about a small town in rural Japan named Sotoba, where a series of bizarre deaths occur. The series of deaths coincide with the arrival of the Kirishiki family, who has just moved into a castle built on the outskirts of town. Toshio Ozaki, director of the only hospital in Sotoba, begins to investigate and discovers there are supernatural presences at work, namely vampires, who are called shiki, translated in English as "corpse demon".


"Fifth Deceit"
"Dai itsu (go) wa"
August 5, 2010

Natsuno wakes up in the morning but discovers Toru is seemingly unharmed. Seishin goes to interview family and friends of the deceased and learns that a number of them quit their jobs right before they died. He attempts to contact the local librarian but is told he has resigned as well. Natsuno learns that Toru has not come to school since the day he last saw him. He goes to his home and is shocked to see Toru pronounced dead by Toshio. He realizes that his nightmare is real and tears up Megumi's postcard when he receives it. Masao gets into a quarrel with his family over his nephew Hiromi, who is sick. He goes to Toru's funeral and finds Natsuno paying his last respects to Toru. Later, he tries to provoke Natsuno to a fight, but is stopped and driven away by Toru's siblings. Masao goes home and finds a man in white entering his house's courtyard, but when he looks around, he's gone. As Masao enters his house he is attacked by the man in white, who is revealed to be the librarian and a vampire.



Episode 05 - ????? (Dai Itsu Wa)
"The 'Lie' Episode"

Do you still recall the cliffhanger from the last episode? There was a brief moment when Natsuno witnesses the supposedly dead Megumi Shimizu trying to bite Tooru as a vampire. It was uncertain as to whether that event was a dream sequence or not, but it turned out that the event in question is just Natsuno's nightmare.

The young monk, Marui, continues his investigation of the town incidences, just like during the last episode, by interviewing the families of the victims. He finally does manage to find important clues about the epidemic; many of the victims, including Ryuji Shimizu, Takatoshi Hirosawa, Kenji Oota, Akira Saeki,and Takashima Yasuo, had resigned from their jobs several days before they died, even though they did not have any signs of illness.

Natsuno's blonde friend, Tooru, meanwhile has been kind of slacking off and skipping school lately, which fits into the pattern that Marui just discovered from the past victims. Not surprisingly, Tooru becomes another victim of the mysterious epidemic, and another funeral is held in the village. (Unfortunately, Dr. Ozaki has not been informed of this important pattern from Marui yet.)

After Natsuno receives a late summer postcard with Megumi Shimizu's handwriting on it, which could confuse the viewers to whether Megumi that Natsuno saw in Tooro's bedroom is real, the mystery in this show will probably continue to thicken with more ambiguities and anomalies.

The second part of the episode focuses on Masao, who turns out to be one of the most annoying characters in the entire summer season. For example, when his little sister Hiromi gets sick from a disease, Masao's jealousy goes too far as he is rather bothered by the fact that she's getting all the attention from the family. No wonder his brothers gets so mad and his father gives him a nice slap on his face. :D

Moreover, at Tooro's funeral, he feels extremely irritated by Natsuno's calm and serious attitude as he accuses him of being "unemotional." Duh, it turns out it was Masao who was actually being disrespectful to Tooro's family as he was acting like a little baby whiner, desperately looking for attention.

Fortunately, putting all the complaints aside, it looks like we won't be seeing Masao for a while as he sees his end after getting ambushed by another vampire-like monster, who seems to resemble Yuzuki, a person who used to work for the local library. Even though we are pretty certain that Masao will be a goner in the next episode, we should remind ourselves that he could come back to life later like Megumi, causing even more headaches in the future. Anyways, the plot seems to be brewing up very nicely, and I'm desperately waiting for a some kind of big moment in this show.

Overall Enjoyment: 4.4/5



The librarian of Sotoba who suddenly quits his job.

He died from unknown causes, but some people believed he was bitten by Chiziru, since Chiziru usually goes after 'Young men' (that Is revealed In the 'Teens' episodes.)

Life After Death
He comes back as a vampire and mainly goes after children. He is also the one who killed Masao Murasako, hiding in a tree before dropping on him like a flying squirrel landing on its prey.

In the manga, he gets punished by Tatsumi who ties him to a tree for him to burn in daylight.

In the anime, Yuzuki was killed when the war between the humans and the risen broke out. He hide in the pipelines along with other vampires such as Nao Yasumori, Ebuchi Sensei and Takatoshi Hirosawa.

* He used to be a libarian that the children enjoyed a lot.

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